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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • fmunoz1069fmunoz1069 Posts: 35
    When you fill up the tank, you must shut down the vehicle completely. You can not leave the key in the accessory spot. The same thing happened to me when I first filled up and I took it to the dealer and of course no problem found. It took a while for the tank to read full, I mean about a full day. So I make sure that I take the key out when
    I fill up and all the gauges are shut down. I haven't had a problem since. The doors
    will always rattle a little. These vans have large openings and the body flexes when you go over bumps or driveways. No matter what the dealer does I don't believe the rattles will go away. It's a little convertables, the body flexes alot on those so there will always be some rattling.

    Other then that I love this van, I take it from my wife a few times a week to drive, and I let here drive my Murano. It's just lots of fun to drive....

    That's my two cents... take care
  • I installed my window ventvisor yesterday and it works great! I noticed that it cut down on wind noise considerably. For some reason the wind always seemed to hiss at the top of the driver/passenger window. Now it's gone. This is the visor that I purchased (not from this site): randID=304676513339068

  • cabuckcabuck Posts: 1
    Sitting at home for second day now as my 2004 was towed to the dealer because I was unable to get the van to start. A call this morning from the dealership states that the problem is the fuel pump. I told the dealer I felt lucky as I had just gotten back from a 2,700 mile road trip the day before and had a problem the night before in Nevada with starting the van in the morning. I was able to get it to start for me after many attempts and drove the remaining 10 hour drive with no problems until I tried to start it the next morning in my driveway. The dealer did mention that a "on the road" repair has been done by crawling under the van and pounding on the gas tank with a rubber mallet.That sure sounds like a fun thing to do!
  • kcskcs Posts: 2
    I have EXACTLY the same problem in my 2004 Quest (now up to 25000+ mi). I took it to my Nissan Dealer 2 weeks ago and while it was in the shop I read your email note. So, I asked the service manager to check the adjustment of the brake lamp switch - which he said they did do, I also got the tires balanced, trying to stop the periodic vibration which occurs about every 300 - 500 miles. He contacted the Nissan Tech Support, who offered no help at all on what the cause of the periodic vibration could be/and said they had no records of this particular problem. At any rate, before I took the Quest in: at highway speeds the vibrations would last roughly 3 minutes and would become severe when the brake was applied. The vibration would go away for no apparent reason. AFTER I got the Quest back the intensity of the vibration was much less, probably down by 40 or 50 per cent, BUT the duration is longer- 12 minutes now, when the brake is applied the vibration increases, but is not as bad as it was originally. I haven't yet driven enough additional miles to see how often the vibration occurs. But one thing is clear, the problem still exists. I was asked to keep a log by my Nissan Service Manager on the vibrations (outside temperature, speed, duration of vibrations) which I am doing. He will call tech support again with any additional info I give him. Would you have any additional suggestions for me based on your experience? Is your Nissan still cured?
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Hey samuelg,

    Glad to here they FINALLY resolved your vibration problem. I had no vibration till just over 13,000 miles. After that, on a trip to San Diego, it quickly deteriorated. Steering wheel vibrated, the drivers seat vibrated ( at highway speed.) Even sitting in the 3rd row felt like a vibrating chair on low. I took it to the dealer to have them check the balance. They could not get the tires to balance. They didn't have a ROAD FORCE balance machine, so I took it to Discount tires. They did the road force balance, even taking off the wheel and checking the round ot the rim. They could not get two of the tires to balance ( the two rear tires.) So, I had them replace those two tires under warranty prorated for miles and over a year old. I paid $42.50 for each tire. My brief initial highway road test was positive. We will see how things go over time.
    Haven't heard the chripping sound over large bumps. The heat on the foot thing doesn't really bother me. I know it is there, but it doesn't blow hard enough for me to notice very often. I live in Phoenix and if I'm not working, I'm in flip flops 100% of the time. Not Rattles to speak of . I had a slight rattle about 5 months ago, in the drivers side sliding door. A little WD 40 and I haven't heard it for 6 months.
    I agree with you on the warm vent air with no A/C running. I don't understand how they could have messed that one up. No car I've ever had has had that problem. That being said, the A/C works fine here in Phoenix. We've had the hottest July on record.
    I'm sorry to hear you hate this van so much. I probably love this van as much as you hate it. At least your family can get some enjoyment out of it.
  • garycoxgarycox Posts: 59
    I checked with several Nissan dealers about adding the Sirrus Satellite option to my 2004 Nissan Quest, it has the SAT option on the radio. Each one quoted me more than $600! That's just too much! I see people getting full sat systems in their other brand vehicles for half that and even receivers at Walmart for less than $100 (although I realize they are not much).

    I don't really want to use that FM transmitter on the portable units as I hear that they so not sound that great and can have interference.

    Has anyone tried hooking up to the DVD player (I have one factory installed) A/V jacks directly and using that connection or is that possible? Would the DVD player then be on all the time in order to use that?

    Anyone know of any other options, can I buy and install the SAT unit myself?
  • samuelgsamuelg Posts: 36
    Hi Eyeblind,

    I guess I was in a sour mood when I last harsh feelings about this van stem from:
    1) Nissan's inept support.
    2) My back pain from driving this van.

    Lately, tweaking the seat has helped & I may miraculously get it "ok" sometime soon. I readily admit I am more of the problem than the seat itself...

    I highly suggest you get the wheel alignment checked since you have the new set of tires-- I had the same situation, where many of the tires could not be properly balanced after approximately 8600 miles. Good luck.

