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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • I just took my 2005 Quest in for an oil change and I asked them to check the passenger window for a wind noise. I ended up getting the typical "we can't seem to find it" response. I only seem to get it when either it's a windy day or I'm driving on the highway. Is this just me being fussy or is this a normal sound for the Quest. If it is an actual problem, does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to find the source of the air leak? Do wind deflectors or vent visors do anything to help wind noise? Thanks.
  • foamy59foamy59 Posts: 6
    Hi - Thanks very much for your instructions, they were most helpfull.
    However I am now stuck because I can't find the fuse that powers the "For Towing" wire located in the left rear compartment.
    Can you assist with locating this fuse - All fuses seem to be in place under the hood and under the dashboard
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    There is Service Bulletin Number 04030 at nissanhelp web site entitled "WHISTLE NOISE FROM DOOR MIRROR" that may help you. Here is the link:
    I hope this is of some help to you.
  • foamy59foamy59 Posts: 6
    Cancel my last note - I found the fuse, it was on a second fuse board to the right of the engine (When looking from the front of the car)
    All hitch electrics now working just fine - once again thanks for the install tips.
  • mwokesmwokes Posts: 10
    If you got 32000 miles out of your brakes, you are doing well. Had new front rotors put on at 4200 miles, now the fronts are warped again and I was told that my rear brakes are also very thin, which is warping my rear rotors. I only have 17700 miles on mine( actually 13500 on the front rotors). Nissan wants over $400 to resurface all four rotors and put new pads on the back. Has anyone ever heard of rear brake pads wearing out before the fronts?? Isn't there a 60-40 split between the front and rear(or something like that)? I have never had rear brakes go before the fronts.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Are you getting "feedback" (pulsing) from your brake pedal indicating that there is warping? Also, and I'm not saying this is true in your case, some mechanics are resurface-happy when it comes to rotors, which sometimes can do more harm than good. As far as the front v rear pads, it sounds unusual. What did they do on the front when you had the first issue? BTW, this is pretty good on rotors FWIW (geared to Ford but generally applicable). It's worth paying for good ones if they are replaced. Also the manner of servicing is important..

  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    Typically the fronts should wear quicker than the rear. As to how quickly the pads wear out, this could also be related to how much heavy braking you do or riding and the type of driving you do (stop and go in the city). The reason most shops resurface the rotor whenever they do brake job is because then they will be sure that the new pads will be rubbing on near flat rotors and therefore not worry about customers coming back complaining there new brakes aren't working properly. Resurfacing is typically a good practice, but of course you decrease the longevity of your rotors. The person that said the dealer quoted $400 for resurfacing the rotors, you have 2 options, one is to think about replacing it with new rotors all together for that price, the other is just go to a smaller mechanic shop have them do it - they may charge $60-80 for resurfacing.
  • vger105vger105 Posts: 57
    There was no pulsing of the brake pedal so I assume I've yet to experience the warping rotors. I did have the dealer put on the new brakes and flush the transmission ($150).
    Apparently the brakes can go that early (32K mi.), but I'm perplexed as to why the rears would wear quicker than the fronts.
    I'm now annoyed that I had the transmission flushed as it's not part of Nissan's recommended service at 30K miles. Also, Nissan wants to do a TUNEUP at 30K miles in addition to replacing the spark plugs. A tuneup? What could they possibly do; the timing is computer-controlled, there are no points to replace, etc.
  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Posts: 74
    I'm in no way an expert, so if this is stupid please forgive me.

    Is there any way to get some kind of heavier-duty brakes for the Nissan? Or is it one of those things where only a certain size will fit and that would be the stock Nissan brakes? Obviously you couldn't go for Bembro racing brakes but is there something else that could be substituted? Or does this void warranty or something?
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    There is no major tune up to do at 30k. I just checked the Nissan website and for 30k, it only recommends replacing the air filter, pcv, and rotate tires. I just replaced my air filter at 23k on my Quest for $10 from Walmart. The plugs in the Quest is platinum plugs and should be good for at least 80k. Even if your service advisor recommends the service, you can say NO. Just follow the Nissan service and maintenance guide and you will be fine.
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    Hi all,

    Sometimes ago, there was a lot of discussion about the tires to replace the original set on Quest, mostly focusing on the ones on S, or SL. If I read these post correctly there is a bit more options to replace tires on a 05 SE model, since the size is a bit different. Has any owner of a SE recently replaced his/her van tires? When did you replace them (mileage), and are you happy with the new set? Thanks for sharing the info.

  • mwokesmwokes Posts: 10
    I get a vibration in the steering wheel when I apply the brakes that disappears when I let off the brakes, so I am pretty sure they are warped. I am going to try to call the 800 NIssan number to see if they are having any major issues with the brakes on these vehicles, because replacing them every 16 or 18000 is crazy. I have a 2005 Altima that get driven the same way as my van, has almost 11000 miles on it and has no issues with the brakes. I just think that the van is too heavy for the type of brakes that are on it. I don't tow anything with it or haul heavy weight, so I'm not stressing the brakes any more than they should be able to withstand. When I do take it to have the brakes done, it will not be at the dealer. The only time the dealer will see this van is for warranty claims( which unfortunatly might be pretty frequently). ;)
  • Our Quest has the same mysterious faint beep when the A/C is on. We took it to the dealer and they could not duplicate--of course! When we left the dealership it beeped 5 times in less than 2 miles, so we went back and picked up a technician to ride with us--then it stopped beeping--of course! Needless to say, we are very frustrated.

