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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    I think pricing is a local supply / demand situation. Dealers in the DC area were unwilling to deal much on ANY navigation equiped model back in April. However, by buying out of state at a small dealership that was willing to order a car specifically for me, they didn't care which one it was, auto or 6-speed, nav or not. By the way, I recommend getting the HPT upgraded tire package if you go with the 6-speed (not available on the automatic). Combined with the Brembo brakes and stiffer suspension, it is a noticably tighter handling car than the automatic, IMO.


    I forgot to mention that after a recent oil change, my Acura service manager congratulated me on getting the 6-speed. He had a Legend GS 6-speed which he recently passed down to his daughter. 225,000 miles and counting on the original clutch. He advises friends and family against Acura automatics, based upon the recent hisory and continued uncertainty as to whther they have really fixed the problems (he has already had one transmission failure of an early 2004 TL). In his words, the 6-speeds are "bulletproof" transmissions, not to mention a hell of lot more fun to drive.
  • Got a firm quote today of $32,800 for a 6MT with Nav (Anthracite/Ebony). Needless to say, unless they really try to lowball my trade, they've got a deal! The next best quote was about $33,500.
  • pikachupikachu Posts: 6
    how much over invoice is this, is this worth buying since it's approx 2.5k under MSRP, maybe an 05 with 1k discount in december is a better deal.
  • tracyktracyk Posts: 1
    When you mentioned TTL, was that 33,000 for the Acura and then you paid an additional price for your TTL? Were you charged any type of admin fee? I have heard that dealers will give you a price, then tacked on an admin fee and whatever else.
    I have also been looking in the Chicago area.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    you guys are right....the A-spec is not really that useful of a package...

    I read in Car & Driver that it only improves the handling by a miniscule amount...from 0.89 to 0.90g . There is no engine mods...and the car kinda rides bumpy and firm. God forbid if you are in the rear seats on a long trip. My mother in law almost threw up ( hey, so the A-spec IS useful, eh ? :) ). joking.

    I think it is a profit vehicle only. we got it cause the price was right, and there was no wait, and it was what my wife wanted....

    It does look nice...
  • Invoice is $32,120 so my quote was exactly $700 over invoice. I actually ended up going with the hometown dealership (Baierl, Wexford PA) at a price of $33,600. They gave me almost $1000 more for my trade than anyone else offered. On a side note, I got an email this morning with a quote of $32,650, so the prices are definitely starting to drift towards invoice.
  • I live in the Philadelphia area and am looking at a TL. Just curious whether you received quotes from any dealers in the Philly area?
  • rsr152rsr152 Posts: 9
    pyranhamd, can you tell what dealer it was who quoted 32650 for a 6MT w/ Nav? Thanks in advance.
  • hubertyhuberty Posts: 4
    I am hoping to get more info about 2005 TL, specifically, any idea about the likely improvements and the availability date.

  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,362
    I agree that the ride in the back is kinda stiff for long drives. Especially true with the A-spec edition. However, it is not bone jarring, and can be gotten used to .

    When we drove motherinlaw down to San Jose hospital, she got sick. Upon leaving, we switched cars, so my sister in law drove our new TL back to Sunnyvale, and we drove the in laws back in the 525i...which had a much smoother, softer ride. But no way am I going to trade the TL for a bimmer. The tech and convenience is just way much better in the TL, IMO.
  • The closes out your way was Apple Acura in York. Their initial quote was $33,620.
  • Lindsay Acura in Columbus OH was the one that quoted $32,650. Acura of Cleveland was the other sub 33 quote at $32,820. Hope this helps.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    It's not the ride quality my wife and kids are complaining about, it's the seating design/comfort.

    In the case of the rear seats, the headrests are so poorly designed for shorter adults / kids that they push their head forward away from the seat back (even when the headrests are set back as far as possible). I've removed them altogether.

    In the case of the passenger seat, my wife is 5'1" and, again, the headrest catches the upper portion of her head and can't be pushed far enough back to have her upper back and neck comfortably resting in the seat.

    In my case, my back and upper legs become uncomfortable in the drivers seat after 1-2 hours. My Honda S2000 seats(made by Recaro) were far more comfortable to me, so it has nothing to do with the stiffness of the suspension. For all of the convenient gizmo's and do-dads, and general quality of engineering offered by Acura, the seats are a significant weak point, in my opinion. I'd rank the TL seats well behind the BMW 3 series & 5 series (especially their "sport seats"), as well as Volvo, Audi, and Mercedes (multi-contour). I was looking forward to an improvement over my 10 year old Nissan Maxima, but I don't think there is one.

    P.S. To this day, other than the S2000, the most comfortable drivers seat I've owned was in my 1984 Toyota Supra. No power, no memory, not even leather. Just extremely supportive and well designed.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    **On the "strong $18's" being a good resale value for a 2002 TL, I'm not sure I agree.**

               Thats a wholesale/auction price .. most dealers and/or private sellers will see the strong $20/$21ish figure down Retail Rd, not bad for a vehicle that sold new for the $27ish range and dealers will pay the super strong $8's for a 99 TL with 80k and sell them all day long for the strong $10/$11 range .... so what price glory.?

                  **The 6-speed only M5 has one of the highest resale values of any premium sedan out there** .... very true, it's stronger than the 101st Airborne in a fire fight .. that being said, it's a very well made, low production vehicle for it's market, it's a "niche" vehicle and thats a "niche" market .. depending on the area and the time of the year a M5 is a vehicle that most dealers in DC/NE area of the country will avoid til' spring, same goes for the 540's ...

                     See it's not the vehicles, it's the market and 80/90% of the market doesn't want the El Manual's and the ones that prefer it for the long run do fine .. but what happens is 10/20 months down the road they get traded "early and often" from the ones that "thought" they wanted one - thats the difference .......... ;) ... of course the market gets loaded-up and dealers are lookin' down the barrel of a large used unwanted inventory of expensive handshakers, and the "pure" driver takes the beating ....

  • Received a quote of $33k even for an 04 TL anthracite/ebony AT w/ NAVI. Dealer is also throwing in: oil change for life, VA inspection for life, floor mats, wheel locks, loaner cars for service waits over 2 hrs. How's that deal compare to what others have received / heard of? I'm a bit skeptical since the 05's are coming out shortly.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    That's pretty good, considering it's a Virginia (DC area?) dealer. I got the anthracite/ebony 6-speed w/ HPT for $33.3k, but had to go out of state in May. As far as waiting for the 2005, that may make sense, if you plan on selling /trading in less that 4-5 years. You shouldn't have to pay too much more for a 2005 and you will have a one year newer car come trade in.

    The other "goodies" are nice, but I wouldn't put a big value on them. And floor mats are standard.
  • Received a quote of $33k even for an 04 TL anthracite/ebony AT w/ NAVI. Dealer is also throwing in: oil change for life, VA inspection for life, floor mats, wheel locks, loaner cars for service waits over 2 hrs. How's that deal compare to what others have received / heard of? I'm a bit skeptical since the 05's are coming out shortly.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    It's not "free oil changes for life". You have to buy their service packages (which are a fortune) to get the "free" oil changes.
  •'s really free oil changes. I have to bring it to that specific dealer but it doesn't cost me any extra for any service package.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Does the free oil changes only apply to the oil changes between every 7.5K miles (like 3.5K)? You'd still have to pay full prices for the 7.5Kx services right?
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