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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I used the Armor All wipes to clean the dash and console as well as the trim. Worked well./ I imagine using regular Armor All and a cloth or sponge should work well. For the seats, I used a regular automotive upholstery cleaner.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    If it is surface corrosion, a coating of rustoleum is probably fine. Ask if they can do this for you and make sure it is documented on the repair ticket along with your concerns.
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    I just went out and checked ours, we have no rust. Our van is over a year old and all black shiny painted metal. Where 'exactly' do you see this?
  • codechimpcodechimp Posts: 3
    When you fold the seat flat into the floor, If you look at where the seat attachment disappears into the plastic side panels. This is the top part of the anchor that attaches to the frame of the van, The corrosion was around the outside of the "socket" that allowed the seat to pivot. Is yours painted? Is your van an '05? I wondered if maybe Massachusetts had gotten a bad batch? as it seemed like such a simple solution to just paint it. Unfortunately this piece is part of the seat, so the entire seat needs to be replaced. I'd be interested to know if this part is painted on other quest's.
  • Has anyone had problems with getting the light strip on the running boards to light up? Our van came with the running boards already installed--we didn't realize they were supposed to light up until we had it home for a while and read up on it. Now the dealer tells us they aren't supposed to light up, but they look exactly like the ones that do and also have an electrical connection that is plugged into the van! Please help us if you can! Thanks!
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    If it's Nissan running boards for the Quest (04+), it should light up. During the daytime, I cannot tell whether it's lit or not. In the dark, the strips on both sides light up when I unlock doors with remote and really help entering the van. The light does not stay up while you are driving, I believe.
    It just looks cool, too. I receive comments from friends whenever they see the light come up. They love it.
  • Nissan has always used too small rotors for its cars. When they are too small they heat up during use and they warp. Another way to save Nissan money.
  • Wet carpet here too. Only happens when the rear seat is down in the well.
  • nevrbtrnevrbtr Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Nissan Quest that runs like a dream and am looking at adding a trailer hitch to pull a small trailer with two dirt bikes. Is it possible to add a trailer hitch to these and is there a weight limit that if you exceed could damage the vehicle? :D
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    There is foam sound proofing around mine, but, when I pushed the sound proofing material back, I did see this surface rust. However, all visible parts are painted black. This is only visible when pushing this back and struggling to see it. This is such a thick piece of metal, I'm sure the van would be gone before the seat is weakened from any rust, ha.
    You'll find many other posts, on other forums, where much more of the seat metal is visible and rusting, on other models from various manufacturers, so, I wouldn't worry about this. One post I read once, don't remember the manufacturer, spoke of the rust visible in the drivers seat and this rust would get on their clothes.
  • jleeperjleeper Posts: 1
    Just curious if you were able to get your Quest wired. I installed a trailer hitch a few weeks ago but have not got around to putting in the wiring yet figuring it would be no big deal. Now I read that the wiring is a pain in the rear to install???? Anyway, let me know how it went for you.

  • vonbill3vonbill3 Posts: 20
    There are a number of openings in the sheet metal beneath the third seat. Most serve a purpose and the opening is sealed. Some of the openings are simply sealed with plastic plugs. In my 2004 3.5s one of the holes was entirely open and a second one had wiring thru it, but the grommet intended to seal was improperly installed leaving a small opening. I simply covered the open one with duct tape and corrected the installation of the other. I figured that when travelling on wet streets water could enter the seat compartment. So far I have never had a wet seat or carpet. My advice is to take a look underneath and make sure all the holes are sealed.
  • heehawheehaw Posts: 8
    Does Nissan require 93 octane or will 87 work fine? Also... any experience with the mileage based on either of the above?

