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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    Reporting a Base TL With Tech for 33725 + TTL ...
    Was not aware of the Loyalty Program... Damn Damnnn....:
    Can you say Buyers Remorse .....
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    edited June 2010
    Rob which dealer was it and which state... I am feeling like an idiot now... having paid 33725 for base with tech....

    Is the loyalty program only on leases ? or current owners ?

  • divix3divix3 Posts: 6
    Here are the numbers for TL SHD with Tech Pack from Devan Acura (The best price so far, less than Greenwich Acura) - $37,209 including $1,500 coupon discount for being loyal customer..whatever ;) . Do you think there is a change to go below $37K? PS. Car is on dealer's lot. Thanks
  • divix3divix3 Posts: 6
    Lease or will work on both scenarios.
  • mjsacklermjsackler Posts: 1
    I received the same price from Pohanka Acura. In addition to this price, they are also charging a $399 "Processing Fee". Were you charged this fee? It sound like a bogus fee. If you have taken ownership of the TL, how do you like it?
  • Just purchased a TL w/Tech, 18inch wheels and tint for $35,500. Gave up the 2k+ dealer cash for 0.9% financing. Price would have been just above 33K taking the rebate, but I'm only paying about $750 in interest during the life of the loan after my down payment and TTL. Seems like a pretty decent deal.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    Wow- what a difference a year makes, these same guys were only discounting the car by a 1K off MSRP. For our region-CT (greedy one), I will take that price in a heartbeat.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    There are two dealers here in my region that are on a large scale volume- one falls under the DCH umbrella and the other I cannot quite remember. They can get any color combo thats availble on this car in an instance even if its not in their inventory.

    I can live without the split screen.
  • divix3divix3 Posts: 6
    I always work with Japanese guy at Devan Acura because the other ones are not so "friendly" as you have mentioned earlier :). I am going to take delivery this Saturday (6/19) instead of waiting to the end of the months :) (the end of current lease) ;) ..thanks one more time
  • goyo1goyo1 Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    just got back from the dealer with my new 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD with Tech HTP 19" 6MT. Right from the bat I got the price I wanted $37, 300 + taxes and tags out of the door $39,000 at 0.9% for 60 months. Dealer was Karen Radley Acura in Woodbridge, they treated me well I did everything over the internet talked to the sales person once to give my info by the time I got to the dealer it took me about 1.5 hour to get out. Great experience! :)
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,924
    divix.....$39K isn't a bad price. However, if you haven't already taken delivery, I'd expand the search by looking on line for dealer inventory to....say.....a 150 mile area to see of there are any black/umber cars around. If so, contact the dealership and ask if they'd be willing to give you an internet quote (some will, some won't). If so, you'll have a pretty good idea of where you can buy one, and a quote to get your local dealer to shoot for.

    Personally, I'd make the local dealer an offer.....say $38K. Tell them you're a buyer at that price....TODAY. If they reject your offer, tell them you're moving on to whatever other dealerships are in your general area.

    Also, be wary of the back end fees. Someone mentioned a "dealer fee" of $399. While it cost the dealer something to do the paperwork, I've seen fees like this as high as $800 added to the back end of the deal. Personally, I would not pay more than $100 for those fees to do paperwork, etc.

    I even saw one dealer charge $500 over and above dealer delivery and prep fees (which should already be included on the MSRP sticker). Generally, dealers aren't losing money on these cars. One way or the other, they're making money somewhere on these deals....either on the deal itself, and/or on the back end, on the trade, etc.
  • ak528ak528 Posts: 3
    Hey, how recently did you purchase this? I'm looking for the 0.9% financing plan, but they don't have it on and I'm concerned the dealership don't have it anymore either.
  • goyo1goyo1 Posts: 3
    I got it yesterday June 14th 2010, in this area Virginia will finish July 6th. Go to and enter you zipcode and it will let you know if it's avaliable in your area. Good luck!
  • mjs560mjs560 Posts: 8
    I live in NY and have an offer for a TL lease with the following information from a dealer in NJ. I am coming off of a TSX lease and Acura is offering $1,500 on a TL lease or purchase:

    36 months
    12,000 miles per year
    Inception fees:
    Bank fee $595.00
    NY tax on bank fee $52.81
    Documentary fee $249.00
    NY DMV fee $195.00
    Out of state reg fee $54.00
    NY tax on $1500 from Acura $133.13
    First payment $332.66

    Inception fees down $1,611.60
    From Acura $1,500.00

    Monthly payment is $332.66

    What is the verdict on this deal?
  • mohanpmohanp Posts: 26
    edited June 2010
    Has someone got the 1500 additional to the 2250 incentive ?
    I mean for non Acura owners ? they say this is the loyalty program ? can someone confirm this ?
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
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  • deerdhdeerdh Posts: 5
    edited June 2010
    Just purchased a 2010 TL SH-AWD, 6 speed manual for $39K base price. I'm in the Seattle area. I offered the salesguy 37K and he about crapped his pants. I finally got him down to 39 even. It's a sweet car...but...what do you think?
  • kel2010kel2010 Posts: 4
    edited June 2010
    Edmunds says the $1500 loyalty incentive is for people w/ TLs coming off lease. I hope they can allow it for TL owners just buying another TL. I'm planning on buying a new TL Tech w/ 18 inch wheels asap. My 75 year old mother had her Accord totaled by a guy who ran a red light. She promptly took up w/ my wife's 99 TL w/ 110k miles which we bought new. She declared that she wouldn't drive long enough to justify buying a car and my wife needed a new one anyway. Gotta love Mama! What's the best pre Tax price running on a TL Tech w/ the 18 inch wheels? $33-$34K? Any truth to the rumor that Acura will change the grille on the 2011 TL, and when will the 2011's make it to dealerships? We have a spare 97 Del Sol SI that we could drive everyday for a while til the 2011 arrives. I don't really dislike the grille, but would wait on a new look. I'm in Upstate South Carolina, but travel a 400 mile radius regularly for work, so NC, TN, or GA are all feasible.
  • deerdhdeerdh Posts: 5
    Hi, I just bought the same car....are you saying $39 K as a BASE price? I also got them to commit to 39K as a base price, + tax/license/ext warranty, blah blah blah.....where are you located? I am in WA state......I have never purchased a new car before and am very new to the negotiation process....Looking for opinions on if I did OK...? Thanks!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,128
    This is an Acura. You don't need an extended warranty. How much do they want for it anyway?

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

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