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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rock11rock11 Posts: 4
    32820 + 1000 = 33820 is the price offered. 32820 was the invoice price.
  • rock11rock11 Posts: 4
    I was reading some of the posts on Lexus ES3xx pricing thread and was very
    surprised to learn a good deal for that car was something like 87-91%MSRP.
    My surprises are two folds:
    1) I have not seen this type of pricing discussion in this thread, I mean using
    MSRP as a measure, and
    2) If we were to use the same measure and assuming 06 TL/Navi MSRP is
    $35800, and at 91% of that the price would be $32578, wow!

    What's your thoughts?
  • tlmantlman Posts: 6
    Springfield NJ no diff in silver didn't really pay attention.
  • cdangcdang Posts: 12
    Wondering if anyone has recently bought a TL in Denver? Tried negotiating prices but they're not going anywhere near invoice. ;)
  • Has anyone had problems with the 2000 TL tranny?
  • Any thoughts on dealers in the Virginia area who are making decent deals on 06 TL auto navi's.
  • I did have problems with my 2000 TL tranny. Tranny went at 40,000 kms (24000 miles). Back then the tranny problem was well noted. I was # 16 in Canada in line and at the time there were 163 people in the USA waiting for transmissions. After about 9 weeks of waiting for a transmission my dealer, took my car in trade and sold me a new 02 TL at cost. Best and most reasonable new car I ever bought. After 4 years and 170,000 KM, my 02 TL has been faultless. Just did regular maintenance. I am waiting for my new 06 TL to arrive, hopefully next week.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,623
    You might get more responses if you post here:

    Acura TL Owners: Problems & Solutions

    Host-Prices Paid Forums

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Any luck with out of state purchase? I think I need to try selling my Honda first instead of trading it in. We'll see. Have you been to Acura of Seattle or Bellevue?
  • Can you tell me the name of the dealership and location. Also in a private email, please provide me the point of contact.. If you made the deal how about an actual OTD breakdown..Thanks.
  • ptwellsptwells Posts: 18
    Not so far, probably because of the limited number of 06's. A few have offered 05s for what I've offered for a 06. Nevertheless, some competitive deals on 05's and weighing that option vs. how quickly 06's become more available prior to year end (re pricing & sales tax deduction).

    As for locally, been everywhere with very little price give. Like the other response indicated, may try walking in with check in hand on the last day of the month 20 minutes before closing.

    Tough call on your Honda as a trade-in has always been the great equalizer when it comes to new car pricing. Conversely, not a lot of people walking the streets with $20k cash in their pockets.

    Keep you posted.
  • I paid $1000 over invoice (05 w/navi) or $33,500 from Courtesy Acura on Broadway. I can tell you that I shopped around for almost a year thinking I would get the price I wanted. I started Nov of 05 and was quoted $800 under MSRP as the best price locally. It looks like I only saved about $1,200 by waiting for end of year savings. I shopped from Boulder to Colorado Springs and I can tell you there just isn't much negotiating in the Denver area. A little disappointing considering some of the prices quoted through internet sales sites in CA. Of course, then you have to pay to transport, etc. And by the time I got around to ordering my car in CA I discovered too late that the 05's were mostly gone. Now I'm not thinking about what I paid..... I'm just enjoying the ride!!! : :P
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531

    Congrats on the car! What color did you get?

    I have noticed a marked drop on the posts here lately, guess the 05's are just about gone and the 06's are still too pricey...

  • jinvajinva Posts: 41
    Please post if you made the deal & where. I'm in the DC area and don't know which dealers are worth considering. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  • Edmunds now has TMV out for TL Nav
    05 = 33455 (still 1000 over inv, ? "outdated" info by a month?)
    06 = 35176 (784 off MSRP)
    diff = 1721 (worth it now?)
  • cdangcdang Posts: 12

    Tell me about it. Whenever I even mention anything close to invoice they go ballistic. $33,500 now that's something I'm definitely willing to pay. How much of a discount are people getting off of a 2006 w/ nav these days? If the difference is about $1,000 I might just go with an 06. Thanks for all of your help. This forum is really making my buying experience easier.
  • cdang,
    I will be picking up my 06TL w/Navi @ $500 over invoice in a couple weeks.
    32820+500=33320. He has the pearl white in stock now but its not what I'm looking for. Has anyone seen the blue? I'm waiting for the red/parch but I'm interested in seeing the blue/quartz. What do you guys think?
  • mgordon1
    If your Acura dealer doesn't have a blue to look at in person, go to a Honda dealer.
    The Royal Blue Pearl is on the '06 Accord and Civic also; they may have one in stock.
    I saw a shined up Civic in Royal Blue Pearl and was stunned and smitten by the color :) ;) (not the car).

    Where did you get your '06 TL w/Navi at $500 over invoice? Share your negotiating tips, please!
  • cdangcdang Posts: 12
    What market are you located in? The lowest I could get out of my dealers in Denver are $35,000. This really sucks. I need to move to California. Please share you negotiating tips.
  • dpavdpav Posts: 19
    Anyone know what HFAC is setting initial money factor and residual for the 06 TL for 12K miles 36 months? (no navi). Has anyone seen the invoice price for this model ? Thanks in advance...
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