  • shgshg Posts: 13
    Excellent input! You should be paid for this posting. This is the type of research I do routinly!
  • shgshg Posts: 13
    I recently bought a 2004 Quest SL. Am very exciteid about the van and the features. One thing this van does not have that would be very useful it the rear view mirrors that flip down in reverse. This feature is available on the SE model but not the SL. Has anyone tried to retrofit this feature into the SL? I am thinking that it would only require changing the mirror out so that it would have the mirror with the memory feature. I suspect that the wiring harness probably already has the connection the the transmission reverse gear.... Any experience out there?????
  • I also did the same type of research. I believe you can safely go to a 215/70R/16 or down to a 235/60R/16 size to replace the Goodyear LS 225/60R/16 OEM tire. This gives you a lot more options on tire selection and quality. The tires will be about 1%- 2% smaller/larger than the OEM, not enough to worry about as far as the speedometer is concerned. It is inexcusable for a major car manufacturer today to put a poor performing OEM tire of an odd size on a new car. The penny pinchers at Nissan should be made to own the Goodyear LSs on all their vehicles so they can incur the expense of replacing them early. This is not going to endear Goodyear tires to Quest owners. This lack of concern for the consumer is unbelievable in the internet age, because all Nissan will be doing is getting hammered like this in forums. The genius that made the deal with Goodyear should be fired as well as the suspension engineering group team lead for allowing the selection of the Goodyear LSs as standard. Hey Nissan, ask the Ford people about selecting poor quality tires to save a buck or two! I should at least expect my OEM tires to last as long as the vehicle's warranty period. I hope Nissan and Goodyear don't think consumers would re select an expensive low tread life Goodyear LS as a replacement tire, although you're almost forced to because of the oddball tire size. Most consumers will do just that because of the lack of competing tires in 225/65R/16 size. If you lose 1 tire on a trip (I've had to replace a damged tire on another vehicle while on vacation) to damage/vandalism, you either have to buy another Goodyear LS or replace all four tires with a different sized tire (You can't mix tire sizes). Imagine you or your family members being in the middle of nowhere and having to find one brand of tire in only 1 odd size. Seems Nssan forgets who drives these vehicles (Women and families mostly) and has little regard for their well being or safety. Maybe if Nissan sees enough of these messages they'll at least send a letter of apology to owners for doing such a crappy job of tire selection. Goodyear ought to be ashamed of themselves for producing the LS tire, no wonder they were bought out.

    I am replacing my Goodyear LSs at 33,410 miles with a set of Mastercraft (Cooper Tires) Sensys 1s, 235/60R/16 'T' rated tires (I can't see my wife driving over 118 MPH, so the 'T' rating will be fine). 70,000 mile rated, higher load capacity than Goodyears, and only $414.00 a set installed. The cheapest I found the Goodyear LSs installed was $494.00. With the low tread ware performance, LSs are essentially twice the cost of a 60,000 mile tire because you'll need two sets to get that much mileage. The Sensys 1s have a little smaller (27.02" Overall Diameter vs. 27.5" or about 1.75% less) diameter than the Goodyear LSs, but I'd rather live with a speedometer that's off a little than worry about premature tread wear and possible tire failure. Another tire I considered was the BF Goodrich Traction T/A T/H/V rated tires in 235/60R/16. These are a little more expensive, but also have a higher tread wear life (it seems who doesn't) than the Goodyear LSs.

    If you are exeriencing premature tire ware contact your dealer, NHTSA, Goodyear, and Nissan and don't let them try and convince you its your fault because you 'didn't rotate' them often enough. I rotate mine every 4,000 miles and they are ALL failing.

    What a shame, to save probably $50.00 a Quest, Nissan has hurt its customer/ manufacturer relationship over these tires. I love my 2004 Quest otherwise. Didn't they pay attention to the Ford/Firestone/Explorer debacle of a couple years ago? If you're trying to recapture market share, don't go cheap (or stupid) on OEM tire selection.

    Good Luck!
  • Found a typo on my original message 2004 Quest OEM tire size is 225/65R/16 not 225/60R/16. Only available in Goodyear Eagle LSs, the OEM tire you get with the Quest.
  • Thanks for your reply! It gave me the strength to keep going on this odyssey! After striking out with our dealer again I called the Nissan Customer support--they spent 20 minutes collecting info from me then told me I'd have to call my dealer to solve the problem. >:(

    I called different dealer and got the same run around, so I kept calling around. I finally reached a dealer who told me to bring it in the next day. They had it on the lift for an hour while they were on the phone to their Nissan Tech Rep. Turns out they need to replace the entire wire assembly. Even though it's not as conveniently located, I'm their customer for life!
  • cgriswoldcgriswold Posts: 9
    I've been watching this board for a while and the information shared here was a great help when I found myself falling into a deal on a 2004 SL.


    I have a couple of questions and if anyone has any thoughts or experience it would be great to here from ya!

    1. Has anyone hooked up an iPod /Mp3 player to the sound system? Can you use the DVD aux jacks on for this?

    2. I've read the postings on the Warranty issues with the 2004 but still don't know if it's 30/36 b2b or it has been upped to 50/60 b2b

    3. Has anyone added fog light to and SL

    4. Has anyone Added leather factory or aftermarket (ease of clean up 2 dogs 3 cats kid on the way)

    5. Curious - favorite accessory?
  • shgshg Posts: 13
    WOW! Adding leather after the fact has got to be extremely expensive! Why didn't you just buy a SE?
    As for the fox lights; I have not added them, but I did have occasion to remove the wheel well protector and look inside. Looks like the wiring is already there and installation wouldn't be too bad. However, the fog lights seem expensive and don't really do that much... Just my opinion...
    I am more interested in trying to add the reverse flip down mirror feature...
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