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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Calif. Dec 26, 03.

    Popular option pac with leather, keyless, pwr seats, alloy wheels. Also floor/trunk mats. $23,200.

    Document fee was $45. Registration was just a small transfer fee but dealer did tag on a smog certifications fee of $58. OTD $25,004.

    Internet quote of $24,800 for a New 03 (with above options) attracted us to the dealership. The used one just worked out best for us.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Some of you might be interested in the discussion at this link: Toyota Advertising Fees
  • I have been looking in the Memphis area for an Avalon since he first of December. Even though we have three dealers I can't seem to find a car with the exterior color of Stratosphere Mica and the interior color of Ivory. I options I want are vehicle skid control, leather, and moonroof. The dealers here have not been getting Avalons shipped to them. Most of them don't have any allocated to the dealer in the next month. Has anyone else had the same problem?
  • Just bought an XLS last night. Got the Premium Luxury package (no heated seats), Sun Roof, Mats, And IW(Intermitent wipers).

    I paid $28,800.
    Dealer fees $495.00 + tax, tag ($225).

    Total out the door all included (Tax, tax etc...) was $31,000 and change.

    How did I do??
    Also I am curious what are dealer fees in other dealerships.

    David (
  • epmusaepmusa Posts: 7
    Got XL model w/ Premium package last 06/07/04. MSRP $28,888 and dealer's invoice for $26,040. Negoitated price for $25,750 plus tx & lic.

    Out the door total cost $28,497.52
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    I've gotten a quote for $29,999 for an XLS which includes base price, destination charge, sunroof, premium package with heated seats, and the preferred accessory. Does this sound like a good price?
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,059
    It seems you have a hard time trying to make up your mind between the XLS and the ES330. Both cars are bullet proof so it boils down to personal taste. On this thread most will probably convince you to buy the XLS.

    The $30,000 price quote seems high, in the Boston area you could do much better. Good luck with your purchase and welcome to the Avalon family.
  • seabushseabush Posts: 68
    The MSRP on the car is $33,863. The invoice is $29,745. There aren't any rebates currently underway with this car. You think two hundred over invoice is too much?
  • bubbaboybubbaboy Posts: 7
    Classic Toyota Tyler Texas, I purchased an Avalon XLS before it arrived a the dealer. I paid dealer invoice + $150. I could choose any Avalon on the lot, one on its way, or build one, my choice, $150 over dealer invoice. The port installed options often have MSRP much higher than dealer cost, while factory options are 10-20% higher than dealer cost. Therefore, options that don't cost the dealer a lot can run up the MSRP, giving the illusion of "big discounts" on the final deal. I like the deal when you can pay a set fee in relation to dealer invoice, and add any options at dealer invoice. The dealer makes extra profit through "holdbacks" and fees. Don't believe that they are only making a couple of hundred $$. If needed, bluff, walk out, etc. until you get a clear understanding of how they are going to price all the cars you are considering. Just have the stones to get the info you want, walk if you don't. My dealer in Tyler was great to work with, no pressure. They did let me walk out the door, wife in hand, when an offer I made was rejected. Had to sleep on the couch that night, but went back a few days later and made the deal, same salesman, different Avalon. Warning: Have an understanding with your wife when it comes to dealing, or drop her off at the mall, then make the deal.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 160
    Are we all waiting for the new MY'06 Avalon bowing in early 2005? I'd think now that the word is out, the remaining '04s should be going for huge discounts, no?
  • mastromastro Posts: 39
    I've been narrowing a purchase decision and was considering a Camry V6 SE or XLE, along with an Avalon. I came across a number of posts on this site (not this forum) regarding a tranny and/or hesitation issue that impacts a number of Toyota and Lexus models with 5 speed automatics (see links below).

    Due to this, I've ruled out the Camry for now. Have any new Avalon owners experienced any of this hesitation issue? Thanks.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    This discussion only covers Prices Paid & Buying Experiences of the Avalon. If you want to talk about owners of the Avalon and issues they might be having, please ask in the Toyota Avalon Owners: Problems & Solutions and Toyota Avalon 2005+ discussions.

    Once in these discussions you can also use the 'Search this Discussion' box in the upper right above the messages. That will help you find other posts on the issue.
  • I have sent in offer over internet for Avalon xls only options I want is VSC and Floor mats. I am offering $30,000.00. We'll see what they say.
  • Just ordered the Limited fully loaded, nav, keyless start, traction control and mats. $34,600 plus tax. Should be about $1,000 over invoice but the other dealer in the area would not budge off of MSRP.
  • lntlnt Posts: 188
    I purchased a '05' Limited Cassis Pearl from internet salesman at Toyota of Richardson (Texas)
    for 34,050.00. I wanted vehicle stability control, but traded in a 2000 Avalon that didn't have it, so maybe I won't miss it. I didn't know until I started to trade my 2000 off that it didn't have the vehicle stability control! All these years I thought I was so safe! My 98 avalon had it, so I just assumed it was standard. WRONG! Anyway, I hope I got a good deal. I didn't get the dynamic laser cruise or remote start, but it has everything else.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    That is a very good price. Does it include the TDA? I've ordered (preferenced, actually; I know the salesman and they're not requiring a deposit) a Limited with Nav/VSC/keyless start/laser cruise/mats/locking lugs for $35,800. This amounts to exactly $2000 over the invoice (which includes 2.1% TDA fee for Mid-Atlantic region). They're also knocking $300 off their dealer processing fee, so you could say I'm paying $1700 over invoice if you assume a regular processing fee of $399.
    Doing some quick figures, I calculated invoice price for your Limited (including the TDA) of $33,261 , so at $34,600 you're paying $1,339 over invoice. Assuming you're paying a $399 processing fee, we're pretty close overall. I also located a Toyota Extra Care Platinum 7 year/100K/$0 deductible warranty for $985.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Stability control was not offered on the 1998 Avalon, your Avalon most likely had TRAC, which is traction control, and an entirely different animal from Stability Control (VSC).

  • I negotiated that price including the fees which include a $299 doc fee. There was no mention of the the TDA. If there is an additional fee then I will be surprised as we were very specific about the doc fee. My question would be:
    Is the TDA typically part of the invoice price?
    Is there a TDA on the Left Coast?
  • dalcollidalcolli Posts: 23
    I have just ordered the 2005 Avalon Limited in Indigo Ink Pearl with Graphite/Dark Wood interior, Option Package C (Nav, laser cruise control, VSC), remote start and carpet mats. My total is $34,192, including everything except tax. The list is $37,928, so that would make it $3,736 below MSRP.

    It should arrive in about 45 days.
  • mol_sonmol_son Posts: 4
    I would like to buy Avalon 2005. Could anybody give me advice about dealer in New-York who have a good prices or can make a good discount. Thank you!
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