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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm picking up an o4 TL with Nav today. Paid $32,900 for it...$755 above invoice...5 miles on it. I'm a consultant and never know where I'm going to be working so the Nav was an important feature for me. The thing with 2005...even the dealers don't know what the price will be yet. The only change from the 04 is that it will include On least this is what I'm being told. I did a lot of research and made a lot of phone calls before making my decision of where to purchase. I loved the post about using Nav to avoid congested traffic. I live in the Boston area where terrible traffic is the norm. I never thought about that use for Nav so, I really appreciate that post. I also love the idea that home is just a voice command away, no matter where you are. No more getting lost!
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    So this dealer just told you on the phone that you can have it for $32,9K w/o checking what other quotes you got?

    "I loved the post about using Nav to avoid congested traffic."

    Are you sure this is avail. on TL?
  • I purchased an 04 TL with Navi and automatic yesterday for 32,500. I agree with the previous posting that said to check all the dealers in your area. After leaving one dealership on Friday because they would not meet my price, I went home and sent an e-mail to all the other dealers on the Chicagoland area (Acura's web site provides the links). I told them exactly what I wanted and my final price. Several responded that I would never find the car at that price, but at least one dealer (Arlington Acura) was willing to sell if I came in the next day (Saturday). I bought the car and absolutely love it. I highly recommend Arlington Acura as well.
  • I bought a TL w/o Navi yesterday for $30,650 +TTL in the Philadelphia area. This included mud guards and wheel locks. I had placed a deposit on it a week ago since they had to locate the car. I did not have a trade and did not Finance through the dealership therefore they made no money in these areas where they often make a lot. Between the time I placed a deposit and the time I picked up the vehicle (one week) I received a call from a couple other dealerships. I got the distinct impression they were starting to deal the cars (perhaps there is a hidden dealer incentive). If the dealer has the car on the lot, I would bet you can get it for $200 or less over invoice. There seems to be a awful lot of cars in dealer inventories for mid-September. Good Luck to everyone.
  • olegoleg Posts: 12
    I just ordered 05 with nav. and pay invoise+1000$.I think it is good deal.
  • I bought TL without Navi for $30,300 which is invoice price. Including tax ans other fee, total price was $32,450. This forum helped me a lot. Thank you guys.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 55
    I was quoted $33,575 drive out on a 2004 non-navi auto TL in the Houston area and I thought that was a pretty decent deal. I guess not after reading your post. What is your tax rate? In Texas, it's 6.25%.
  • tcltcl Posts: 42
    Which dealer you used, there are in the range of twenty Acura dealers within 100 miles +- in the Los Angeles area. I think there should be more room for the car after one year in the market. I will appreciate any buying experience. Do you know is there any color change for 05 ? I was told I cannot order the book until after th 16th.
  • Buying a 2004 Silver/Black Leather AT with Navigation for $32,500. Picking it up this weekend. The dealer is in NY City. That's $355 over invoice.

    I was told price increase for 2005 is 1.5%, which would be $600. I'm probably saving $1000-$2000 over a 2005 or so I would guess. That's enough for me, there's virtually no change in equipment.
  • olegoleg Posts: 12
    I used "Firstacura" in MA. I know another in RI he has the same price
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Yours sounds like the best deal I've heard so far for the NYC area. Which dealer did you use? I think there is only one or two Acura dealers in Manhattan and may be six to seven in Brooklyn and Queens combined?
  • njaynjay Posts: 1
    Anybody have a recent price paid for a 04TL w/ Navi auto in the SF Bay Area.. best I've gotten is 34K- Was told by dealer that they can't give east coast prices.
  • 2005 pricing was posted on the Acura website today. Net price increase is only $275. I'm wondering if the $32500 price that I'm getting from Paragon Acura in NY is really such a great deal after all. Considering that the new list price of the car is approx $35,500 and that dealers won't be so eager to discount the 2005's that much, my guess is that I'm only saving $1000 (I would wager that you can buy the 2005 for $2K off sticker even early in the model year). That's probably worth it for me since I plan on keeping the car for at least five years. If I trade it may hurt me to the tune of $3K or so, but I'm saving $1000 now, so it's not exactly high finance. I'm pretty sick of waiting at this point and they have the car with the color and equipment that I wanted.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
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  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Too bad you want two TL's. If you only needed one, I was going to offer to get you a 2005 at $1,000 over invoice at my dealer in PA and drive it halfway to Mrytle Beach or Hilton Head. In exchange, you could pick up a GX470 for me in Florida at $2,000 over invoice and meet me for a swap and round of golf. I could probably get a buddy to drive the second one down, but you'd need to bring the forth along to drive them back to Florida.

    It is interesting how certain vehicles have significantly different market values depending upon geography. Florida and California have the lowest prices on GX470's; PA and Ohio have the cheapest prices on TL's.
  • "Florida and California have the lowest prices on GX470's; PA and Ohio have the cheapest prices on TL's."

    Hey, Habitat1! Any idea where the cheapest prices on new RL's?
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Done. Goodluck on your search.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Good question. I got my TL in Pennsylvania for $1,000 over invoice back in May when all the dealers in the DC area were quoting me MSRP or near MSRP. The car had to be ordered - 6 speed Nav with HPT package in only one color choice - and they still went out of their way to trade their incoming allocation to get exactly the one I want. That suggests to me that they would also bargain on an RL.
  • I just got an internet price quote for a 6MT non/navi for $32,445 plus TTL. The TMV price for my area lists it closer to $31,500. I replied back to the dealer (Ferman in Tampa) and asked if they'd be more competive and mentioned the TMV price I found. I haven't heard back from anyone yet. Basically the price they gave me was only $750 off MSRP!! Not that great. What did you pay and which dealer did you go to? Does the $32,445 quote sound like a decent deal to you?
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