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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • without dragging out the paperwork, to the best of my recollection my deal was something like this...

    Sticker price was 33,300 or 33,200 ( not sure )
    trade in for 15 y.o. olds was 1K
    downpayment of 5k
    add back in whatever tax, title and license is?
    add in approx. 1500 for extended warranty cost
    I financed 26,800..
    I can only assume that in the previous post that I was not including the downpayment or trade it or what it cost me to add in the extended warranty, since the warranty wasn't part of the cars cost, but rather something I added. Hope this clarifies it. Didnt mean to mislead.
  • Hate to admit it, but I haven't found a dealer that will beat a 3% > invoice price. What am I doing wrong (besides poor negot!). We want the Bliz Pearl, VSC, and mats,and they seem to command too many $$$. I'll travel a bit from Middle TN to save some $$'s if anyone can point me in the right direction. Appreciate the help. I'll check some of the dealers listed here, which is a great place to start.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    carhop57: Go to get a list of dealers within the milege you're willing to drive---will take a bit of emailing to the internet manager--but--I'm sure you'll eventually get yoour deal. remember, there's a 3% Holdback on the MSRP--so don't feel bad for the dealer--he makes money even at invoice! Good luck!
  • gwsgws Posts: 67
    I am a Canadian. In September 2006 I obtained by email two quotes from Phoenix dealers. Each was a few dollars over $30K for a 2007 XLS with premium audio, VSC & Trac package, extra mats, wheel locks and fender flaps - MSRP of $33374. When I began final negotiations after going to Phoenix, it became clear that the dealers were not willing to proceed - they said their franchise agreement with Toyota prevented selling for export. I called Toyota and was told they had no such policy, and that I could get from them a needed confirmation of 'no recalls' to satisfy US Customs. Back to the dealers - same story. I checked several other dealers who confirmed that Toyota said, 'No sale' to exports. One dealer agreed to discuss the runaround with Toyota regional rep, following which I had a call from Toyota Product Admin manager. He said Toyota does not 'endorse' sale for export, but was very evasive when asked what if a dealer did it.
    I did find a dealer who was prepared to sell to me, but well above the $30K mark, and insisted that I pay AZ tax in addition, although the car would not have been registered in that State.
  • gwsgws Posts: 67
    To clarify... I made clear in September my intent to export, so believe the Toyota veto may have come later.
  • I am in the market for a 2007 Ltd. and would like to hear about any good deals made in the Houston or South Texas area.
  • MSRP $27,894
    Invoice $25,539
    My price $24,912 which is $627 below invoice, but I had to pay the bs document fee of $279, so that would make it $348 below invoice, depending on how you look at it.

    Car $24,912.45
    Business tax 92.77
    Document 279.00
    State Sales tax 1630.28
    Local Sales tax 80.00
    Temporarty tag 5.50
    State License 20.50
    Total 27,020.50
  • avadocavadoc Posts: 5
    2007 Avalon Touring with VSC, Sunroof, 6 disc -not JBL-
    Purchase price $28,370
    Full OTD-all fees and taxes included-:$30,600

    Always alot cheaper -thousands- to buy near a major city. I bought mine in Chicago. Remember supply and demand is a major factor in the price.

    I used internet to solicit bids from 20 dealers in my state. -go to the toyota website to find dealer list-

    I kept a couple 'out of the loop', I walked into one and the dealer beat my lowest internet quote by another $300.

    Volume dealerhips are your best chance for below invoice deals especially near the end of the month when the dealer is just 1 or 2 cars away from recieving a rather large bonus for selling X amount of cars.

    I decided on the Touring model becaue it it is rather well equipped even in its base form. It does ride firmer.

    Only 3 miles on odometer. Don't buy a new car that has been beaten with a couple of hundred miles on the odometer. The avalon owners manual does mention a break-in period of a few hundred miles.

