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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Deuces: Read my two postings #'s 9586 and 9604. Boardwalk Acura just off the Garden State Pky outside Atlantic City. It's an easy drive from the Phila. area. They gave me the best price plus extras, and I got what I wanted for my trade. Talked with Sussman, and they were much higher. I'm sure that inventories are low all over. I was afraid to make the purchase, but something inside kept telling me to do it, for the great price that I was offered usually doesn't happen for a great car like the 08 TL. My purchase was red in coor with parchment interior.
  • Hi Gary,

    I'm going to send you an email.

  • 2ndacura,
    What was your without TTL rpice. I am also negotiating with Woodfield acura but I am getting TL with Navi and have to pay chicago taxes.
  • I calculated it is about $27,780 which is not the cheapest according the posts here. I think you should be about to get at least 27500 from them base on on of th posts here. but be aware the rebate is after tax. so your price before tax might be higher depending upon how they calculate. but this 3500 + 0.9 financing is just too good to pass.
  • Thanks for the reply 2ndacura. As I am getting TL with Navi, my base is coming to be $29,300 which it seems is not bad as the invoice difference between navi and non navi is 2300. :-). I am assuming your base price does not include destination change.
  • Does your $29,300 for Base TL with NAV include the destination charge?
  • it does include destination charge. the only thing not there is the TTL and tax. without options
  • I was looking for 2008 Acura TL base model (without navigation system) in central florida (Orlando, Tampa or Jacksonville). The best quote I received was from Fountain Acura for $28200+TTL +2.9%APR for 60 months.

    This is several hundreds more than some of you are getting. Anyone if florida getting good deals? :confuse:
  • What dealer are you talking with? I am able to get about 29,959 with destination. Are you taking financing?
  • I think that is a good deal. My best quote is $29,700 (includes the destination charge) for the TL with NAV.
  • My price with destination is 30,050. (760 in destination changes). This brings me really close to your quote with the difference between mine and yours equal to the difference in invoice prices between tl with and without navi.

    I have been quoted OTD price of 33,500 with around 3150 in Chicago city taxes. This price does includes all the extras you got (wheel locks, all season mats, mud flaps, trunk tray)
  • Nope. It does not include destination. Add 760 to it.
  • 2ndacura is talking about woodfield acura in Illinois. Are you looking TL with Navi or without?
  • that is a good price. I hope you have close the deal today. There saying this special will end either tonight or tomorrow. Incentives may or may not be there. I took my chance during the labor day weekend. Looking back, I am glad that I waited. Bu things came quite difference. Believe or not, as of Saturday, the dealers in Naperville area still quoting me at least $900 more. Of course they inventories are low to begin with.
  • They told me its going on till tomorrow as I am picking it then.
  • Am looking with Navi. I got a better OTD price this afternoon from Pauly in Highland Park. It was 527 less than Woodfield. Put it on hold and going to do the paper work tommorow.
  • Hi 2ndacura/nonsmoking1/needfordeals,

    I am looking to buy an Acura TL with Nav. I spoke to Continental and they were offering it to me for 30,600.00 with destination (750.00). This includes the 3,500.00 applied to it. The taxes are not included in this 30,600.00 price. I am planning to talk to Woodfield and Pauly in Highland Park tomorrow. I am trying to buy one before the deal ends tomorrow. Could you tell me how much was your base price for the Nav. and TTL and tax?

  • I got OTD 32455 at Pauly and 32982 at Woodfield.
  • Thanks nosmoking1,

    What are the split values at each dealer, I mean the base price, dest, ttl, tax etc.

    I will talk to Pauly today and see.
  • I got a good deal at Rizza for an S recently. Have you tried them?
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