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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am leasing a 2009 TL FWD Tech and was planning to let the lease expire in early Sept. vs. buying the lease out at the residual of $23,500 plus 6% MI tax, so around $25,000. Now with all the commotion in the used car market and prices jumping, I am thinking twice about this and am wondering if I should step up and buy it, as it only has 25,000 miles on it and will likely have near 28,000 by September. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!
  • kimaskimas Posts: 14
    To get $27030 for your trade, to me, is the clincher. That value sounds more like a used car price you'd pay rather than a trade in.

    I drive a TL and love it. It is a very different car from the TSX. Before I bought my TL, I sat on the driver's side of a TSX and immdiately decided on a TL. I didn't have to test drive the TSX.

    Anyway, the only reason why I would stick with the TSX is the tech package. I guarantee that you'll miss it if you get the base TL.

    Just my 2 cents....
  • kimaskimas Posts: 14
    When I bought my 2011 TL in March, I let the finance guy talk about all the add ons he was trying to sell me.

    When he's done, I told him that I am only interested in the Gap insurance and even if I am interested, I told him I would only pay for half the price he was quoting me (he quoted $750 for Gap insurance!!!).

    He wondered and tried to sell Gap at full price and told me all the good reason why I would take it from them. I held my ground. (I knew he can come down on the price of Gap). He finally called somebody, told him of my situation and he went down on the price. I ended up paying $425 for Gap instead of $375.

    I know it still a lot for Gap but I could not risk driving the car home without it.
  • kimaskimas Posts: 14
    Go lower...the 2012s are out. See previous posts about prices paid for 2011s
  • pcx1pcx1 Posts: 6
    In the bay area here, lowest i can find for base 2011 is 31k + TTL, still not convinced this is a good enough deal, any thoughts?
  • scottphillipscottphillip Posts: 249
    I am looking at a 2012 TL with navigation, and am only offered $500 off MSRP. Does this sound reasonable?

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • kimaskimas Posts: 14
    Bay area in Chicago? Hmmmm, in the Bay Area NorCal, you should be able to buy the 2011 base TL for 30K and change plus TTL. Market areas are different so I am not sure in the Chicago area.
  • kimaskimas Posts: 14
    The 2012s just came out. $500 off MSRP should be ok if you are buying next year's model this early.
  • pcx1pcx1 Posts: 6
    This is in NorCal, maybe I haven't pushed enough. Would you mind sharing the dealer name? Thanks
  • kimaskimas Posts: 14
    edited May 2011
    Don't think I can post the dealer's name here. But, I did buy a 2011 TL with Tech back in March from a dealership in the South Bay area. Got a great deal, below $33K from an MSRP of almost $40K.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    It's perfectly all right to post dealer names here. Just don't reference a particular salesperson.
  • rngsswrngssw Posts: 4
    Just brought a 12 TL Auto AWD + Tech in Chicago for $41.2K + TTL. Could not get the $40658 price. My trade-in is in line with Edmunds' number.
  • malibu0212malibu0212 Posts: 16
    not much changed from 2009 - and I don't know why - at least it should offer some choices on the grill.

    I'll see if it gets better in the next gen. I am very happy with everything in 2008 TL.
  • jbhansenjbhansen Posts: 20
    Just got a 2012 FWD Advance in Basque Red Pearl with Parchment interior. Add-ons were wheel locks and splash guards. MSRP was $42,395. Got the vehicle for $40,730.
  • canxleicanxlei Posts: 1
    Just back from the Seattle dealer, they have 2012 FWD + Tech for MSRP $42,xxx + $1850 market adjustment values. (sounds ridiculous, but they waive for me.). as I leaving the store I got the final offer for $39,500 + tax .. acceptable?
  • Duane Phillips, Portland, offered me 2012 FWD + Tech + Northwest Package for $38660 + tax. Not sure if either party is including document fee.
  • mlb2011mlb2011 Posts: 2
    Hi- I'm new to this site. I've read a lot of great discussion points here and decided to get some thoughts on my own situation.

    There is a local Acura dealership (California) with a 2010 TL w/Tech pkg. Car is new, but with ~600 miles on the odometer. Though the car is technically new it is now obviously 2 model years old, so I'm having trouble gauging fair value.

    Thoughts on what a fair price for this car would be out the door?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    I would start at $5000 below invoice for that model year and equip. You should be able to get for at least $4000 under. It was obviously a demo or service loaner.
  • mlb2011mlb2011 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response- so I'm seeing a factory invoice for this make/model to be $37,304 (truecar). So something around $32K + TTL would be a good deal?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    Yes. They are selling used, certified 2010 TLs/tech with 3-5k miles for around $32k ASKING price. I would guess they are going for about $30k. So around $32k is certainly a reasonable price for a demo.

    I see some dealers in Chicago area selling certified 2011s with 4-5k miles for around $33-$34k asking price which I bet you could get for $32k.
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