    Dealer experience was great.
  • Local Toyota dealership has a 06 Avalon Ltd with everything except NAV with 26K miles they'll sell me uncertified for $26,900. Certified is $27,500. Is this a good price? One weird thing is the car has no owners manual.
  • Ended up buying an 06 Avalon XLS with NAV, VSC, JBL pkg, 16K miles for $25,900.00. A good deal? I think so.
  • skb123skb123 Posts: 13
    Avadoc, Congratulations on buying a new car. Will you please post the dealership name and the MSRP of your Avalon? Thanks
  • I purchased my Avy XLS from Crown toyota in Ontario and got, what I would consider a pretty good deal. 27.7 before tax licence with jbl synthes sys and remote starter otd price was 29.4. They are selling XL Avy's on ad this weekend for 23,695. So if anyone has been looking, this seems to be a good deal.

    Only reservation I had dealing with them is, they suck in terms of customer service! Not rude but just not knowledgeable. If you place customer service high on your list, I wouldn't reccomend, however, if your going in to get a car at a certain price and don't care about what they have to say, they can't be beat on their Avy's because they have them on ad quite a bit. So I am passing this along if anyone has been looking. :)
  • MSRP W/O options: $29125
    6-disc: $200
    Sunroof: $910 -sunroof is a worthless item-
    VSC: $1090.0
    Floor Mats: $199

    Delivery Fee: $580.00

    The sticker shows MSRP TOTAL: $32,104

    The second lowest price I got from Schaumberg Toyota.

    I purchased in Chicago -leaves only a few for your own due dilligence-

    Good luck.
  • gws,

    I ran into similar unwillingness from dealers south of the border.

    Probably would be solved by getting a temporary US address and a US bank account, in a different state to avoid paying local taxes.

    A definite inconvenience, but could save you several thousand for the same car, or allow you to get a Limited not available in Canada.

    How come you were looking for a 2007 XLS, how is your 2005 XLS doing?
  • I didn't pick a Limited, as any specific replacement parts needed might involve long waits for Canadian delivery. My 2005 XLS has only about 16,000 KM and is going to a family member (whose 2002 low-KM Camry goes to another family member). We play musical cars in this gene pool. I have not had to trade in or sell in the market any of my gently used vehicles since 1974 - there's always a relative in line and in need.
    The 2005 Avalon is an excellent car, one of the five Toyota/Lexus vehicles I have driven exclusively for the past 26 years. I considered the Lexus LS460 to replace my 1998 GS400, but decided the Avalon is better value. I was interested to learn that the 2005 Avalon 3.5 litre highway fuel consumption is very nearly the equal of that 2002 4-cylinder Camry - each well-loaded at 75 mph over 2500 KM of interstate driving.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    Here are some numbers for anyone in the metro Atlanta area:

    2007 Limited w/Nav, the Toyoguard package and floor/trunk mats. List was $37,550., paid $34k even plus local taxes and title fees. No trade-in. Obviously, that's a discount of $3750 from list.

    You can probably do a little better, but this dealer, Marietta Toyota, is the one that has done all my service ('99 and '03 Avalons) and is closest to my house. Negotiation is a pain as the sales department tries to intimidate the customer, using every offensive tactic you read here on these boards. But you only see them once. The service department, seen regularly, is really what's important and they have been very good with quality work and fair prices.

    Good luck in the search....... :)
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    Make that a $3550. $34k even... ;)
  • saversaver Posts: 4
    talk to john mason sales manager at prestige toyota in billings montana. i just purchased a rav4 there and brought it back to alberta with no problems you should be able to save big time . montana has no sales tax. saver
  • wbb56wbb56 Posts: 38
    The invoice for the Avalon I want (Limited w/Nav, Stability, Dynamic Cruise, XM) is 33,000. I plan to offer $34250 + $625 destination. Is this a reasonable offer?

  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    wbb56: Remember, the dealer gets a 3% Holdback on the vehicles MSRP. So on a vehicle with an MSRP of $30K he automatically makes $900 even if he sold it to you at invoice. Best way to figure if your offer is a good one--first take 3% of the MSRP and then subtract the invoice price from what he'll sell you the vehicle for. Example: MSRP $38500 times .03%= $1,155. Say he'll sell the car to you for $35K--the invoice is $33K----he just made $2K plus the $1,155--not to bad for the dealer!! Work the figures backward from the 3% Holdback and then see if you have a "sweet" deal or not. Work as many dealers as possible against each other. Good luck!
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