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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dtso26dtso26 Posts: 2
    you should be able to get below 34 OTD. I am getting range of 33-34 OTD and this is with NYC tax.
  • Just brought home black on white pearl TL with Tech package for $36.5 with 2 oil changes + 2 details + all weather mats. I am from California. Still happy with it :) Thank you guys.
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    Nearly midnight! Happy for you on getting a car you really like.
  • sadams21sadams21 Posts: 3
    edited October 2012
    Just put a deposit down on a 2012 Acura TL base. Got the white with parchment interior. They are upgrading the wheels for me to the 19" FCS-9 chrome look alloy wheels. I'm getting the car for $33,500 +TTL and 2.9% financing. The tire and wheel package is around $3,000 according to Thoughts? Am I getting a decent deal?
  • I got mines with Tech package for $36500 out of the door. Sale price is $33181

    You dont have nav but u have 19" wheels, i think the wheel is $2360. I think it is a very decent deal. I think from Base to Tech Package is $3700. IMO, u can ask for more. Why not go for NAV or get the Diamond cut wheels. Are you in California?
  • Paid $30,750 back in Feb with 36 month 0.9% financing.Considering the 2012 model year is ending soon , you probably could do better.Besides they always overcharge for add-ons.Price those rims elsewhere and see if it's a good deal.
  • Thanks for the input. I'm in Maryland, not California. I was debating whether to go with the nav or not. I was actually more worried about the wheels, because I did not like the base model wheels.
  • I was seeing the wheels I got and the diamond cut wheels for about 1600 without tires on ebay. So maybe around 2400 after tires were purchased. I think I did ok, but you're probably right though, I could have done a bit better. Thanks for your response.
  • Looking at some of these prices reported for the 2012 AWD w/Tech has made me jealous. In the Seattle area, and have been looking/negotiating for a few weeks. Bought the car today for 39455, was 43.7k OTD (9.5% Sales Tax in WA). Every dealer (except the one I bought it from) was in the 44-46k OTD range.
  • Today, got a dealer in DC area down to 33,700 before TTL. Didn't end up taking it.
  • grkmecgrkmec Posts: 12
    Just piced up a 2012 Acura TL AWD TECH. Here is the deal I got:

    MSRP = $43, 880
    Price = $34,990 (includes D&H and conquest cash)
    + fees of
    dealer fee = $399
    Lease fee =$595
    Title = $160
    Tags = $25

    I did a lease of 3yr / 10k miles so my inceptions were fees mentioned, plus taxes plus first month = $2,700 and 35 payments of $371. Purschased from Pohanka in DC area.
  • zscman122zscman122 Posts: 3
    edited October 2012
    Congrats on your car! That is a great deal.

    I was at Pohanka as well, but they were running low on the 2WD TL Techs. Nothing left but ugly whites.

    They tried to get me in the SH-AWD, but I wanted the better gas mileage and the payment was about $75 more on a 12K lease. :(

    I'll post what I end up settling on.
  • Excellent deal! Do you mind sharing which dealer you got this deal from? Thx
  • Hi, I am in Seattle area as well. I got my 2012 AWD w/tech back in March for $40400 before tax (8.6% in Fife). I cannot get any below than that. I am super jealous of the people can get it for less than $37000. Which dealership did you buy yours from?
  • robpacrobpac Posts: 2
    Been following this forum for a few weeks and you were all a huge help! So, to keep sharing, here's what I was able to get last night from a DC area dealer...

    2012 Acura TL 2WD - Tech Package
    MSRP = 40,330
    Price = 33,179
    Loyalty discount = (1,000)
    Freight = 895
    Acquisition = 595
    Doc fee = 195
    Total before tax and title = 33,864

    I feel like I got a good deal and should be picking up the car tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again to the forum!
  • snehsneh Posts: 3
    Are you kidding me? You may have well just grabbed the keys and drove it off the lot. I am extremely jealous. How did you manage to get the price knocked down so much. If I were to walk in and tell the salesman to sell me a 44k MSRP car for 36k OTD, I would probably be ridiculed. Please share your secret. I am looking for a 2013 TL AWD Tech (obviously there would be a higher premium for that since its newer).
  • snehsneh Posts: 3
    You did get a good deal. If your price after tax and tags is significantly less then the MSRP, in which your case it is, then you did amazing. Grats on your new car, I hope you're enjoying it.
  • Choosing between this and a 2012 TSX Tech. (Yes, I posted to each thread.)

    2012 TL Tech: 34,600 + TTL
    2012 TSX Tech: 31,200 + TTL

    Seems like the TL price is "better." Love both cars.
  • Got two offers yesterday on base TLs -- $30,988 and $30,488.

    Great price for that car, IMO.

    (I'm holding out for a Tech/Advance between $31k and $32k.)
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    edited November 2012
    What to jealous? Your driving the car 3/4 year earlier than ... The price you paid was your best price, so just be happy that you got a wonderful car and enjoy it. People buying outgoing year model are losing a year on it. Depreciation of the car is friendlier to you when you bought it than to those buying the same car now.
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