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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mobofemobofe Posts: 51
    Edmunds' TMV not a good gauge for this car. Now, if you're in potato country with 1 dealer in the entire state, this might be the case but as many readers have pointed out, the TL without navi can be had for prices within 1K of invoice.

    A no hassle quote from gave me the 1st indication that the car can be bought for way less than msrp ($31,668 was the quote). Long story short, I ended up doing business with a dealership in another state (90 miles away) for $31,100 with protection package. I still think i gave the dealer a nice christmas bonus, so don't be afraid to go low, below $31000. remember, honda gives a 3% holdback to the dealer which is a very significant amount.
  • I'm looking to lease, 42 mo. 12,000 in NoVa. I see Pohanka has 45 in does Radley....I believe I can 399/mo w/less than $1500 bucks down taxes tags,etc....any comments or experences out there, would love to here from you....Oh by the way this is w/o nav
  • 95gt95gt Posts: 69
    Bought my CL from Pohanka and really had a good experience. Was given the run around by Radley. Pohanka service has been very good as well.
  • kevdkevd Posts: 19
    If you don't mind, which dealership in CT? I'm not far away and that deal you got is the one I'm looking for. How is their inventory?
  • The dealship is Morande in Berlin, CT. They were ok to work with; didn't play games. Like most dealers, their inventory of TL's with nav is limited, they only had 1.
    I probably could have gotten a better
    deal, so you may want to even go lower.
    The invoice is $31,758 (without destination charge) and their's a holdback of $1,046.
    So, they are still doing ok.
    Good luck. Let us know how you do.
  • Edward-

    Sounds like you got a great deal. Best offer I have in Chicago (so far) is around $34K (including destination charge), which comes with mud guards, trunk tray, wheel locks, and winter floor mats. Your deal sounds like it's about $1K over invoice...mine is around $1600. Has anyone seen better for nav yet?
  • Just pulled the trigger here in MA on an 04 Anthracite/Ebony w/Nav. After much haggling yesterday, I got $1200 off MSRP, accessories at cost and decent value on my tradein (94 Grand Cherokee)

    $33995 for TL, plus trunk tray and floor mats
    $ 2124 accessories (underside spoilers, deck spoiler, body side molding, moonroof visor)
    $ 2250 trade

    Total damage came to $33869.

    They still have to locate the car, but I should be hearing about it in a day or two.

    How'd I do?

  • Picked up a silver/ebony non-Navi today at Tustin Acura. Got them to match a competing offer with two other dealerships....negotiated a $30,950 price incl. destination and protection package. With 7.75% tax, fees it came out to $33,550. Had 4.25% Capital One financing and they gave me a 3.9% thru Honda (they all of a sudden had a deal that came out last night, yeah, right!)

    Think I did okay? feel free to e-mail me if you want any specifics
  • Actually that is true about the financing. Acura has a 3.9/60 month special finance rate in effect from 12/19 through 1/05.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Ditto! We were told on Tuesday, 12/16, that the 3.9% would be available on Friday, 12/19.
  • mrtechmrtech Posts: 18

    You did good with your deal. I got the same car (even the color combo!) here in NCal for $30,900 incl dest and protection package. My credit union gave me a 2.99 % for 48 months or 3.99 % for 60 months.
  • well, i'll be, the dealers do tell the truth sometime! lol had a great buying experience and am enjoying my new TL!
  • I'm finally taking a test drive in an '04 TL this week (if I ever shake this flu). I'm psyched!

    I'm looking for an automatic w/nav in Anthracite Metallic. I got an internet quote from this dealer of $33,075 + dest., taxes & DMV fees which I think is pretty good.

    In the meantime, I requested quotes through Acura's website and I've gotten responses from only 2 dealers so far. The first one has sent 3 e-mails to me without ever giving me a price. Needless to say I won't be doing business with them.

    Second dealer quoted $34,650 + fees. Quite a difference. When I questioned his low discount, he said he could give me a lot off a non-nav. If nav's are in such high demand, why don't they simply produce more of them?
  • mrtech,

    Where did you buy in nor california for $30,900 inc dest and protection?

    e-mail me at if you don't want to post publically.

  • Marquis-

    How did you start with the price $33,995? $35,195 is MSRP w/auto/nav/destination.
  • I negotiated down to that price. They originally came back at full msrp, claiming the vehicle was too popular for them to discount. I stuck to my guns and negotiated each piece of the deal separately (car, accessories, trade).

    I approached it like this. I told the sales guy I was looking at all the "usual suspects" in this class (TL, G35, S60, A4, 3-Series) but that the TL was at the top of my list. I said if I could get the deal I was looking for today, that I would forego even looking at the other cars and buy on the spot (I had already test driven the G35 and S60 at that point, but they didn't know that :-). They asked what I was looking for and I said $2000 off MSRP. I knew I wouldn't get there and was hoping to settle in around $1500 off MSRP (given what I've been reading on this group). Eventually they offered 1200 off and I jumped at it and moved on to the accessories and then the trade.

    The accessories came in a bit higher than I wanted to pay and I had an idea of coming in around $2000-2100 for the accessories I wanted (MSRP - 10% + some for installation). We negotiated this to $2167, which was the claimed price to them including installation (admittedly at their inflated shop rates, but I thought I was doing pretty well at this point getting to the ballpark I was hoping to and didn't want to haggle over nickels and dimes and lose the deal altogether).

    Then came the trade. They first offered $1500 for my car, which was a little low. The sales manager said he could probably get me another $500 for the trade, but would have to talk to the used car guy who wasn't in. I told them that at that point, I'd have to go home and think about it but that we were real close. The next day they called and offered me $2250 for the trade and I jumped at it.

    All in all, I was pretty happy with where I wound up price wise. Combine that with the new 3.9 Acura financing deal and I'll be a real happy camper when I finally get the car.

    BTW, I really enjoyed driving the G35. Of the cars I looked at, it was the most fun to drive. But the finish on the G35 was a little too plastic and cheap to me and the G35 is real wheel drive, unless you go with the AWD version. I'd probably wind up paying more for the G35 and I like the TL more overall anyway.
  • Bought the MDX last month for my wife. Unfortunately, fell in love with the TL while doing the deal. One of those "in love", can't sleep kind of things. Just did a "handshake" deal over the phone on the non-nav 5A and haven't even driven it. $1K over invoice and free all weather mats, but my thought was I should get it at invoice or close, just for coming back for another kick in the wallet. Headed out now to CARMAX to unload my Subaru. Another fun day had by all. Will let you know if this goes through tomorrow, and who with.
  • Would appreciate others experience/insight. I have followed Edmunds car discussions for a long time, but just made my first effort to get quotes for a car (2004 TL automatic W/O nav). There are several dealers in our greater metro area, but only one replied with essentially the suggestion that I call. Mostly what I got back was an email from Edmunds saying "Thank you for submitting your new car inquiry through We have been notified that your chosen dealer cannot service your request at this time. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience." Is this a common response? Does it indicate that I really have no choice but to sit face to face at several agencies and go through the drill?
  • Marquis-

    Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand. My best negotiated deal thus far is $34.2, but it includes the trunk tray, mud guards, winter floor mats, and wheel locks. So it sounds like we have similar deals.
  • Yes, I think they're pretty close. Basically, you're paying $200 more than me to get the mud guards and wheel locks. I couldn't try to get the mud guards because I wanted the underbody spoilers which preclude the use of the mud guards.

    Enjoy the car!
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