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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • Look into your states LemonLaw is a good resource for finding the laws of your state. Call the Factory, register complaints. keep documents. You will need the paper trail if you want satisfaction
  • I have advice, although not from problems with my quest. I had a volkswagen which I bought in 1996. It had defects in the paint, which after giving the dealership 2-3 chances to repaint we realized it would never look 'factory new' (which is of course what you pay for when you buy a car). I couldn't get any satisfaction from the dealership and I was so down about the outcome that the salesman actually took me aside and made a few suggestions that may be useful to those with unresolvable problems:

    File the problem with the BBB. Just the paperwork to start the process and show the co. you are serious. Then the magic, call the Regional Rep for the auto maker. This is someone actually employed by the company, but their sole purpose in the end is customer satisfaction. The BBB must have provided the number to me, if not the corporate office of VW did. They set up a meeting with you at the dealership to look over the problem. When you site the problems, do your homework and find out the service bulletin info, the receipts from every attempt the dealer made and length of time the car was kept, pictures, etc. (so that you can show both problem, that you gave the dealer attempts to fix it, and the bulletins can show a lack of resolution to really correct the problem to "new" condition). I showed my intense sadness and dissatisfaction, but remained respectful and professional. After a long drawn out few hours, he asked me the key question: "What will it take to make you happy?" I said, honestly, put me back in my Toyota. With my previous car, I paid for a new car and got a new car in new condition with no defects. (you could of course just skip the toyota line, but it was how I felt at the time!) So he said what he can do is put me in a car of comparable equipment and take back the old one. But of course they had no new 1996's so I ended up in a 1997, in choice of color since that one was 'no longer available' (wonder why!). I also ended up in a model with a few added features that I did not have to pay the difference on, since it was not my fault this was necessary. Dealer not happy, so he recommended another local dealer for continued service. I left very happy and at 100k, I am still happy with the outcome. VW stood behind the problem and hiring an attorney was never necessary. I hope Nissan has the same level of commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Good luck. And let me know if you have any questions that I may have skipped over for an attempt at brevity.
  • We had a hearing with the BBB in August. The suggestion by the BBB to Nissan to buy the van back came around the 3rd week of September. Nissan agreed to this around Sept 30. The finalizing of paper work and transferring the vehicle did not happen until Nov 17.
  • Hi everyone I just purchased a 04 SL with the sky roof package, and we love this van. We traded in our 2002 Toyota Sienna LE, too many problems. I was wondering if anyone has a problem with the fuel gauge not reading correctly after filling the tank. I had a 1/4 of a tank so I filled up and it only went up 2 more bars. I tried turning the ignition key on and off thinking it had to reset or something and still the same reading. I also noticed that when the a/c is off and you have the temp set on cold and the fan on 1 or 2 that warm air comes out of the front vents. Anyone experienced this? thanks for any input.
  • Fmunoz:

    Regarding the warm air coming from the front can check my numerous postings.

    I went to arbitration because of this problem and lost. Why? Because Nissan says all 04 Quests blow warm air. It's not a defect in material or workmanship. It's a design issue- the Quest has no coolant cut off valve going to the heater core. That means hot coolant always flows thru it, dumping heat into the ventilation system. Improper damper design doesn't separate the air flow adequately, so you always get warm air blending, unless you turn on the AC to cool it off. Year round.

    Good luck. I'm looking at adding a valve to fix it properly- my dealership supports such a remedy to fix the problem. But I'm on my own. They won't touch it. Other than that, it's a great van.

    Sam G
  • Same thing (fuel gauge not hitting full) happened to us once on a road trip.
    After the van cooled down it reset itself.
    Hasn't happened since so i figured it was just a fluke
  • Well, after the last posting, the radio/dvd went out again. I brought it to the dealer immediately, and the tech got to actually "see" the problem in action. They've had the car for 4 days now. I also called 1-800-Nissan1 and have a report # and file. The regional rep is on the case. He , too, asked me what it would take to make me happy. I told him a New Quest that works/runs properly. I love my Quest - just want it to work...sigh....Dealer did give me an '05 Expedition as a loaner...Will see what happens next.
    Where do I get a listing of all the service bulletins for the Quest????? I want to keep all that info. in the file....
  • I purchased a 04 Quest in July and I have had numerous repairs on this vehicle. I am currently communicating (or lack of on their part) with my regional representative in hopes that Nissan will place me in a different vehicle. In the event that the are not willing, I will be filing a "lemon law" claim. I currently have 5,500 miles on my van and I have had it towed to the dealership at 3,300 miles, 4,200 miles and the last trip at 5,300 miles (seems to be every thousand miles). I have been having intermittent power or lack of power. Nissan has offered my the run a round! They are aware of the problem, but their traditional way of fixing it did not work, thus they are anticipating a "software enhancement" to come out approximately 12/29/04 or shortly after that "should" eliminate the problem. I am at my wits end with a vehicle that is not reliable and shocked at how Nissan treats their customers. I have owned nissans in the past and I am on the fence if I would ever purchase again.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Go to There you can see and read all the service bullitens on the Quest.
  • I have had lots of problems with MY DVD ending with them replacing the system several times. The last replacement was with what they called a "Countermeasure radio". You can find details in my earlier posts. I had entered into Lemon Law action with Nissan and have been able to get a monetary settlement, of course the lawyer will get more then me, but they are paid from Nissan as part of the settlement.

