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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • knam2knam2 Posts: 7
    Hey your otd price was $35400.
    That s cheapest price i ve seen
  • Good morning,

    I am looking to purchase a 2012 Acura TL AWD with the Tech Package this week.
    What is a good price i should pay for this vehicle?
    I have been searching this forum and it seems prices vary 3-5,000!
  • mihinkmihink Posts: 28
    Look at and put in your zip.

    The TL now has a $2000 factory-to dealer incentive.

    So...try to get the car for at least $2500 BELOW dealer invoice, then add tax/title/license.

    If the dealer doesn't agree...then move on to a new dealer. Acura/Honda seem to be desperate to sell the car!

    Good luck!
  • knam2knam2 Posts: 7
    Try to hit $39000(otd).
  • ma2010ma2010 Posts: 5
    Dont pay more. You should be able to get a TL tech for around $33400 including destination charges. All you need to pay is documentation fee and taxes , title and registration. ie around $35500 to$35800 out of door (OTD).
  • Yes, 33,400 sounds great but if a dealer was to take that offer you would be getting almost all of the Holdback money and in most cases that is unrealistic to think a dealer will give you that unless they are seriously hung with a bunch of a certain car. A more realistic offer on a TL with Tech would be Invoice at $37,737 less dealer incentive of $2000 and less the $1200 flex cash from Honda Finance if you finance through them at .90 or 1.9%. That would leave a bottom line of $34,500 plus tax, lic and any dealer fee that they charge. I don't think you are going to find many dealers who will give you the Holdback. That offer is $5720 off sticker or about 14% off.
  • acura85acura85 Posts: 12
    Dealer recommended wheel and tire Hazard warranty for 2012 TL w/ Tech – 17” wheel. 5 years, unlimited milage for $585.
    Could someone comment? Is it necessary for this car?
    Did anyone experience problems with the 17" wheels on the TL?
  • am currently considering a 2012 accura TL FWD Advance pkg. Totally confused on what is fair. Was quoted" otd" price of 41,582.00. I know there has to be better . Can anyone help?? I just want a fair "OTD" price. and anythoughts if I should just do the tech instead and then how much..Currently living in NC
  • ma2010ma2010 Posts: 5
    Dealer will sell you the TL tech for less than $34000 , if you make a serious offer. go to carwoo and dealers will quote there price . Put a price below
    $34000 and dealers will accept your offer...this the price going in
    eastcoast area.
  • would you believe i tried that over the weekend and have yet to get a response.
  • Has anyone seen any better deals. It has the navigation package and only 33,000 miles. Is this a good deal. Dealer wants $22,000.
  • ma2010ma2010 Posts: 5
    some time the dealer take time to respond, wait till last week of march, and
    counter with an increased price offer , slowly increase your offer upto $34000. some one should respond to you.good luck.
  • That seems high for a 5 year old car.Purchased a new one for $30,750 ,36 month 0.9 % financing a month ago
  • nttnnttn Posts: 2
    Hi, I want to confirm that the $33,400 including destination charge that you mentioned was for 2012 Acura TL SH AWD with Tech ? I'm in VA. Thanks so much.
  • knam2knam2 Posts: 7
    No. It is FWD 2012 TL(3.5) with tech.
    Otd is $35500-35800.
  • nttnnttn Posts: 2
    Thank you.
  • Here’s the breakdown:
    Sale price is: $33971.62
    Residual: $22,523.20
    Money factor: .00114
    With $1689 down
    10k miles a year
    $422 including tax per month

    Money down covers tax/tags/fees
    Is this good? Any Thoughts?
  • mespresmespres Posts: 6
    Yankees4life - where did you get that price - which dealer.
  • n1nja_dn1nja_d Posts: 17
    Hey everyone,
    Just signed/picked up a BWP/ebony 2012 TL awd/tech for $38500 OTD. Hope this figure helps you all out with negotiation!
  • zohan2zohan2 Posts: 3
    Sounds good Ninja.

    What State?
    What Dealership?
    Did you take advantage of the Acura financing?
    What was the Selling price?

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