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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rx2005pickrx2005pick Posts: 20
    Did you get it from Athens in ga ? If so I am glad they are getting more from atlanta area
  • softpathsoftpath Posts: 4
    SONS acura in Jonesboro. We are buying another TL from them this month. Our MDX also was bought from here in Feb.
  • lawducklawduck Posts: 6
    After months of research and slow rolling, I was able to finalize a deal for the TL w Tech for 35,450 + taxes. I was happy with this deal. Also got 0.9% financing for 5 years and a good value on my trade.

    They came out of the gate w $38,750. So my research and persistence paid off.
  • lawducklawduck Posts: 6
    FYI, for those buying now, I think what you need to shoot for is $32K for the standard TL and 35K for the TL w/ Tech. These prices are well below invoice, and right around cost for them, and only possible if you use Acura financing so they get their dealer cash to facilitate it that far below invoice. You could probably push for a little under those numbers but it's not going to happen unless the dealer is really desperate to move the car and it's going to take your best work to get them down to this range already.

    Check out also for average prices paid. The 32K/35K is well below average price paid and below "True Market Value", and is the lowest end of the bell curve. This is just what I've found after researching cars and pricing and soliciting offers from many dealers for about 4 months before I finally walked into the dealership and hammered out the deal I wanted.
  • dibbyddibbyd Posts: 10
    Thought I'd add my recent purchase in case it helps anyone else out. On June 13th, I bought a Basque Red Pearl II 2012 TL SH-AWD Tech for $38,593 (before TTL, fees, etc). It was a cash deal with no trade, and the only thing included in the deal were splash guards installed. Although, after we finished signing the papers, they gave me a certificate for the first oil change free and then we received a letter in the mail with coupons for two free car washes at Mike's. Neither offer was all that special, but they were nice touches nonetheless. The dealer only charged $149 doc fee and the only other things I paid were taxes and $1.25 tire recycling fee. I was not eligible for the loyalty or conquest cash, so figure another $1-2K there if you qualify.

    I will add that I love the car!
  • wiseolemanwiseoleman Posts: 23
    Everyone gets a free oil change coupon and a set of wheel locks.Enjoy the car!!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,111
    Excellent price on a fantastic car! I'm glad you are happy with it. Won't you come join us over on the Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedan board here on Town Hall & share your driving experiences, what if any other cars you checked out...


    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • dibbyddibbyd Posts: 10
    On the contrary, I did not get wheels locks :)
  • There are not a ton of these available, but I do have several if I am willing to drive a while to get there. All the dealers are over TMV. The ones listing within $500 or so of TMV don't really budge, even though they are aware I'm shopping multiple dealers. Is that pretty much expected?

    Also, some of the ones available are factory executive demos, although not titled in Marysville. Do I need to look out particularly from them, or should I expect that if they make it into the CPO program, they were not abused too badly? On Carfax, they're registered as fleet vehicles, and have frequent service records.

  • 4star4star Posts: 2
    I'm buying a base 2012 TL tomorrow. I've been negotiating with three dealers in the Nova/DC area. The offers are $30.3K, $27.9K, & $27.6K all out the door prices. I'm going with the $29.7K because I liked the salesman better then the one for $100 less. This includes the 0% financing and $1K rebate for conquest cash (I have BMW now). You have to finance to get the $1K and provide proof of ownership of a different brand. They July 4th offers are just above $31K out the door, so I am about $1500 below the advertsied july price
  • tkv_01tkv_01 Posts: 20
    Let me guess, it should be pohanka or radley? I bought my 2012 AWD Tech from Radley for 36K today. Enjoy your new ride
  • fly2skyfly2sky Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    bought my brand 2012 tech sh-awd for 36.2k + free oil change + 0.9% financing.

    took me 2 hrs haggle. lol
    just tell them that you are not in a hurry to buy a car and will gladly wait for 2013 models to roll out and see where the depreciation is at for 2012 models. 9 out of 10 times, they will beg you to
    also be very clear what you want! i was getting agitated when they try to sell what i don't want. i don't have a good credit either. so 0.9% promo was great..
  • 4star4star Posts: 2
    oops I had the numbers wrong

    $30.3K, $29.7K, & $29.6K
  • 3brodrig3brodrig Posts: 11
    Which dealership in Columbus did you end up purchasing from?
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    how much are people paying for the 2012 tl tech otd, before the $1000 rebate through acura fiance? Should I wait for the 2013's? I got an offer of $35,250 before tax title and tags and beofe the rebate.
  • I got a "weekend only offer" of 36,500 for a 2012 SH-AWD with Tech, in Northern California. TBH, I forget who it was -- looking for a CPO, and working with a lot of dealers. He wouldn't email me the offer. I think it was from Serramonte, though. Just wanted to provide another data point.
  • m3000m3000 Posts: 1
    Going to pick up my new 2012 SH-AWD Advance Blk/Ebony today in Colorado Springs. Buying process was real straight forward - they beat my best deal by $300. Here are the numbers:

    MSRP: 46,080.00 + ~$500 in accessories = 46,880.00
    Cash price: 39,153.00
    Delivery and handling: 689.00
    State tax: 3,227.20
    Total cash price: 43,069.20 + Filing fees: 27.20 =Total: 43,096.40

    Also got the $1,000 from Acura for financing and already having another TL (my wife's, bought that one 2 weeks ago), so the OTD was 42,096.40.

    Don't have the numbers for my wife's TL in front of me, so I will post those later. That one was also a new TL SH-AWD Advance, White/Ebony.

    Real excited to pick it up!
  • dsm918dsm918 Posts: 3
    Those look like unbelievable prices. Can you post the name of the dealerships?

  • apebcakapebcak Posts: 2
    Last weekend in VA, I paid 35,800 OTD for 2012 TL Tech. Included splash guards, trunk tray, all season mats, wheel locks and 0% financing (dealer was paying down from 0.9%). This price was before the $1,000 loyalty down payment.
  • dwsindydwsindy Posts: 3
    Question regarding Money Factor. When I asked during negotiations what the money factor was I was told .96 and using what I thought I knew .96 /24 = .0004 correct?

    We are very close to finishing this deal and when I get the final numbers we are $23 a month off. The dealer faxed me his work sheet and he takes his money factor and divided by 1000 for a .00096 or 2.3% money. Does that seem correct? That is where we are off on payment. Here is what I have on his work sheet:

    The original msrp including around 4k in accessories was $49359.00

    $42,395 Net cap cost
    $22,730 Residual
    $19,665 Depreciation
    $ 546.25 Depreciation
    $ 62.52 Rent
    $ 42.61 Tax 7%
    $ 651.38 Payment

    What do you think?
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