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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • neimanneiman Posts: 6
    I was quoted $1,900 for the 100,000 mile extended warranty by David McDavid Acura in Dallas. Personally, I expect a Honda/Acura product not to require an Extended Warranty therefore I did not purchase it.
  • mpcarmpcar Posts: 3
    I am new to the forum. I have been reading about this $2000 available on 09 TLs. However, on Edmunds I am only seeing $1000 for Marketing Support. So is it really $2000?
    Also, has anyone purchased a base 09 TL in the Tampa area recently?

  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    It was until the end of March, but I don't know if it still is the same. It was 1G for non tech, 2G for tech.
  • kimsdadkimsdad Posts: 8
    I posted a few days ago about a deal i got in Louisville, KY. Not sure how prices are in Washington St.....but you could always consider making a good deal out or state and then either flying there to pick up or have it trucked in by a "driveaway" company. You can get trucked in from a few states away for around $500. OR a 1 way airline tic is usually about $200 for same distance. I flew in to pick up mine from 700 miles away in New Orleans. I got the TL w/tech about 2 weeks ago for $33800 plus tax title in Louisville, KY. Also got the 3.8% financing. If anyone wants name of dealer and salesperson... mailitomehere@yahoo.commmm
  • ilu333ilu333 Posts: 18
    The incentive is still avail. i got confirmation from several fleet managers. 2G for tech.
  • ilu333ilu333 Posts: 18
    do you guys think the incentive/pricing will be better at the end of the month? I'm debatin on whether I should pull the trigger now or wait another few weeks. the best quote I got so far is $36200 OTD including CA sale tax.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    Is this for a TL/Tech Pkg and can you give down your break up - MSRP, Price before Tax and Dest fees. Dest Fees etc.

    36200 OTD including Tax if for the same car is surely a great deal.
  • markcpmarkcp Posts: 11
    Is a 1400 mile base 09 Acura TL with tech from a used car lot reasonably priced at $34,500? It is not from an Acura dealer. This is the Minnesota / Wisconsin area.
    Thanks, Mark
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    Is it with all OTD including Taxes. If so you are good as an a new one with all taxes etc is around 36.5 based on 8% tax rate currently.
  • markcpmarkcp Posts: 11
    After looking back a few pages what people paid for brand new, this isn't a very good deal. It was without tax or license. I contacted dealer with an offer of $32,500 , without tax included.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    If you are saying 32500 + Dest + Taxes. Thats hell of a price and can you tell me which dealer and if it is in WI, I am ready to drive in there for that price.

    So far I am able to get 32,800 + Dest+Taxes.
  • markcpmarkcp Posts: 11
    This is a used 09 TL Tech with 1400 miles from a non-Acura dealer. His bottom price was $34,500 then tax and license above that. I counter offered at $32,500. It doesn't hurt to start low on offers and build up.

    Your $32,800 was that brand new from dealer lot?
  • blooskiblooski Posts: 7
    Hi kimsdad,

    Is this a Tl SHAWD?

  • amalpaniamalpani Posts: 9
    I have been offered $33,500 (incl. destination) for a brand new 2009 Acura TL FWD + Tech, MSRP of $39,475 (incl. destination). Based on what people are quoting, that looks like a good offer? I'm looking for a "rip-off deal" equal to 24% discount from MSRP ($30,000 + TTL ). Does anyone think I will be able to get that price in the next 2/3 months?

    I got this from the same dealer from whom I got two Acura MDX's 6 months ago (Chicago suburbs).
  • ilu333ilu333 Posts: 18
    36,200 OTD & including tax which is a good price but still not sure if this is a trick to get me into the dealer or a real deal.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Mil, I don't know if 24% is beyond what a an Acura dealer will do. I know it would not fly in my area, seems that the only manufacturers where one would have a chance to get that kind of deal would be GM and Chrysler. I wish you luck tho!
  • rockrockrockrock Posts: 6
    Just picked up a 2009 Acura TL, SH-AWD w/Tech, Grigio and Umber/Ebony. How do you guys think I did?

    Price: $37,600.00
    Doc: $151.00
    Plates: $90.00
    Plus Chicago taxes.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    That's the second best deal I have seen here on these boards for the AWD tech. Here in CT and NY, I dont see any dealers going that low.
  • kimsdadkimsdad Posts: 8
    No Blooski.....the $33800 price is for the TL w/tech, FWD (Not SHAWD) This price of about 2 weeks ago is for everything but tax & lic. I applied the $2000 dealer incentive and some of the holdback. I gave the exact breakdown in a post about 2 weeks ago. Bought at Oxmoor in in Louisville KY. If you need name of salesman you can em me at
  • ksopherksopher Posts: 6
    Just completed my deal today:
    2009 FWD w/Tech. With no other dealer options

    $33404 sale price
    $35197 adjusted gross (inc TTL, small down)
    $22089 residual (56% on 15K miles/year)
    .00237 Money Rate (HFC Super Preferred tier)
    $499.88 / month

    Had Grigio/Ebony in stock. Took delivery today.
    Leased from Norris Acura, Ellicott City, Maryland
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