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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dclkdclk Posts: 8
    i'll be moving from VA. i'd like to buy as soon as i could but have to build a house in FL first. thanks for the info though! perhaps this time next year things will have settled down enough so that really start engaging the auto market again. i'd fly to NC to get $500 over invoice (normally i try not to go over $200 but i really like this vehicle...shhhh don't tell the dealers.)

  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    And Carsalesman wants to know why they (Car sales reps) have a bad image. I am looking at "deals: and will buy one (Midwest) and will get a limited for 450.00 over invoice. If there are parts of the country that are gouging, they should be reported to the "paper" for an investigative report (Newspapers love this stuff). I wonder what the average age re: Avalon buyers . Last years and years before it was 59yrs of age. I know Toyota wants :) a younger market.

  • Great job shopping Mike and I am glad that you found a great deal (better than most parts of the country)
    If you read the Edmunds expose "Confessions of a Car Salesman" it confirms what you say ......
    I think there is nothing wrong with a dealer making a profit ...........but there is a big difference betwen making a profit and taking advantage of people. Onthe other hand, we the consumers have set the market If NO ONE is willing to pay the outrageous mark ups the market will be more competitive
    When I went to the dealer in South Florida to test drive the Avalon it was marked 1500.00 over sticker MSRP plus dealer fees I laughed and told him there was no way I would ever buy a car at these prices he took off the 1500 markup plus another 500. (however still keeping additional dealer fees) and told me that was a great deal I left when he said and I quote "TRUST ME no one can do better"
    South Florida must have some awful shoppers. Before I decided the buy the Avalon I test drove the Infiniti G35 and when I walked out because they would not show me the invoice the Manager chased me to my car! I dont think they are used to consumers standing up I have since learned at least with Internet sales you are at an advantage They have to convince you the price is good and to come are not stuck at a dealership with all the games
  • zagmanzagman Posts: 4
    can you e-mail me the name of the dealer, that gave you that quote. thats way less than what i can find near me. e-mail any help would be great. thanks
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    We would prefer that dealership information be posted here - that way ALL of our members can benefit.

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  • Al Hendrickson on Sample Road.
    The saleman was a real snob!!!
    He was telling me all Florida dealers do it ,,, add $4995.00 to the sticker.
    He would be doing me a favor by negotiating off the add-on price,,, what a nice guy.
    There had to be at least 10 salemen outside just waiting for the fish to walk in.
    I feel sorry for the older people who come in and get intimidated by these slime bags.
    When I mentioned that I would never pay sticker , let alone add-on he just laughed and said that's policy.
    All customers should just avoid these dealers. There are some reputable dealers around, finding them is another matter.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Hello, Yes I think 450.00 over invoice is a good deal for the Car... 2005 Avalon limited. I put a deposit of 100.00 on it so they can hold it for a week (non-refundable) for I am selling my existing car myself. I have two strong "buyers" who are looking at it again today. It's a 1998 BMW 740i (perfect condition.... 58,000 miles) and dealers were offering me standard "trade in" of between 11,500 and 12,500. I laughed and told them I will sell myself. I will be getting 18,300 for the car and the dealer agreed to buy the car from me and sell it to my buyer (for a 75
    00 doc. fee). There are four Toyota dealers in Indianapolis and they hate each other:) Dealers "rob" you blind when you trade in a vehicle, esp. if it is not a Toyota.

    MikeV :)
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    Dealers "rob" you blind when you trade in a vehicle, esp. if it is not a Toyota
    Had a 2000xls, bought new, that was really mint, 78k miles, dealer only offered me 25% of what I paid it. With the large surplus of used car, I am sure a person can really pick up some deals right now.
  • Courtney
    Read my earlier post to you naming some very reasonable dealers willing to offer fair prices on the Avalon .If I understand the intent of this forum and I am sure our HOST will correct me if I am wrong this is a place for consumers to share our experience shopping for and buying the 2005 Avalon , As I read the posts I see this is about consumers wanting a fair deal and not wanting to be taken adavantage .thus sharing knowledge re costs around the country
    I dont think this is a forum for car salesman to be justifying outrageous tactics, defending sales tactics Lets' stick to discussion of the Avalon 2005 please :mad:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    Yup, we've got a very active Smart Shopper board, which is the ideal place for folks to talk in general about sales tactics and shopping techniques. Let's do stick to the Avalon in here.

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  • This is a board for "prices paid". What I described should be told so we can all realize what slime some dealers are. Unfortunately here in Florida there are so many older people who look at this car, the dealers are intimidating them. There is no reason to have any additional mark-up on this car. Forget any dealer who tries to use this manuver to intimidate. If we as consumers refuse to put up with this it will end. If Toyota does intend to sell this car to younger buyers they had better stop this practice. We are not intimidated and will walk. Sorry if i am angry, but this just burns me.
  • Cournney11
    I agree with you 100% I hope you realize my comments were supporting you and were directed at carsalesman Don't give up I really believe there are fair Toyoyta salesman out there that get it and want to deliver the Avalon 2005 and do it well In fact one of them frequently comments and provides expert advice as well as pics of him playing drums! (If you read the other Avalon Forum you wil see!)
    Good luck
  • These posts have made for very interesting reading. I'm wondering if anyone located closer to where I live can post pricing information. I live in Eastern PA so I have access to North Jersey, Philadelphia and New York metro. Anyone with experience on a new Avalon in these areas would be helpful. Thanks.
  • agentagent Posts: 56
    Ok I'm an Avalon junkie!!!! I will be meeting with my dealer tomorrow to secure (put down a deposit) on an Avalon allocated to another dealer and being delivered on April 25th. My dealer called the other dealer and the car has not been assigned to anyone yet so the possibility of a dealer trade is very good. If my dealer is being honest, he rules!!!! This is what I'm getting: 05 Avalon Touring with power moon roof and the midway updated 6 disc cd changer. That's it and that's all I wanted. Phantom Grey the color I wanted. ( I'm trying very hard to hold in my enthusiasm :-)
    So...... Here's my question. I'm being told that I'll be paying $500 over invoice + fees and what not. I'll just let you know the facts that I have from the dealer's website. (very informative by the way)

    Invoice Base - $25,554
    Options - $949
    Del, Proc & Hndlg - $590
    Admin - $585
    TOTAL INVOICE PRICE OF $27,678 (sweet isn't it....I'm so excited!!)
    In addition to that there will be the $500 over invoice, the $56 tags fee, $395 dealer something fee that he says is standard, and 3% tax.

