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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • otep89ersotep89ers Posts: 1
  • novellnovell Posts: 26
    The 01 RL was certified no Nav, I am sure I could have talked them down around to $24-25K. i just didnt think it was worth that for a 4 year old car. I disagree with you on your perception on the fit finish. The Accord is outstanding, same as the TL as a matter of fact they are built on the same assembly line and have the exact same paint schemes. Personally the extra $7K wasnt worth the harsher suspension and differences for me. The TL is a great car, just not for me currently. If it would have had a softer suspension, I most would have ponied up.
  • Washington DC area over Memorial Day Weekend for Acura TL 5AT Non-Nav: $31,000 (including destination charge, wheel locks, and trunk tray), plus $100 "dealer processing fee" plus taxes and tags. Cash deal, no trade. Relied heavily on recent posts on Edmunds in negotiating price, and dealer (seeing market) responded immediately. Thanks to the earlier message-posters.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    wow...nice to have the manual ...with all the beefed up goodies...I'll let her know the differnece and deicde which one to opt for...depends on her...she does like a sporty corollas for her....
    OK...Ill take your advice and test drive both before we make a decision...

    good story...LoL...your wife has some good one liners :)

    We got our first kid in 1994 also....

    Have fun in your rocket... !
  • sharpwitzsharpwitz Posts: 30
    When can we start ordering the 2005 TL?
    When ordering a car starting a new year (2005), any chance that a buyer can still negotiate below MSRP?

    Forget DVD-Audio, will 2005 include an MP3 player?

    Is it ridiculous that a Navi system commands so much value? instead of paying an additional $2000, we're all paying $3000 - $3500 more. Might as well buy a plasma tv for your home. Also, at that price you can buy a decent aftermarket Alpine nav with dvd, xm, and mp3 capabilities and get it installed. Is Alpine really the best Navi system out there?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    FWIW, I think I "only" paid about a $300-500 premium over the $2,000 MSRP difference for the Navigation. I doubt I could have done better than $500-$700 over invoice for a 6-speed non-Navi in my color choice.

    I do think there will eventually be more negotiating room on the 2005's, given reports that over 50% of future TL's will be made with Navigation. I'm not sure I saw the particular Alpine system you are referring to, but in general I am wholly unimpressed with the aftermarket nav systems. The ones I've seen have small screens and don't integrate well with the rest of the car's systems. Even the manager at my local Myer Emco store (high end audio / video in the DC area) recommended getting the TL's Nav system, claiming that nothing they sell would be able to match all the features without looking like a tacky add-on. He also claimed that the TL's audio system is the best in any car, period, and that DVD 5.1 audio will be the standard for the future. (Over my head, I'm still trying to get my old 8-tracks tapes copied to cassettes).

    IMO, the TL Nav system is heads and shoulders above the best other systems I've seen. Lexus is a distant second and Mercedes & BMW are two or three rungs down. The full 8" screen on the TL is even a rung up from the MDX and RL systems. In addition, with the Nav system you also have voice activation of the audio and HVAC systems. Not that this is necessary, but it's a nice bonus.

    Clearly, the TL's current technology is one of it's big features. However, as others who have followed my internal debates know, I was hesitant trading "gizmo technology" for pure, unadulterated driving dynamics (especially given that I was trading a no-nonsense Honda S2000, which I really liked). But after test driving a lot of alternatives, I concluded that in order to get substantially better driving dynamics in a car that could fit our family, I would have had to jump to a BMW 545i 6-speed at about $56,000 through European Delivery. That wouldn't have been a bad choice, I-drive and wacky ergonomics notwithstanding, but I never took the S2000 to the race track in 2.5 years, so I think the TL 6-speed was a reasonable and prudent compromise for our family sedan.

    If the TL Nav system isn't worth to you the current premium you would have to pay in your local market, then get one without it or wait for the 2005. I believe the underlying car is a very good one, Nav or not.
  • Looking for Blue Pearl/Quartz int. TL w/o Nav. Been quoted 31,600 (2 different dealers) with the following options (Trunk tray, AW mats, side moulding, door edge guards, wheel locks, mud flaps). Walked out of Rosenthal.

    This still seems a little high. What do you think? Appreciate any help.

    Also regarding the TL vs the Accord posts earlier.If I cant get a good deal on a TL I will get the Accord. I dont think you can beat the value and it is still nice to drive.
  • oidvoidoidvoid Posts: 18
    Can't really help you because I haven't actually started in with the dealers yet. I will be getting to it soon, though, as my current Accord lease is up in July. The Accord has been great, BTW.

    Anyway, I was wondering why you walked out of Rosenthal. It's right around the corner from me, but I certainly would have no problem driving a distance if they were jerks or if there's a better deal.

