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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • How much should i be paying for 2008 Acura TL type-S....i live in Austin, TX but willing to travel to Dallas or Houston if i get a good deal....
  • vbn526vbn526 Posts: 6
    This forum helped me a lot so it's time for me to give back. Its actually been a long road from getting quotes through the phone to asking for quotes online. My original intention was to purchase in the orange county area because it was much cheaper than where I live in San Diego. However, my quotes from dealers around the orange county dealers were all the same: $30,848 w/out ttl. So I decided to try my luck around San Diego in order to save a 1 and a half hour drive to orange county and headed to Kearny Mesa Acura. The salesman asked me to throw out some offers and I gave him my best quote which was 30,848. He said that it was unreasonably low and he didn't think that the dealers in orange county would honor that quote. I was forced to promise him that I would purchase the car on the spot if he could get that price after talking with the manager. I agreed. He went in, came back and told me the manager refused to sell the vehicle for that price. So much for the 'promise'. Then, he practically pushed me off the lot!!!! *argh* I went home and emailed Acura of Escondido. I told the internet sales manager about my unpleasant experience at Kearny Mesa Acura and gave him my best quote to see if he could match it and HE DID! So I came in this morning with my parents and got my 08 Acura TL w/ Nav for $30,848, which came out to be $33,595 OTD. However, Escondido did not have my exact color preference (white exterior w/ ebony interior) and I told them I saw one at Kearny Mesa Acura (owned by the same company). So ironically, I ended up with the car I had my eye on when I went to kearny mesa acura in the first place. (: I believe that this price is reasonable for the San Diego area, especially with only 4 acura dealers about 15 miles from the other (less competition). It's a great ride & I'm loving it! :shades:
  • Man. Hate to write this msg. But did you miss post #9199 (although Torrance is anther 35 miles)? Hopefully you can still go back and negotiate with your dealership.
  • vbn526vbn526 Posts: 6
    Torrance is actually 2 hours from where I live in San Diego. I also tried contacting power acura, however, they simply did not reply. Therefore, I settled with the dealership closer to home & I actually paid off the car in whole so I'll leave it be. However, I did get a better deal than others who bought in the San Diego area ($35,000OTD is the current average)
  • bobbby786bobbby786 Posts: 7
    Well I just got my TL type S in New Jersey for 32,500 + ttl and everything came out to be 35,450 with wheel locks, trunk tray and all season floor mats.....guy was really good. I dnt know if the Dealer Cash is still going if u get it around 32,500 you should be good...or may be u can get a better deal.....good luck
  • That's good. Maybe they sold out. Enjoy. In my case, I think the MPG is lower than I expected. Only drove about 100 miles, 1/3 of tank is gone. Maybe the real number will show differently when I pump the gas later.
  • astro13astro13 Posts: 26
    Has anyone heard what the new incentives might be come July 1st? The 2.9% or $2,500 Acura to Dealer incentives end at the end of the month and I was wondering based on past history and being that this is the last year for the old syle TL do you think they will get more aggressive or do you think this is the best it will get? Your thoughts????
  • mbrownimbrowni Posts: 5
    Nobody, including dealership employees, knows about upcoming incentives before they are released by the factory. I have seen the upcoming TL in person and it much more aggressive than the outgoing model. It is a big departure from the Honda/Acura's conservative styling. Imagine a much edgier Infiniti G.
  • mbrownimbrowni Posts: 5
    Acura DOES NOT provide a yearly bonus for the dealers for each car sold. The only incentive that they provide to dealers for cars sold is dealer cash and that has essentially turned into customer cash. Let me know if you have questions.
  • scottnrosescottnrose Posts: 47
    Hi mbrowni,

    Maybe you work for Acura and you know the inside scoop - sure sounds like it. However, my salesperson told me that he had received $17K from Acura as a bonus at year-end for prior year sales. I don't really have any questions regarding this - I was just pointing out reasons that a dealership would sell for less than the known invoice minus incentives minus holdback. It did not play into my decision as I was looking for a certain price point. I wish you all well in your purchases.
  • mbrownimbrowni Posts: 5
    I do have the inside scoop. From time to time, Acura offers sales people "SPINS" to help sell slower selling vehicles. While those dollars can add up, it would be hard to imagine earning $17K from that at $100-$400 or so a pop and they don't do it very often. This goes directly to the salesperson from Acura and not through the dealership.
  • zach10zach10 Posts: 6
    Got this deal at MD. Any comments?
  • vbn526vbn526 Posts: 6
    I'm experiencing the same with my MPG so you're not alone. I was told that new cars get less mpg in the beginning, but hopefully the change will happen sooner rather than later. I hope you adjust to the car because I too noticed that the pedal is much stiffer than my moms 05 camry. However, I must admit that the advanced technology is great (although a bit confusing at first). Enjoy the car! :)
  • sproutkosproutko Posts: 2
    Curious as to which dealer in MD... I'm looking purchasing a 2008 TL w/navi in the next few weeks in the Baltimore area, but willing to travel to get a great price.
  • Hey, sounds like you got a good deal. How do you like it? I have an '06 TSX 6MT and love it. Just took in in for service and saw the TL type S. Looks like a sweet car. I've thought about upgrading, but the $39k sticker price is prohibitive. Does anyone know how much I should be paying in Chattanooga, TN? Thanks
  • zach10zach10 Posts: 6
    Gaithersburg Rosenthal Acura. I got a quote form a VA dealer. I stoped by Rosenthal Acura. They offered me $200 off than the VA OTD price in 10 min. I think about $3500 below invoice is a OK deal for a 08 Acura TL.
  • sproutkosproutko Posts: 2
    Thanks. One more Q - what financing did they offer you? I ask because I got a quote that reduced the price through "dealer incentives" but specifically excluded the 2.9% financing.
  • zach10zach10 Posts: 6
    0.9% and 2.9% are excluded if you count $2500 market support. I was offered 5.9% at first, I refused and told him I could get 4.94% from my costco membership. Then he serached something on his computer (credit history or better rate?), he offered me 4.34% for 60 months.
    Hope this helps you.
  • mark196mark196 Posts: 10
    I'm starting to get some prices on a new TL Type S, the dealer I went to yesterday is include $250 for SJ/Philadelphia area advertising and $595 for protection package - I don't really want the protection package, he said he has to include it per an agreement with their union that every car they sell will have this and I do not feel that a regional marketing effort is my problem - if they want to do additional advertising that should come out of their profit, there's no direct benefit to me for that.

    My question is should I be paying these costs or are they negotiable? The car was priced about 1,000 higher than I had expected, basically because of this - I'm thinking of telling him remove the costs or I'm not interested but I'm not sure how common these are and if I can have them excluded.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • otisnjotisnj Posts: 15
    The charges are absolutely negotiable.

    Use the internet to check other dealers in your area. Ask for their lowest out the door cost for the TL-S with the color / interior you want. Have the charges itemized so you know exactly what you are paying for.

    It's your call if you want to go back to the dealer you were using and ask them to match the other offers. I would not.
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