    I printed out your (pepperman) post, highlighted your diagnosis and took it to them--they still couldn't duplicate it and said that our van did not have the problem that your van was diagnosed with. They asked if I could get some detailed information from your paperwork to help them diagnose our van's problem. Please email me ( and if you're willing to help, I'll give you a fax number to fax the paperwork to. I guess they're looking for codes and stuff from your dealership.

    Thanks, pepperman, and anyone else who can help!

  • Has anyone installed a window deflector / vent visor on their Quest. Did it make a difference as far as wind noise goes?
  • wendymwendym Posts: 2
    Nissan just doesn't get it with service, do they? Have an '04 Quest, bought 11/03 and, as much as I love the luxury of it, when something goes wrong, it really goes wrong! Within a month of owning, BOTH sliding doors had to be replaced. There have been a multitude of other issues (shakes, door rattles, transmission shifting, etc.) but no issue with A/C at all. Now it's in the shop because it broke down while I was traveling with kids and a dog. The engine completely shut down and the garage that looked at it definitely said it was an issue with the exhaust. Took it to the dealership and, too bad for me, the ONE master tech is out until Thurs.
    Huge error in buying Nissan, won't do it again and will do my damndest to make sure no one else I know will do it either.
  • wendymwendym Posts: 2
    After reading several messages on this board, it is obvious to me that the catalytic converter is a problem with the 2004 Quest. What the hell is wrong with Nissan, do they embrace the idea of losing customer after customer?? I just had mine fixed after experiencing the same sort of event as 'blarney', on a highway, trucks barreling up behind me, no power, down to 20mph if I could even get that much. It's too bad because the Quest is a fun vehicle to drive, lots of lux, lots of room. But dependable?? Not on your life, the key word being life!!
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    My folks have owned several minivans, and after the initial brakes wear out, my dad replaces the factory rotors with cross-drilled Brembos. No manufacturer, it seems, realizes how much stress minivans loaded up with junk place on the vehicles' braking systems. Before they bought their Quest they had a Pontiac Montana, and the original brakes on that thing were downright dangerous. It took FOREVER to stop the vehicle.
  • samuelgsamuelg Posts: 36
    Hi Eyeblind,

    Rather than go thru my litany of complaints, I'll give you guys an update my my '04 SL experience:

    - 14,000+ so far.
    - At about 8,600 miles, Goodyear replaced all four tires due to out of balance condition. I had the classic vibration problems. My local dealer did some load balancing, but that did not help.
    - Problem got a little better with the new tires, but was still present. It would come & go. I think the van has some resonant vibration conditions.
    - I recently had and oil change, and had them check the wheel alignment. Even though the van mostly tracked straight on the highway, they found both the front & rear wheels were significantly out of alignment. At this point, the new tires had around 3000-4000 miles on them, but tread wear looked OK. This alignment fix significantly improved and solved the vibration problem.
    - I get a high chirping sound when the van hits a hard bump. I think it is the sissor jack stand squeeking in the foam folder. Anyone find this problem? I could be wrong...
    - And the right rear door seems to have an intermittent vibration noise on the highway. It is not really a rattle as much as a rubbing-noise. Seems to be the plastic window frame vibrating against the plastic interior of the door. My kid can stop the noise by pressing the too together. ???
    - The heat on my foot is still a %$#%^^#$%$#% problem. I find the AC works BEST when the knob is turned to MAX setting. This is significantly better than any other setting, such as with the big AC button pressed and recirc ON. In fact, you can tell the difference between any setting and the MAX AC setting. Nissan's inane engineering team really screwed up this design. I hope they have to suffer with one of these vehicles. The only real fix (IMHO) is to re-route the coolant hose & bypass the heater core with a few manual valves . I am still considering this fix after the summer ends. Ironically, the AC on MAX runs very nicely. But as soon as I turn on vent air with no AC, the damn heat turns on instantly. So the only two operable settings are: AC MAX, and zero fan blower & recirc, which STOPS all air flow from the vents. This at least stops the hot air, and I open the windows.
    - And lastly, I hate the front seat. Too much lumbar. Bottom seat cushion is pretty good- nice & soft, But the back is a killer. Can anyone really lean back & touch the head rest with their head and be comfortable? I am looking for a replacement driver seat back to replace. I already tried a Accord seat & Sable, both from a junk yard. One's too hard, the other too soft. Now I'm looking at after-market van replacement seat. Ugh. I hate this van, but my family loves it. God, I hope I survive a few years so I can get rid of it. This is my first & will be my last Nissan.
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