  • They were pushing me to buy one off the lot and they didn't have my color combination. We haggled over the trade in on my car though I was asking below the Edmunds and KBB trade in value. Said they couldnt get my color combo for a couple of weeks so it was a take it or leave it deal so I left it. I thought they had room in the price and the trade in value. Not in that big of hurry so I walked out. Manager was somewhat cocky, didnt seem that hungry for a deal. The salesman was a new guy, very good, very nice.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Now that I've actually completed my transaction on a 2004 TL, I am willing to provided details and dealer/salesman references by e-mail to those looking for a good deal without BS and willing to go to Pennsylvania. I have made my e-mail public in my profile if you are interested.

    The dealership also sells Mercedes, and I believe they have one incoming AMG SL65 that is unspoken for. Just in case you have about $180k burning a hole in your pocket and think 600+ hp and 600+ ft-lbs is worth it!
  • dhanderdhander Posts: 41
    Sounds like the ole good cop - bad cop and at the beginning of the month on top of that! I will never negotiate a car in person again, just a waste of time. Call and speak to the fleet/internet manager. You can call/email a lot of people from the comfort of your home and not waste all your time. I'm amazed more people haven't caught onto this practice yet.

    Good Luck!
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    If you mark your email public in your profile instead of posting it on the boards, you'll avoid most of the spam harvesters.

    Click on Town Hall Profile to change your email settings; click on a poster's name to view their profile.

    Lee_W, Host
  • acumdacumd Posts: 5
    I have not been able to test drive the manual TL at all ! Every deal I call says that they are in low supply and high demand, and people buy them without test driving them. Is this true ? All you TL 6M owners out there, did you not test drive it before you bought it ?

    How can I get the feel of the car without test driving it. This is an expensive car, so I don't want to buy it without feeling its response.

    Please help !
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    I did. The stick is a little hard to get use to. It took me almost a couple months to become good at it. I drove a CAMARO stick for 5 years and I still had trouble. I killed IT twice in the dealer parking lot trying to drive it out and for a few weeks I would kill it once and a while at a stop light or I would be very jerky when shifting. The trick I eventually found out is to let the clutch out slowly and apply gas before the clutch is all the way out. Know that I'm used to it the car is twice as fast once you get to know how to use the clutch on this particular vehicle.
  • Looking to lease TL04 w/nav system (36 months, 12000 m/y, 0 down). I'm trying to find out how much people in NJ pay/month for these terms? If you lease on other terms, please specify the details. Any information will be very appreciated!
  • uvacarmanuvacarman Posts: 9
    I left a message a while ago, but I know that they get flushed down as time goes by. Towards the end of May, I got a Silver/Quartz leather non-nav TL for $29,900. I got the protection package(all weather floor mats, trunk tray..inlcuded in that.) I did pay a 250 processing fee, but supposedly in VA, we all have to. So, w/ the fee, you should accept around 30,150, but not too much higher. Go to Radly Acura, the internet salesman is great!! In fact, he told me that somebody who read my old post on this forum called him and bought a car. I hope this helps all of you shoppers out there!
  • bulkkbulkk Posts: 1
    Three weeks ago, I negotiated a price on a red, 6sp non-Nav for 31,300. Fairly OK with that price (it included all the extras -- trunk mat, etc., that I wanted.) Was told it might take up to six weeks, but they would look for one in region and it could be just a few weeks. I put down $2K, and left happy.

    Unhappy today - I went and asked to confirm the timeline as I realized they were not finding one on a nearby lot. This is the kicker -- I was told that not only would I have to wait for direct from factory, but they "missed the 6-speed run" on the line, so it WOULD BE THREE MONTHS!

    Should I tell them to stuff it and get my deposit back? I still want the car and they are my nearest dealer (Prestige Acura in Lawrenceville.) I feel a victim of "bait and switch". Hell, the '05's will be out around then. Will they have a higher price? Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    With the the RL's so deeply discounted right now, I must admit I was very close to changing my order a month ago from a TL to an RL to minimize long term depreciation. Of course, this is a bit of an apples and oranges comparison whereby the TL has the gadgets and horsepower vs. the RL's space and luxury ride.

    Right now, my guess is that the average price paid for a TL w/NAV is $33,500 which compares to about $36,500 for the RL. Given a 4 year/60K depretiation, KBB shows a 4 year old TL retails for $17,780 vs. an RL for $22,500. Of course, depreciation on an RL will be more rapid once the new model comes out in the fall. Perhaps the same may be said for the TL as its popularity diminishes in the next few years as competitors introduce new models (i.e. Infinity M35 and M45 come to mind).

    To net it out, the $10,000 in saving in a 2004 RL didn't turn out to be that good of a long-term bargain. So, I choose the TL for the technology and more sporty ride.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 51
    I've been quoted $33,600 drive out for non-nav TL which is approximately $31,100 + TTL + Miscellaneous Fees. It's extremely difficult to get it at invoice price and the price you quoted is below invoice. Does anybody have similar deals in the HOUSTON area? If so, please reply. Thanks.
  • zoom79zoom79 Posts: 1
    This message is for bulkk1589-- Had the same problem with that dealership. Im only 0.0 miles from them. Would not give me any price quote, so off I went to Davis Acura, Langhore, Pa -- they treat you like royalty-- Picked up my new TL May 01... Its been heaven ever since..
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