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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jrboyjrboy Posts: 3
    What would be a good deal for a 2006 TL with Navi in southern california?
    I'm thinking about leasing.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    nosmo: Good luck with the TL. I think you paid about $2,000 over invoice, not $1,000, as you stated. The invoice on the '06 TL non-NAV is about $30,980. If you paid $32,800, that's nearly $2,000 over invoice ($1,800). But using a broker saved you a lot of time and trouble.
  • tlrulztlrulz Posts: 3
    Does the $31,800 include destination charge or is that separate? This seems too good to be true deal at this time. I am in the market for an '06 TL w/o Navi and wondering what is the right price to pay?
  • The deal was for a 2006 tl auto navi silver/quartz. I got the same thing off the internet quote you got. Call the Sales Manager in East Brunswick, (forum does not allow posting names) tell him what you are willing to pay, I paid invoice + 1000 + destination 615 + doc fee 298, tax tag and title is additional. The invoice is 32205.

    Not that hard, be pleasant, they are good folks, easy to work with. Good Luck!
  • 2005 numbers are as follows TL NAV MSRP = 35670 invoice = 32555 a difference of $3115. 2006 MSRP = 35940, subtract last years difference of 3115 and you get 32825, I would guess thats a rough invoice where to start, but cmon guys look at the big picture, either way your all smart shoppers and are gonna get great deals, your putting way too much time and effort into this. Go get your car.

    Good luck, good shopping.
  • 95_tlc95_tlc Posts: 17
    Have you considered Classic in Beaumont? I shopped all over Houston and got a better deal in Beaumont, which worked out great for me since I live in Beaumont.
  • Here's my experience.....
    I live in Utah where there are only 2 Acura dealers and they wouldn't even go further than 500 below MSRP (Yea right). So I searched Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon. I searched Oregon because I saw a few postings earlier in the site. Anyway, this was a long process but I think I found my diamond in the rough. This is the breakdown of best quote yet:

    2006 TL with Navi Anthracite/Ebony
    Price: 33,500
    Tax: 2093.75 (Utah is 6.25%)
    License Fee: 188.50
    Pro Pack: 322.00
    Total: 36,104.25 Out the Door

    A few thousand below anything here so I will fly out to Portland in 3 weeks to pick it up and let you all know how it went, I will get a purchase order faxed to me tomorrow. I hope this thing is real! Can anyone let me know if there is something better out there in No Cal or something?

    And finally, I checked out that broker the message board had on it and they are pretty good, they found me the car for 34,300 and that included the fees for them. I would have had to go to Denver, so that may be worth a shot. Good luck!
  • cdangcdang Posts: 12

    I was wondering what dealer was offering the price of 34,300 for the 06 with navi? I'm in the process of shopping around in Denver and haven't asked for any quotes yet. It would be nice to know the name of the dealership as I am looking to pay around 34k also. Thanks.
  • Destination charge is included in the price. Keyes Acura seemed very willing to deal and sell cars. In addition to this was $45 doc fee and $8.75 CA disposal fee (don't know what that is).
    I was surprised myself to the low figures.
  • cdang:

    The guy didn't give me the dealer but here is the broker's website: , call them and tell them you want 35K out the door (including TTL) and they will do the searching for you. then tell them a friend of yours just got a quote for 34,300 including their fees. I hope that helps, I should have asked the dealer but I doubt they would have told me until I purchased. Good luck!!

    PS I'm from Highlands Ranch myself but now living in Utah. I miss CO!
  • I am looking for a 06 w/ Nav. I have called some dealers in so cal and I am getting a price of $33,894 + fees. This price includes destination and wheel locks. Is this a good deal? Thanks.image
  • cdangcdang Posts: 12

    Thanks so much, I'll definitely look into it. Please keep us updated on your purchasing experience.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    delirious, Yes, that's a good price, about $1,000 over invoice. Not bad considering the '06 just came out. What are the fees though? Just tax and license?
  • delirius-

    I'd say that's an excellent price. I have done much homework in the SoCal area and have only found $34,500 for an '06 w/navi. If you end up closing the deal, would you mind posting the dealership name? The only thing that is holding me back is that my house is in escrow, but should officially be sold by next week.

  • nbwnbw Posts: 18
    Where in Oregon, I'm also looking for the same deal... I'm in Seattle.
  • I received an email from the internet manager of a local Acura dealer that starting on 10/27 through 11/2 Acura will offer 3.9% financing for up to 60 months on any new 05 and 06 Acura. Can anyone confirm this and if so, will this rate include leases?

  • I had to get them to come down almost $900 from their initial offer, but got Frankel Acura in Baltimore to sell me 2006 TL with Navi (and wheel locks) for $34,070 including destination charge. I should have the car within the week. Thanks for the help of others here for giving me the facts to give to dealer to show them what others are paying.
  • happytlhappytl Posts: 17
    Santa Monica is where I do my car buying and service they are top notch and always have loaner cars.
  • achenatorachenator Posts: 128
    nothing on the website today
  • nbwnbw Posts: 18
    Today I sent out an "offer to purchase"...
    2006, TL, Blk/Blk/Auto/Nav with wheel locks and factory carpeted floor mats all fees included for $34,000. We will see who wants my money !
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