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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wyngatorwyngator Posts: 29
    Hi again,

    I failed to notice in your initial post that you were refering to a TYPE S with Navi. That changes what I posted because I bought the base Acura with Navi, actually the prices that you have been quoted might be a really good value.

    yes, the good price excludes their financing special.
  • jj84jj84 Posts: 5
    5 months ago I ended up with the same as your story. 08 TL-type S price about $ 33,500 but my credit was not that great. After spend almost 2 months shopping, I bought 07 Type-S 15k @ 29,900 and I got special finance from Guaranty bank @4.99% :shades: . I love and enjoy my ride :blush: . I hope you do too
  • gtpirate1gtpirate1 Posts: 3
    Thanks Everyone for the help. I bought the brand new 2008 Acura TL type-S W/ Navi Black on Black at for $34,000 today YEAH!!!!!!!!!!. Bought the car from Presidential Auto Leasing and Sales, its the second car I got from them and they seemed to be pretty competitive. (I did have to do some negotiating though after visiting 6 other major Acura dealerships in the area). The sales guy who I've used on both occasions has a unforgettable name (same as an old famous actor). There info is on their website, and they offered me all the ACURA financing and special manufacturer incentives. By the way they say that they can do this for any manufacturer regardless of make or model. I just figure that it would be good information to pass on. They buy, sell, and lease new or used (ANYTHING). He is the website information
  • siusidesiuside Posts: 6
    Just read on edmunds that Manufacturer to dealer cash incentive has been extended through September, if anyone wanted to take advantage of the offer :shades:
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    Does anyone know if the dealer cash is available with a lease?
  • cool, where'd you read that?
  • dtd1dtd1 Posts: 10
    Yes. They certainly won't tell you about it up front. But if you push the dealers when negotiating, they'll eventually use a cap cost for leases that's a few grand under invoice.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    the reason I ask it that the G35 has $2000 cash to dealer right now, but you cannot get it with a lease.
  • dtd1dtd1 Posts: 10
    I should clarify that I'm shopping a TL Type-S. They definitely included the dealer cash into the lease equation. Not sure about the TL though. Acura is running a lease special on it, so I'm not sure they're also offering the dealer cash as well.
  • siusidesiuside Posts: 6
    Acura TL Incentives

    Click on Marketing Support after clicking on the above link, for the type you are interested. You can see the new dates in effect for the $2500 Manufacturer to Dealer dates/details.
  • milo57milo57 Posts: 16
    I just glanced at the website of Sterling McCall Acura in Houston. An inventory search shows that they have only 10 '08 TSXs left, but they have 92 '08 TLs.

    Another Houston dealership is offering the following lease deal on '08 base TLs: $1999 up front, and $359 a month.

    The TSX is really more my size and price class, but it seems like this is a good time for anyone interested in a TL to start shopping.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    Another Houston dealership is offering the following lease deal on '08 base TLs: $1999 up front, and $359 a month.
    That deal is a nationwide Acura offer, not a local dealer's offer.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    FYI I tried to back into the $359 a month payment, and I get a selling price for the TL at about $30,000. That is $1750 under invoice. Considering there is a $2500 cash to dealer on the car, you can get a better deal.
  • master007master007 Posts: 3
    I need to know how much local dealers in Maryland are asking for a 08 TL with Nav?
  • darrenk1darrenk1 Posts: 1
    I saw you bought the car at Rosenthal Acura. Can you email me with the name of the salesperson? I am shopping TL's with NAV, and that is much better than the deals I am being offered by the Baltimore Dealerships...did you deal with the internet salesperson? Thanks.
  • A couple of dealers in So Cal quoted me a type S 36,000-36,500 out of the door. Is it a good deal? anyone was able to get a type S cheaper than these prices? thanks.
  • dtd1dtd1 Posts: 10
    Sounds too high. Dealers are getting $2500 in cash from American Honda. The lowest I've been quoted for a Type-S is $33,590. My other local dealer quoted $33,750.
  • binnibinni Posts: 4
    what is the break down on your out the door price?
  • All charges included, tax, title, license, destination.... Price before all that is 32,545.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    so what can you lease a TL-S for right now? have the deals become ANY better than a few months ago or is it the same???
  • those quotes probably not OTD quotes. You will probably need to add Tax, title and license later.
  • joeolds3joeolds3 Posts: 8
    Just bought a 2008 Base TL $29,750 + 186 doc fee and of course sales tax and registration cost on top of this. This did include 3 dealer add ons (trunk tray, mud flaps, and rubber floor mats (400 list)). I called a dealer in St Louis who told me the exact same car would be $29,875 for everything except sales tax and registration. I was worth an extra 60 not to have to travel 500 miles to buy a car, but I had to threaten to do so to get my deal.
  • binnibinni Posts: 4
    That's the best price I've been quoted in the so cal area as well, ~32.5k. I'm planning on buying next weekend.

    Let me know if you find anything lower. I'll keep searching too.
  • For Chicagoland shoppers, the inventory is huge. Trying to understand what pricing (Car+destination) you are seeing for Base TL. Also, what kind of documentation fees are you seeing. Thanks.
  • skeptic5skeptic5 Posts: 12
    anybody able to get BOTH the dealer incentive (-2500) off the rpice AND get low financing, like .9%? I know iot's supposed to be one or the other. I'd sure like both:)
  • xpressxpress Posts: 8
    I go better pricing in Northern California last week (7/18/08)

    Base TL - $28,431
    With NAV - $30,747

    The lease price is almost the same which is darn good. I can NOT combine this price with the low financing however. Trying to decide on lease vs purchase vs finance.
  • 2008stype2008stype Posts: 41
    I strongly recommend Rizza Acura in Chicago. I got my 3 months ago for $33,289 without haggling. I did get them to waive the Doc fees and throw in mudflaps. Seemed a like a good price to me as out the door with tax was 2K under MSRP. The dealers have to make a living as well as me. Happy with purchase and I am getting very close to the mileage of my 01 V-6 Accord (86 more HP for the cost of premium!). Send Rizza an email and Chuck or Dale will get in touch. The only downside is Chicago sales tax is a bit higher.
  • gundersengundersen Posts: 14
    Bad deal even though it has low miles. Look on auto trader and you'll see what i mean. I have a 2000 TL That i bought in Jan. 05 for 15500. it only had 18000 miles. But to me miles don't matter as much as the model year and the overall condition. mine has 63000 miles now. i am selling it soon and expect to get 7 or 8 grand for it. even ones with low miles like the one you're getting should be maybe 10 or 11. Do a search on auto trader. blue book doesn't mean much. it's the competition that matters. Also these cars are known to have costly transmission repairs. You could prob. get a nice 04 for a few grand more, which is a way better car.
  • matt35621matt35621 Posts: 2
    Hey everyone, here are the details on a lease that I expect to take on Wed on a Base TL with Navi. Its in Cleveland and is for 36 months @ 12,000 miles.
    - $31,543 (invoice less $2500)
    - Residual = 54% of MSRP
    - Money Factor = .00133
    - Acq Fee = $595 paid upfront
    - Title, license & doc = $265 paid upfront
    - Tax @ 6.5% paid upfront

    This worked up to $439 per month but only because I included $1040 of negative equity into my cap cost.

    The only thing I can't figure out is why they make you choose between the $2,500 and low apr when you buy but essentially let you have both when you lease (money factor equates to 3.19%). Any explanations?
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    when the 2009 TL hits the dealers - any of you think that due to the slow car market that those NEW 09 models will be selling AT or NEAR invoice, or will they try to jack them up to MSRP?
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