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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rnlrnl Posts: 1
    Hi aahwang! Although I've never posted here before,I've lurked here for several days and saw your post. I'm interested in a 2004 TL w/o navi. but don't have any experience in negotiate to get the best deals. Can you tell me the price you paid for your TL? My email is thank you T
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    You only get free oil changes if you buy their 7500, 15000, 22500, etc service packages.

    A plain oil and lube and tire rotation (at 7500 miles) is a lot less than their $100+ 7500 mile package deal.

    Basically their free oil change for life is not worth the paper it's printed on.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Dealers always charge more for their services, esp. on luxury makes. Where do you bring your Acura for services? Just local mechanics?
  • I have been actively looking for TL auto with either nav and no navi. I have the same problems as you guys have about the supple/demand in Orange and LA counties. Last week, Cerritos Acura told me that they have 3 TL's with navi and they just wanted to discount few hundred from MSRP. I think I would wait for '05 because I rather pay few hundred or even 1K more to get 1 year newer car. I have heard that Acura will build 50% of '05TL with navi. Probably in few more months, when '05 comes out, TL will not be as hard to find as now. I also think to buy Lexus RX330 instead. My friend got one at 34K (about 5K below sticker). I have '99 TL with 92K miles and I plan to sell it. Probably the best I can sell is about 12000 in which, I lost about 60% in 5 years. I'm surprised that TL has really low resale value compared to Lexus and Honda.
  • chookalishchookalish Posts: 14
    I've got a bad experience with a salesman in SoCal I had to share here.
    Last week, I called the Covina dealership and spoke with a salesman; I told him the prices I was down to negotiating with other dealers in the area- he then told me "You got a good deal." Then he literally hung up on me.
    I can deal with that fine- the price was a good deal, they don't want my business.
    Then last night, the same sales guy at Covina has the audacity to call me and left a voice mail for me that he "spoke to his manager and they can match the price I spoke about last week."
    Obviously, I will not be purchasing my car from Covina.
  • jrkellyjrkelly Posts: 21
    That's exactly what happened to me here in DFW. The guy at Vandergriff wouldn't budge on the price or match the price of the other dealership. So the next day I went to Mac Churchill to purchase my TL for $600 over invoice. The salesman from Vandergriff called me on my cellphone while we were at the other dealership buying our car. Miracoulsy, he was able to drop his price down to meet the dealership I was at. I told him that I didn't appreciate his salesman song and dance routine and then I hung up on him!
  • compcomp Posts: 43
    Kentucky huh. That is interesting because I am now negotiating with a dealer in KY for a TL with Navigation. We're down to $33,500 with no fees. I am waiting for him to value my trade. If it all works out I should have exactly the color I want in mid to late August. If it doesn't work out I will hold on to what I have and see what next year brings. Enjoy your TL, from a brief test drive I was very impressed.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    "Dealers always charge more for their services, esp. on luxury makes. Where do you bring your Acura for services? Just local mechanics?"

    No, I always bring my car to the dealer for service, but instead of getting the $100+ 7500 mile service, I get an oil and lube, and tire rotation. Costs about $46
  • primaxxprimaxx Posts: 3
    just recently purchased my 2004 Acura TL with navigation w/ protection package, splash guards, trunk tray, and wheel locks for $37,400 out the door (including tax, fees, and license) from Keyes Acura in Van Nuys, CA.

    No other dealership could match or beat the offer except Cerritos Acura, but Keyes is closer to where I am. Should note that this was an all cash purchase, so this influenced the final price.

    Sales and staff at Keyes Acura are superb: friendly, very knowledgable, and easy to deal with. I understood why they were the #1 West Coast Acura dealer for 4 years straight!!!
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    What about 15Kx miles $300+ service? Do you then use dealer's at that time?
  • tcltcl Posts: 42
    Is that make your price somewhere $ 1000 over invoice before T&L?
    Are your purchase thru the internet manager or just walk in. I would appreciate your information. I am surprised why So Cal price still so high, there are more than 10 Acura dealers with in a 100 miles drive. I hope price will get better when the 2005 model coming out.
  • primaxxprimaxx Posts: 3
    if you base it on's invoice price with navigation, it's about $1780 more than invoice. but probably saved about $200+ extra with the dealer installed options that came with it (protection package, splash guards, wheel locks, and trunk tray). i first contacted the internet manager, then did a walk in. salespeople at Keyes are great!

    TL in SoCal is in very high demand (esp. if you want a popular color and navi) and dealerships are now selling the TL's before they even arrive. 2004 models probably won't discount that much when the 05's come out because there's no major change done to it....if anything, acura has a tendency to do changes on the headlights, from what the dealer told me.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    "What about 15Kx miles $300+ service? Do you then use dealer's at that time? "

    I always take my car to the dealer for service, but I NEVER get their 7.5k, 15k, 22.5k, 30k etc "package deals"
  • cpa4ucpa4u Posts: 136
    From what I've read other places, there is at least 1 of the 2 Ky dealers that might deal on a given day. The guy that I spoke with in Lexington seemed like a really nice guy. He just had pinstripes, protection package and a few other things already on the car that he wanted to get all the $$$ for. I didn't want any of that and didn't want to pay for it. Good luck. Hope it works out.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    'I always take my car to the dealer for service, but I NEVER get their 7.5k, 15k, 22.5k, 30k etc "package deals"'

    How do you get the service contents of a 30K service w/o using the package? You got your own bill of service and that's added up to be less $$ than the packaged deal?
  • wypcwypc Posts: 6
    jrkelly and ltagg1,

    I'm currently also living in DFW. We don't have so many Acura dealers nearby, and from your messages, Vandergriff seems not so friendly compared with Mac Churchill. Have you tried Goodson and David, too?
  • wypcwypc Posts: 6
    I will soon move to San Diego, CA. From the helpful information posted here, it seems in South CA the price of TL is pretty high. Is it applied to San Diego, too?
    I also have a question about buying car outside residency state. Since many guys here, especially those from middlewest or northeast areas, bought cars across states, could you please give me some hints about the policy of tax, registration fee, etc.? Thanks a lot.
  • ltagg1ltagg1 Posts: 7
    jrkelly: I too have been negotiating with Mac Churchill Acura in Ft. Worth. In my case on a NBP/Parch Auto w/Navi...just curious what your deal ($600 over invoice) was for, ie auto or manual, navi or non navi, etc. and what date did you buy it. If you wouldn't mind, could you also e-mail me and tell me the salesman's name you dealt with ( Thanks!
  • pete419pete419 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the very useful information for So. Cal., primaxx. So just to summarize, your deal seems to be $33,900 as the negotiated price for the TL Auto w/ nav, including all the dealer options you mentioned, plus $3,500 T&L and other fees. That's the best recent price I've seen for So. Cal. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your new TL.

    I'm also glad to hear the good things about Keyes in Van Nuys. I've been in contact with them--plus about a dozen other dealers in the area. Trouble is, the color combo I want--anthracite w/ camel--just doesn't seem to be available anywhere. Maybe with the new group of cars arriving in September . . .

    Just one question: You indicated you paid cash and implied it helped you get a better deal. Is that the case? I was under the opposite impression--that dealerships prefer it if you go with their in-house financing. So although I intend to pay cash as well, I wasn't going to mention it until the price was agreed on. Would you suggest otherwise?
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