    Are all of those fees common and necessary?? Is the $395 redundant? Add all of those numbers up and I'm left with the # that I was quoted; $29,478. Pretty good I know but am I being charged too many fees? Is this dealer being 100% upfront with me?

    For those of you that may not recognize me, I'm 29 and a real estate agent in the VA Beach area. This car is perfect for me! I also want to let you know that no, I'm not being frugal. I will end up paying whatever it costs to get this car. Money is a factor for me however so an over $500/mnth payment does scare me a little. I'm not trying to rape this great dealer that has given me so much help. I just want to know that now when we're getting down to the actual purchase, I'm not being messed around with. ANY AND ALL COMMENTS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! This is a very big deal to me and the thought of purchasing a $30k car (please be understanding) makes my stomach turn. Thank you for your replys.
    Oh. Toyota of Elisabeth City is my dealer.
  • Hi
    I doubt very seriously considering the car was released 02/05 that you will find cheaper prices anywhere in the Southeast
    If you love the car relax and go for it If it wasn't too far a drive I would go there!
    Best of luck!
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    I noticed most folks were in S. Florida complaining about prices.

    Do the dealers in Orlando and vincinity do the same thing?

    Anyone have any dealer recommendaions for Central FL area? I actually live in NY, but I'm moving to Orlando end of this month.


  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172

    "All cars traded in DO NOT have the same value! Thats like saying all basketball players at age 30 are the same players. Each vehicle will vary in value from as low as $100 to as high as $2000 difference depending on condition market/area resale value miles and dealer needs. Dont try to play used car manager unless you are one."

    Wow. I just read your above response. Two 30 year old basketball players are completely different human beings with distinct genes, traits. Two 2005 Avalons having the same color and options are for all intent and purpose, identical, whereas the basketball players were not made the same way and are two distinctly different people - far more different than Two Avalons will be. Get it?

    In case you by now do not see your "apples vs oranges" assessment of my original post, let me ask you a question. Does the phrase "all else being equal" mean anything to you? Do you understand what it means and how it is far more relevant when comparing cars than living beings?

    Imagine if you will two identically optioned and like-colored Avalons owned by the same person that are parked in the same two-car garage, are the same color, and have the same options. Let's say that this owner bought one of them new for $36k in 2/2005 and then liked it and bought another new one with same color/options for $34K in 4/2005 then drove them an equal number of miles and each car's mechanical condition and wear and tear was indistinguishable five years later in 2010.

    These two cars if sold back to one single dealer in 2010 each car will have virtually identical value to that one dealer. Why? Because the two cars are essentially identical, and the fact that the car owner paid $2k more in profit to the selling dealer for one car versus the other car has absolutely zero bearing on either cars' value in 2010. Remember the phrase, "all else being equal"? Get it now?

    If we were talking about two cars with different colors/options/mileage/degree of wear and tear, of course they would have different values five years later. But that was not the case in my original post.

    Deannie ;)
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Your salesman might be being a little deceptive. A $500 over invoice deal means you pay for Base invoice price of the car, plus invoice price for options, plus $540 for delivery (trucking the car to your dealership from Kentucky where it was built), plus the $500 above and beyond the invoice, plus tax and tags. That's it, at least in Maryland. I don't know whether or not Virginia has a different base price. Check one of the auto web sites - either this website, or another (that is known for new car prices and used car values).

    If va and md have the same prices, then the $585 admin charge plus the $395 "dealer something" = $980, which when added to your $500 over invoice = $1480 over invoice. That's a lot more than you believed you were paying. And remember, the dealer also gets about $1000 from Toyota (a dealer "holdback" - look it up on a search engine).

    The dealer will be getting almost $2500 in profit from you at the price you quoted (if my math and figures are correct), and he can probably let you have the car for $1000 or so less which would more accurately represent the $500 over invoice deal you obviously thought you were getting.

    I do not know you financial situation, but think about how long it takes you to earn $1000 after taxes, and know that you might be able to get this car for less. All dealers have to make a profit to pay bills and survive, but how much they earn is up to you, and how much you are willing to pay.

    Deannie :)
  • bigsambigsam Posts: 4
    Just bought a new 2004 holdover, leather heated seats, JBL 6 disk cd, moonroof, XLS (and got 3 years of oil changes) for $28k even. Tax and dealer fees brought total to $30k. Really like the legroom and reliability that you guys report. Other cars have always been caddy's.
  • The $500 over invoice sounds good. What are the fees and what not? There should be no dealer fee or administration fee. Those are add-ons. You are absolutely being charged to many fees. If you read the sticker carefully all fees such as prep, dealer fees are included in the list price. if you are truly paying $500 over invoice it should be as follows:

    Invoice: 25,564 + 500
    Options: 949
    Delivery: 590
    Tags: 56
    Tax: 3%

    Total: 27,659 + Tax [830] = 28,489

    Hope this helps.
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