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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 59
    TL price was once 7k below MSPR, will we see similar deal later this year? I am looking for a V6 sedan with leather trim. Seems I can get a Accord V6 EX-L for 24k. Thanks.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Have you driven them both??? Slight difference between them.
  • I live in Tennessee and am in the market for a new 2009 TL with tech package. The dealer is also including the "protection package" which includes the wheel locks, splash guards, trunk tray and all weather floor mats. He is quoting me a total cost of $35,474.37. This includes all fees such as doc fee and destination fee (except tax and a $14 title fee). He is telling me the invoice on the car is $36,366 plus another $600 for the protection package for a total invoice just under $39,000. He is saying because of the $2,000 dealer cash, he just wants to make $500, hence the price of $35,474. I have read there are people getting these cars for a price closer to $34,000 or even $33,500, but I don't know if that includes increased doc fees or destination fees. Please give me your feedback if you can!

  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    Depends on what the 1300 covers. Is that first month and tag or something else?

  • jinx6jinx6 Posts: 2
    first month bank fee and tag fees
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    Looks good then. finally a sharp deal posted by somebody without any cap cost nonsense or similar. I paid 476 a month which included (6%) tax. Tax fees/bank was about 500 I think at closing.

  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    I got the TL with Tech in April'09 with the 2 K offer. Before tax and the title charges ($ 140 in Illinois). I had all accesories in your protection package except for Wheel locks ($75 if you get them to install or buy OEM $30 and install yourself). The total price with the other accesories etc that I paid are - 33,400 includes Dest charges and the other accesories ( Weather Mats,Splash Guards, The Trunk tray I got it with the Dealer Points)

    Its a nice car.. I would say you are like 1700- 2K more than what I paid based on your breakdown and assuming that the 2K is included in the price you mentioned.
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138 says the MSRP for that car, w/o the protection package, is $38,685 and the invoice, w/o the protection package, is $35,556. Those totals don't include destination charges, which vary by location. So, assuming the protection package costs or is worth anywhere near $600, the dealer is keeping about $1,000 of the $2K dealer incentive, not just $500.

    OTOH, edmunds TMV price is about $35,500 including destination charge, so the dealers offer to you pretty much matches TMV with the protection package thrown in. Therefore, the dealer's quote appears to be a fair price, but it looks to me like he is making more than $500 on the deal.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Depends on inventory levels in August and September. Just got a quote for a base TL at $32,000, plus TTL. Not sure if this is the best number out there. Although $8,000 higher than the Accord, I feel theTL is in a total different class of vehicles. I plan to wait and see what Acura Corporate does in the next two months to help dealers reduce the 2009 TL inventory.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    Why do customers even consider buying the so called protection package from the dealer. You can buy these same items on line for half the price the dealer sells them for. For example, I bought the trunk tray for $81.25, Mats $97.50 and the Splash Guards $99. The total $278.00 compared to the dealers inflated price of $600.00. Come on guys, do some research and save yourselves some money.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Cebteb, You are right. I bought all of my accessories for my Element from H&A in California.
  • After watching these boards for a few months I decided it was time to make a move now that I had enough information to stand firm and get the deal I wanted on the vehicle I wanted.

    Just closed last week 7/30 on a 2009 Acura TL-AWD, it was a very easy and simple process. A friend of mine referred me to a salesman at Acura of Milford I emailed him, we corresponded a few times by email and phone and left a deposit once we agreed on a price and picked up the vehicle the next night.

    The deal you may ask:
    2009 Acura TL-AWD w/Tech Package
    $37,150 + Tax and Reg

    I also traded my 2006 MB CLS500 w/39,000 miles on it which I owned and had title in hand to trade, they gave me a little less than I would have liked on the trade but I did have a carfax on my CLS500 with 2 accidents and airbag deployment so I believe it was fair.

  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    congrats!! you will love the car!!!
  • Thanks, the car is tremendous, in a class of its own, especially for the money, even at sticker price, which of course i didnt pay :P
  • Did you get the white on black? I notice it is missing from their inventory.
  • i got a white/taupe, i wanted white on black, but they said they had swapped it out for another dealer
  • Congrats and enjoy your car- I might pull the plug this month and go for the same car you got but I will either do White on Black or White on Umber.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Good luck. The car is great. I'm curious to see if you can find the white/umber. When I asked about that combo, all the salemen could do was groan.
  • be01243be01243 Posts: 2
    Is Umber same as Parchment?
  • jr1976jr1976 Posts: 3
    Just leased an 09 TL base, royal blue pearl with taupe interior. Leased for 36 mths 10,000 miles year for $520 with $1000 down. Traded a 2008 Lexus IS 250 and rolled over $4,000 negative. Agreed upon price for the TL was $30,900. I'm in the Raleigh NC area and most dealers here were $100 more per month because of my trade. I finally found a dealer about 40 miles away to make it work by dropping their price and giving more for my trade. I feel like it is a good deal with little money out of pocket. :D
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