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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    Congrats, bought mine from Norris last month also.
  • mjf70mjf70 Posts: 5
    lookingto pull the trigger this week, can you please breakdown your out of pocket money? did the $499 include tax? Im in pa so lease tax is 9%, im interested in how much you put down and what your payment is prior to tax.
  • kimsdadkimsdad Posts: 8
    Ksopher....I wonder if the lease terms can affect the price of the vehicle? For example as in a trade, dealers can give you an lousy deal on the trade-in, and then use that as leverage in giving you a great price on the new vehicle. All things equal, you got a great price! Good job
  • mpcarmpcar Posts: 3
    Is dealer fee required? Or is this something dealer just adds to make extra money? Can I tell the dealer to delete this fee?
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    mpcar, dealer fee?
    to paraphrase a famous movie line: "DEALER FEE?!! We don't pay no stinkin dealer fee!!"
  • kimsdadkimsdad Posts: 8
    mpcar.... When you make your offer, let the salesperson know from the start that any offer you make is TOTAL PRICE.....with exception of tax and registration. Many dealers ARE REQUIRED as part of their arrangement with other dealerships to show a 'doc fee" or some other fee on the paperwork. BUT that is ok if the doc fee shows up in the paperwork as long as you are getting the car for your TOTAL PRICE on the bottom line.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    In Chicago Area, Whats the best price for this model currently? I am thinking of finalizing week - 04/25. Any help would be appreciated. Best deal so far obtained is - 33553 (Incl. Dest Fees) + Tax and Title fees.

    Any dealer names will also be helpful
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Mpcar, with all the nuisance fees that are foisted upon us I would demand to know what 'dealer fee' means. I have never seen a fee like that, that leaves itself open to all manner of 'interpretation'. In NJ we have a "tire tax' of $1.25/tire...ok, I'll get my own tires :P .
    If it's a doc fee, let them call it that. It like the tax guy in the movie Popeye with Robin Williams.
  • I am going to start my talks next week on a TL w/Tech at Rizza in Orland. Who did you get that price from, they have about 40 TLs in Orland so it looks like they are heavy on inventory. Your quoted price looks good to me if I good get same. So far my only contact is at Rizza, but have a sales name at Acura dealer in Westmont if I need to get other quotes.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    All delaers currently have almost more or less the same inventory. I am waiting for the month end prices as they might be willing to budge further on the price. I have been in contact with almost 4-5 dealers, each one wants to beat the others price. So holding tight to get the best price.

    Let me know how your talks go and lets be in touch in order to share the price. I will be checking on other dealers this weekend and also see if I can sell my existing car.
  • 69winter69winter Posts: 1
    Looking to purchase a 2009 TL with tech package in the NY NJ area. Looking for the best price anywhere within 100 miles. What are everyone's recent prices? Please respond, as I am looking to make the purchase soon! Thanks in advance.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I paid $38995 at Open Road Acura in Wayne, NJ for a TL-AWD, no tech. Included all fees and taxes, including NJ Sales tax.
    I highly recommend the dealer. Ask for Curtis-he's the sales manager.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    Out the Door (OTD) is just that... everything that you have to pay to drive the car away including taxes and all fees.
    Some people may quote prices in here however fail to mention a trade was involved, the car was a "demo" or other considerations.
    Remember we ALL pay an OTD price!
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Exactly JB, many posters have stated that they don't want to include the taxes. Well, if one doesn't pay the sales tax, the car doesn't go out the door! ;)
  • markcpmarkcp Posts: 11
    Just put a credit card hold on a 09 TL with Tech @ $32900. This is a used TL with under 1500 miles, splash guards and trunk organizer. The dealer started at $35,900 and kept coming down. I told him two weeks ago I would pay $32500, but he replied $34000 was as low as he would go. Yesteray he emails me telling me it has been on the lot 30 days and he wants it off. Driving 3 hours to look at it on Saturday. Price doesn't include tax or registration. I figure I get the Tech package for free based on new price on the base TL's?
  • ilu333ilu333 Posts: 18
    I pulled the trigger this weekend. I got the 09 TL fwd w/tech. The OTD price including everything is $36800. This also includes wheel lock, trunk tray, & splash guard. This is the best OTD quote that I got.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Congrats to both of you. Real good deals. You are going to love the car. :)
  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    I paid $34,480 (incuding destination) for FWD TL w/ Tech, not including tax, tags, etc. Dealer was Rallye Acura in Roslyn, Long Island. I picked it up 3-30-09.
    BTW I absolutely LOVE the car, I'm sure you will too.
    Hope this helps.
  • draz2draz2 Posts: 50
    "Out the door" is a euphemism and is not to be taken literally. Because state and local taxes vary, it's a UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTEDconvention that that term means ONLY the price of the car plus destination.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667
    It's obviously not universally accepted, if two or three people in the same forum can't agree on it...

    If your OTD deal looks too good to be true, and you think it includes tax, then it probably doesn't.... ;)

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