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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The extended warranty is not provided by Honda. It is provided by a company called JM&A Group. Does anyone know anything about them?
  • The dealership is Thomas Acura in west covina in LA area. Go to fleet sales directly.

    BTW, another dealership is ready to beat this price as well. I will post the details if I can make that deal.
  • abramaabrama Posts: 6
    Acurafan11, please let me know the dealer and I am willing to buy also a SH-AWD with Tech.
  • Looking to get pre-approved this morning on and there were no offers available on TL's, only on TSX's. Am I missing something? A dealer told me yesterday that 2.9% was good until September. Anyone know where to get pre-approved? Links? Thanks
  • Never mind. I found it through the build and price link. 2.9% good until 9-8-2009
  • lars1281lars1281 Posts: 14
    Fyi.. SUburban Philadelphia.. Montgomeryville Acura...

    vehicle price 30450
    less trade-in value 8700 2004 honda accord ex-v6 63,100 miles
    Total Taxable Amt 21750
    Sales Tax (PA) 1305
    PA Tire Tax 5
    Doc Fee 100
    Reg Fee 47.65
    Total 23207.65
    Deposit 1500
    Amt. Financed 21707.65
    Rate 4.99%
    Term 60 months
    Monthly Payment 410.39
  • claweaveclaweave Posts: 25
    Couldn't you have gotten a 2009 that looks better, is 1 year newer, and probably better options/functions, close to 0 miles for like $60 more a month?
  • tgk111tgk111 Posts: 3
    Thoughts on on 09 FWD with Technology:

    34,600, plus tax and tags. The dealer was 'nice enough' to throw in that rip off protection package. Seems like it is relatively fair, or at least within a couple hundred of bucks of where it should be.

    Philadelphia Market...
  • satfornsatforn Posts: 9
    I had good success at Montgomeryville Acura for about $600 less than that price (same exact car with the protection package). Send me an email to my profile address. I can hook you up w the sales rep...he REALLY did a nice job.
  • ak528ak528 Posts: 3

    Could I get the salespersons name from Montgomeryville? I guess you got it for $34K which included destination?? He also threw in the protection package at that price or was it additional?
  • tgk111tgk111 Posts: 3
    Yes, that would be great for me as well. I could not pull your email from the profile page.
  • satfornsatforn Posts: 9
    34K including destination & wonderful protection package. I think I was able to get my e-mail address to show up in my profile.
  • satfornsatforn Posts: 9
    e-mail addy should be in my profile now...I had to go change a few security issues.
  • Muller's Woodfield Acura in Hoffman estates. Enjoy

    TL Tech 09 --> $32,600 + $760 destination + $1200 for 7 yr 100,000 miles warranty by ACURA :-)

    Total price before tax --> $33,360 + $1200 for extended warranty
  • Wow, what a great price. From tracking the posts, it looks as if folks have been able to get $6000-6,200 off of MSRP. Has anyone had any luck with dealers close to western Pennsylvania? If not, I may be calling the dealers in Illinois!
  • joe767joe767 Posts: 10
    Call Lehigh Valley Acura I got my TL w/ Tech on July 2nd with 5600 off MSRP. Talk to Bill Cosman he was my salesman. Best experience I've had buying a car.
  • drewsbudrewsbu Posts: 2
    This dealership has a 2005 tl basic no nav and they want $20,795. Its black and has 34,700 miles. It seems a bit high for a 5yr old car. I called the dealer and asked if this was neg. and she said it is but they will not come down thousands of dollars. I was thinking about $17,500 seemed like a good offer, but I know they won't take it.

    What do you guys think?
  • tempo68tempo68 Posts: 2
    I'm thinking I can do better but I here it is.

    TL Tech 09 --> $35,710 + tax + title

    Sounds high to me. What do you guys think? I'm on Long Island, NY.
  • gsat1gsat1 Posts: 1
    Can you update on the price you paid ? , i am looking for good deal on 2009 TL with tech in LA/socal OR SF/Bayarea.
  • Finally pulled the plug and brought home the TL Tech AWD Monday night.
    White Diamond Pearl (Ebony Interior)- Gorgeaous Car, lots of space, nice tech features (have to read the manual to get a full understanding of some of these features).

    Purchase Price-$38,072
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