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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sirkobsirkob Posts: 6
    Just walked out on a deal because i thought they could do better. Here are the Specifics. Located in NYC.
    Getting out of my Toyota Camry 2010 SE V6 Miles on vehicle 21,000 from a 36 month 12,000 per year lease. 3 months left of payments at $329=$987.

    This is what i was offered. Base Acura TL at $429 including tax 36 months 10k miles per year, no money down only first month payment and they pay the last 3 months on my lease. I think they can do better then that, any feedback, suggestions?

    I was looking for a Acura TL Tech Package, but they are quoting me $480 including tax for that model.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
  • Other than the 10k miles why do you think it is a bad.
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    I got a price over the weekend via email for the 2012 acura tl fwd tech for $35,125, before ttl and the $1000 loyalty bonus. The 60 months finance rate is now 1.9. Is this a good deal?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,100're negotiating payments. Not a good way to do that. What are they offering for your car and what do they want to sell their car for? I know this is a lease, but tough to tell if you're getting a good deal or not since there are all sorts of other parameters at play......(i.e. residuals, money buy rate, acquisition/disposition fees, etc).
  • I drove yesterday 2012 Acura TL with Tech package (Tint, Mud guards, Wheel Locks) at 36,115$ (Drive out).It includes 1000$ rebate for loyalty customer with 1.9% on 60 months. Doing all the reserach I could not get a better deal. What do you guys suggest??
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    If that price is out the door $36,115, inc tax, title , tags, the purchase price looks like ~$34k, which looks really good. You should revsit with dealer, becuase I believe acura reinstated 0.9 financing on TL's for 60 months.
  • Thanks Gabby,

    My dealer worked to get my financing to 0.9% yesterday. Thanks for your advice.
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    I was just going to look acura right now. What should I aim for the tl fwd with tech? What was your breakdown?
  • jrod13jrod13 Posts: 18
    edited August 2012
    With the new bonus cash and promotions what should I be targeting for the price of the tl tech not including loyalty or conquest cash or tax, fees, etc.
  • krao1krao1 Posts: 6
    I am in Chicago NW Suburbs area and I am getting $32,500 for Acura TL FWD Base OTD price with everything like Loyalty program etc. Is this a good deal or anybody got a better deal than this ?
  • If this is the Base TL,no awd or electronic package I paid 30,750 in NY on a list of 36,490 back in Feb.36 month 0.9% financing
  • krao1krao1 Posts: 6
    Is your price all inclusive out the door ?
  • hrstl1hrstl1 Posts: 5
    I was offered 31,750 on a base 2012 TL in St Louis in April. This was the price of the car before 200$ doc fee, tax, title etc.
    I passed on it to buy a 2012 pre-owned certified TL, figured I was getting better than new car warranty on that car for a cheaper price.
  • Sorry for the late reply (gone for work for a week). My base price was 33,600$ with the accessories I listed earlier and driving out with TTL it came out to be 36,115$ and with ur recommendation it came with 0.9% APR. Thanks again
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    how funny! picked up my new tl fwd with tech, otd $36,109 with all fees and loyalty bonus. but no accessories except wheel locks.
  • I bought a new 2012 Acura TL FWD Base, OTD at $30,850, Zero % financing for 60 months.
  • That is amazing deal, may I ask where you get it?
  • Back in feb I got the basic 2012 TL for $30,750( MSRP $36,490) ,36 month 0.9% financing at Curry Acura in Scarsdale NY. This late in the model year you should be able to do better.
  • Paid $33,000 for 2012 TL Tech after $1000 loyalty rebate but before TTL in south NJ. Dealer included trunk tray, cargo net, wheel locks and splash guards. Also got 0.9% for 60 months.
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    Please share the name and location of the DC dealership. Thanks a bunch!
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