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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My Mom bought in April, Limited with everything but headrest DVD, sticker was $41,6XX. She paid $38,000 even OUT THE DOOR. That was in mid April. Market has changed DRASTICALLY. Deal with them on an out the door basis. Offer what you are comfortable with out the door (OTD). You can back figure taxes and fees. Moms car was discounted over $6,000 off of window. Edmunds, at the time said, around $37,750 plus TT&L. She loves the car.

    I would offer $29,000 OTD, NO MORE THAN $31,000 OTD. Also tell them you want the top of the line Toyota warranty throw in at what ever price you choose. Just my opinion, I have not been keeping up with prices.
  • I just bought a 2009 XLS, window sticker $34,800 for $30,800 and I probably could have done a little better but was tired of bargaining. This was at the end of August. I love the car and only wish the suspension was a little more firm. BTW, the Touring model is discontinued.
  • I purchased a new car identical to the one you are looking at minus the DVD Nav and Laser Cruise Control (figure they are worth $3K). I added a $100K warranty and paid a total of $33K. I would hold firm to $34K and ask for the 100K warranty at no extra charge. Toyota sales are down and you are in a buyers market.
  • Hello,

    Just purchased a 2008 Avalon Touring for $27,700 (not including TTL).

    Has the following options:
    Vehicle Stabilty Control
    Heated Seats
    Anti-theft System

    MSRP was $32,400

    One thing to note, the $1,000 rebate was applied after the sales tax was added in. I didn't realize that's how the rebates worked. Not a big deal but good to know when you are doing your pre-sales calculations.

    OTD price was $30,400 (hefty 8.625% NY sales tax)
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Hi. I purchased a 2008 Touring Avalon in Black, for $29,500.00 TOTAL. All taxes, paperwork / transportation, Document Administration, state sales tax and other fees they could add on.

    Emerson Toyota, Auburn, Maine. The car was a dealer swap. And they have NO Avalons in stock at this time. A LT of Doctors, Lawyers and others in Maine, are purchasing Avalons, and saying NO to the Lexus. They say, they can use the savings to go on vacation or to purchase a camp, and in one case, I know a doctor who purchased a Camry for their daughter as a graduation gift. And between both cars, it was a few hundred LESS then the Lexus he was looking at.

    The sticker price was $33,000.00

    The car came with:

    Heated seats
    Sun / Moon Roof
    Carpeted Floor mats Front and Rear
    Rear Spoiler
    6 CD changer

    I love the car, and have since been called by several dealers where I was looking to see if I purchased a new car yet. They all said about the same thing - "Why didn't you let us know, we could have beat that price"! It's easy to beat the price, when you don't have to, or after it's to late.

    Now if they would have made me a nice offer in the beginning I would have likely purchased a Limited Edition model, as they seem to have some other great goodies with them.

    Oh well, maybe I'll just have to trade-up (boy or boy, would my wife KILL me:).

  • I have noticed recently that the Toyota dealers in Central Ohio are running big newspaper ads listing discounts and/or low-rate financing on every model except Avalons. Does anyone have any thoughts on why? I assume that their inventories of unsold Avalons are low. Is this because the Avalons are selling well or because Toyota doesn't make many of them in the first place? I'd do the research myself, but I don't have access to production or sales figures by model.
  • December 2008 Avalon sales are down a whopping 57% vs. Dec. 07. That's a bigger drop than pretty much anything with Toyota badge. Worse even than the dreaded SUVs (except the Land Cruiser.)

    I suppose Toyota doesn't want to sacrifice Avalon's premium image to short term sales goals.
  • My F-I-L- just purchased a 2009 XLS with a MSRP of $34,628. Total OTD was $31,900. Taking out sales tax of $300, total for the car and all other fees would be roughly $31,600. (SC tax is capped at $300 for automobiles) #'s number was $32,2xx. plus tax, tag, etc. FWIW.
  • Traindriver. What dealership in SC did you do business with? Thanks.
  • Ballentine Toyota
    Greenwood, SC
  • saj2saj2 Posts: 3
    Hello All,

    I am in the market for a gently used Avalon and have found an 08 Avalon LTD, with all options, for 26k OTD. This car is black on tan with 18k miles. Is that a good deal in this market, especially in TX region?
  • Not a bad deal, but I would shoot for 24K OTD. Dealers (not all) are desperate to sell cars. The end of the month is coming up, so play your cards carefully and you could get a couple of grand more off. If it is at a Toyota dealer, get their best price then have them throw in a TOYOTA Warranty good for 125,000 miles, with a zero to $100 deductible.

    If you already have financing set up, or have cash, make them an OTD offer and say you will do the deal RIGHT NOW. You may be suprised at what they will take.........

    P.S. Where in Texas are you?
  • anyone have any ideas as to upcoming incentives in March??
  • saj2saj2 Posts: 3
    This car was available at a Jeep dealership in Frisco TX. They started with 25900 and finally ended up paying 26300 OTD. They would not budge since the rest of the limiteds are priced much higher in the entire DFW metroplex. I tried to offer 25500 and they were letting me walk.

    Since they are not a Toyota dealership, i was unable to get any warranty or other toyota accessories from them.

    Thanks for your help. Do you know where i can get genuine all weather floor mats for this car for a great price along with body side molding?
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249 has great prices, however, you have to call and mention the internet ad. They're Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston.
  • jbrad721jbrad721 Posts: 3
    Currently looking at XLS or Limitedi n NJ. Anyone with recent purchase experience that can share how they ended up?
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    A dealer can sell you the side moldings. They sould be around $200. installed; and they really change the looks of the car; I've had 5 or 6 Avalon owners ask where I got mine.

    Weather tech is a good source for the mats.
  • I just bought an 09 XLS for 28,200 OTD not including tax with 16,000 miles on it. No Nav, no heat/cool seats or laser cruise.This was Cherokee Toyota in Atlanta.

    It was hard finding a used 08 or 09 or even a new one.

    I didn't want the nav or the heat/cool so it was perfect.
  • Would anyone care to share their experience regarding how much dollar/percent discount they got on '09 Limited new or slightly used demonstrator? I would appreciate your input.
  • coldh2ocoldh2o Posts: 2
    A Toyota dealer has a 2008 Avalon Touring with 400 miles selling it new for $29K. The MSRP sticker is $33,540. Can I do better then $29K and what is the difference between a 2009 and 2008?

    Should I wait for a 2010 Avalon?
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