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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can anyone comment on current offers for a base TL (no Nav) with destination/fees inthe Chicagoland area. Last month, I was seeing $28,200 +$150 doc. Now that the incentives have jumped up to $3,500 has this gotten any better? Thanks
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    What is the dealership in S Maryland that you dealt with? Please share. Thx.
  • Ipnc- Purchased from Rosenthal Acura in Gaithesburg MD via the internet manager. Cash deal. They still have a good inventory. Take your time and negotiate hard.
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    scojay, really appreciate your tips. What's a deal you got! I sure will give it a shot? Did you test drive the TL-S?
  • I did and if I was 25 years younger- would do it. For me the base TL gave me everything I needed. Keep in mind the longer you wait on the 08's the thinner the color selection will be.
  • Hi...I think this is a decent deal. Congratulations! I am in Rochester, MN and thinking about an '08 or '09 TL (once it is on sale)...I have not contacted any of the dealers yet...from where did you get yours? Bloomington Acura seems to have a lot of '08s in their inventory, but wasn't sure how aggressive they were w.r.t. pricing...any inputs?
  • Finally got to pick up my 08 TL w/nav (red). Vehicle price listed for $36,940. Added pin stripe, trunk tray, matching color (red) door edge trim, and matching color (red) splash guards, and wheel locks.

    Final price BEFORE tax, tags, DOC fee, and trade in----$29,998. Traded a 2006 Accord for $18,000. Received every thing that I ask, and them some.

    It took over a month to receive my price. "Patience is a virtue."

    The only down side is that supplies are limited. It's probably that way all over.

    TL was purchase at Boardwalk Acura Pleasantville, NJ
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Anyone purchased an 08 TL in the Denver / Boulder / Colorado Springs area recently? I had intended to replace my 08 Accord with an 09 TL - but I really don't like the look of the 09 TLs. Plus, I think perhaps I can get a smok'n deal on the 08's and have a better car than my Accord. I love the size and look of my 08 Accord, but I hate the automatic transmission and the car is just too big for the thrifty 4-cyl engine I selected.

    I'd appreciate any advise on dealerships and/or prices . . . .
  • i've gotten the same pricing from all the acura dealerships here in the baltimore/DC area.

    they all want $27500 for the TL and $29999 for the TL w/Nav

    you would think they'd want those cars off their lots with the '09s coming in this week.
  • they all want $27500 for the TL and $29999 for the TL w/Nav

    For real ? A 2008 ? My best quote is $28900 for the base TL no Nav

    How are they doing that ? Why did you not buy
  • I had been emailing an internet salesman about the 08 TL w/Nav. He sent me to a local dealership to drive the car. Wife and I did like it. Carbon Bronze with Caffe leather interior. We tried the Tl-S but the seats were just to tight and I though on long drives would not work so well. Anyway, I did buy, I should have gone back to house, and gotten quotes through Edmunds, I'm sure cheaper, anyway it was 32700 for the car after the discounts, it was 37238 for an MSRP. that did include some add on's. I will do the drive then ask for quotes next time, but wife liked the car that much. Dealer even let me have it for a overnight/day just to test drive. Ran solid, very comfortable. Though I'm 50, and probably could have done better had I held out, it did work for me.
    Scott, VB
  • When I saw your post, I checked on your other postings.

    You're all over this forum, doesn't matter which vehicle. You offer no buying experiences or prices paid.

    Do you ever leave your home ?
  • Finalized my deal for a 2008 TL with Nav and all season floor mats. The final price was $30,350 which included everything except tax and title. It did include the $150 doc fee, $760 destination fee.

    The entire process took 1 week thanks to help from this forum.
  • Congratulations on your purchase! Who did you deal with? McGrath Acura? I am considering getting in touch with some of the Chicago area dealers soon -- any information will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I just put my deposit down for a new 2008 TL Type-S for $33,325 out the door. Will be picking it up Saturday~ I did not opt for the low 0.9/2.9% financing. I'll be seeing what the number break down is Saturday.
  • I'm in the market for a 2008 TL w/Nav and looking to use the special financing rates. I see some great deals posted on here, could everyone please indicate whether you took the special finance rates? This would help greatly in determining which deals were the best!

  • c158c158 Posts: 1
    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am looking into purchasing an Acura. I would be using it for a daily driver. I am looking for the best price and car buying experince just like everyone else. I do have some questions about the do they hold up in daily traffic conditions, long trips and how is the general wear and tear on the vehilce? I have been loking into the BMW X5 but am concerned that the repair cost will depleat my bank when the warranty disappears. Any thoughts.....I need all the help I can get! Thank You for your time....
  • njnjnjnj Posts: 18
    i am looking for a 2008 TL. i understand there is $3500 rebate on 2008 TL in sept. can anyone tell me acura rebate level for october? my current lease will be expired by the end of october. i am from central nj and saw something like $27,500 for the base model and $30K with Nav. model on this forum, is this realistic? really appreciate your help!

    mr. car-man, can you offer your insight on the rebate level in october? thanks!
  • njnj - I spoke to a couple dealers in northern NJ recently and they said there is no need to offer larger rebates because inventory levels, particularly on non-navigation cars, are low.

  • NJNJ, since your from NJ, I would contact Boardwalk Acura. I purchase my red TL from them, and drove it home last Wednesday. I received everything that I ask, and then some. I contact other dealers in Pa, and NJ, and Boardwalk beat all of them. It took patience, but was well worth the wait. Most dealers are low in inventory. I believe Boardwalk had approximately 8 to 10 TL's on their lot.
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