    Is the problem you get "no sound", but displays are normal.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    noelkimmi- was your Quest towed to the dealer for the lack of power issue or another issue?

    plashenick- do you still have your Quest or did they buy it back? Was your only lemon law issue the silent radio?
  • My quest was towed to the dealership two of the three visits for a lack of power. On the third visit, the quest lost power less than a mile from the dealership and we were able to get it there without being towed. When the Quest loses power, it is still driveable. The problem is there is a "lack of power". The vehicle will move, but you are lucky if you can get up to 10mph after pushing the gas pedal to the floor completely. This is very dangerous, but Nissan advises to stop the vehicle and turn it off...wait 10 seconds and "presto" the problem solved. That sounds like magic, but their solution to the problem has not worked for me and they want me to sit and wait for their "software enhancement" to arrive and "HOPE" that it works.
  • We have had the same expeirence with our 2004 Quest it will stay in third gear and no has no power. Can you tell me who at NISSAN told you that there is a "software enhancement". When I asked about a fix for the no shift in the transmission two weeks ago (11/16/2004) I was told by Nissan Consumer Affairs (Juan)that they do not know about any problems or bullitens regarding the transmission not shifting.
  • I have a physical copy of the bulletin that I had to beg, borrow and steal from the service department to get my hands on. My initial problem started on 9/20 and the dealership informed me that it had just been posted through their hot line. The bulletin states "if a customer complains of intermittent not replace any parts...advise customer to turn engine off and wait 10 seconds and restart(this "should" eliminate the problem-not in my case) states that this type of problem may not be duplicated. After having my van lose power 3+ times, I contacted Nissan. They are worthless! They need to be educated on their customer service skills. I spoke with them today and again they informed me that they are aware of the problem and they are anticipating a "software enhancement" as early as 12/29 or the first of the year. They offer no assistance and portray a "I really don't care attitude". I have asked numerous times if they would buy me out of my vehicle and I would purchase a Murano, but they are unwilling to deal. I have an attorney working on my case and I hope that Nissan pays dearly (not just for me, but for all owners of the Quest). After dealing with Nissan and their poor customer service and lack of caring I will NEVER buy another Nissan and I urge others to do the same. It is extremely frustrating and sad that I have been a previous owner of many nissan vehicles and that Nissan would prefer a customer to lemon their vehicle rather than amend the problem!
  • I have asked for the manager...his manager...his manager and so on, but Nissan just truly does not care about their customers. They continue to "pass the buck" forcing customers to attain legal counsel.
  • Thank you so much for the info you posted last year. It's now Dec 2004 and we've got deep snow in Oregon. The standard tires on the Quest are worthless in snow. I got stuck on a mild grade going into my own neighborhood! I found your post on the list, and called the dealer to see if there were any recommendations for snow tires. He insisted that I would have no problem getting the rights size tires....WRONG AGAIN, Mr. Service man! Thanks to your post I knew what to ask for and the Les Schwab was able to get me in studded snow tires in 2 hours. (for the record you still have to use a 215/70/16 and I think I'm getting some rubbing when I turn.)

    My biggest frustration with the Quest is that I know more about it than the dealer. I get Nissan letters with the dealer letterhead and address and they don't have any idea what I'm talking about. I still have a horrible sulphur smell coming from the exhaust (people have stopped me in parking lots to tell me to go get my catalytic converter checked) but Nissan thinks its the gas I'm buying. Even though the other 2 Quests they sold have reported the same problem.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your excellent detailed information. Tire problem mostly solved, and I got in the driveway last night!
  • Anyone have problems with exhaust fumes in the car and if so.... how did you solve it. Any info would be helpful. Thanx. DS
  • Thanks for the help.
  • I had the same concern. Brought it back to the dealer for service and they told me it was common on all models and it was caused by the way the exhaust system is designed. The cataylitic converter is positioned right under the passenger seat.
  • I'm curious about why your van needed to be towed to the dealer. I just recently had it towed to the dealer because the van would start but then imdeiately shut off. When it went to the dealer it suddenly started to work OK. The dealer charged me $110 for the tow charge because they saw no problem even though the tow guy saw experienced the same problem when he tried to start it.


    Did you have the same problem???
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