  • Does “Window lock” button have light underneath?? Today I noticed that all other buttons such as power window, door lock they all have light except “Window lock”.
  • Wow, it's amazing how similar our experiences are, not only the pattern of the vibrations, but the reaction of the service department. They too asked me to keep a log and got no help over the phone from Nissan Tech Support. I wish I could offer you some specific suggestions beyond those in my last post, but really the only way I eventually got it fixed was to take it in so often the dealer was forced to throw in the towel, admit they were clueless, and bring NTS on-site to check the problem out themselves. Like I said before, it took NTS a month to get to my van, but within two hours it was fixed. I'm coming up on 2000 miles since the fix and my Quest is running better than ever, with absolutely no hint of a vibration.

    We're leaving on vacation this weekend, and I'll post any developments (I don't expect any). When I get back, if you're still having problems I can try and scan my service records in and e-mail them to you to see if that helps your dealer. Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck. I can definitely feel your pain.
  • vger105vger105 Posts: 57
    I have an'04 Quest and I bought the Delphi SkyFi from Crutchfield while they were having a sale.:

    I use the FM modulator method of receiving the signal through the car's stereo, and have absolutely no trouble with it-great reception,no static,and superb sound.
    It was incredibly easy to installand wecouldn't behappier with it.
    Let me know if I can be of further help to you.
  • swoolioswoolio Posts: 2
    My wife's 2004 Quest has received it's 4th cracked windshield yesterday. The first was simply a rock on the right side. However, 3 have all started on the lower left edge, facing the car, and therefore appear to be stress cracks. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • My wife and I recently noticed a scraping sound from the right side (sliding door?) at highway speeds on our 05 Quest SE. Is anyone else experiencing these problems? One time I discovered my son had accidentally dropped a marble outside the track of the sliding door. No encore marble appearance this time. I am having the dealership check it out this weekend.We love our Q!!! Thanks! :)
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    If you get multiple windshield failures, 90+% of the time it is a problem in installation.
  • kcskcs Posts: 2
    Thanks for your note and encouragement. Since my last note the vibration occured 3 more times (every 220 to 280 or so miles) and now lasting about 8 minutes each time-always at highway speeds (betw 60 to 75 mph), always worsening when the brakes are applied -- but not as severe as before I took the Quest in. Thanks for the offer to share the info on your service papers. I'll wait for one more occurence and then call my Nissan dealer with the info and see what he and tech support can figure out. I'll let you know what happens (if anything). Glad to hear your Nissan is still cruising smoothly, it gives me hope.">
  • toddm1toddm1 Posts: 1
    We just bought the 2005 Quest SL and we love it... with one exception. When driving at 2000 rpm (either accelerating or decelerating to), there is a vibration in the floor coupled with a louder than normal torque/rev sound. Although it's not as significant as some of the vibration problems that I have read, it's certainly annoying.

    I took it back to the dealer and I drove 2 other 05 SL's and they behaved the same way. The tech told me that there is nothing in "the book" on this and there doesn't appear to be any problem with the engine or transmission. He said it appears to be "normal". For a new $30K vehicle, it's doesn't seem normal to me.

    I found a Nissan Service Bulletin indicating that the 2004 SE built before January 2004, had a "booming noise and/or floor vibration at about 2,000 RPM" because a mass damper needed to be installed onto an exhaust hanger (???). Could this somehow be related?
    My feeling is that there is something that needs to be adjusted, but until they get a Bulletin from Nissan, there's nothing that can be done and I guess that would only happen if enough people complain to Nissan N.A.

    I'd appreciate any info/feedback or suggestions or to find out if anyone else has experienced this.
  • billy8billy8 Posts: 11
    I own a 2005 Quest 3.5S with 3500 miles. I started to get a vibration in steering wheel upon braking also could feel the vibration at highway speed in the steering wheel. I called the dealer and got in the next day. The dealer was well aware of this problem. They used a on the vehicle rotor lathe. It took one hour while I waited. The brakes are fine now. I decided to do some research on this problem. I found why this problem occurs, lateral run out on installation of rotor. Go to and read this article. It speaks of the PRO-CUT hub mounted computer controlled on vehicle brake lathe. Now go to click on awards/evaluations, look down the list to Nissan TSB 04066. This is the only fix Nissan warranty will pay for. It seem that the rotors are of good quality, the problem is in the installation of the rotors, over torqued lug nuts etc. This Pro-Cut tool is mandated by most all major vehicle companies. The tool costs $8000.00.
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    The window lock button does not illuminate. You will find this on most Nissan. Why? I don't know, maybe it's not used often enough to jusitfy putting a bulb under it.
  • samuelgsamuelg Posts: 36
    Hi ToddM,

    Check my posting, # 1409.

    I know it is unusual for an out of alignment condition to manifest itself as vibration. I felt vibration up thru the steering wheel, and thru the floor. Plus a side-to-side wiggling. It made my calves shake...

    My experience is, after re-balancing tires N times, and then replacing all four tires, the alignment (which did show both the front & rear whells to be out) made a dramatic improvement and ultimately fixed the problem. I have since driven over a thousand highway miles, and the van is extremely smooth.

    And of course, Nissan was cluesless. They did load balancing, and diligently checked all bolted connections on the front end to see if anything was loose. But they neglected to check the wheel alignment. I did it on my nickel, on a lark while getting the oil changed at a local tire store. Best $40 I spent in a long time, plus 3 year warranty.

    After thinking about it, I can see how mis-aligned wheels could cause the tires to wear, and then get out of balance. Oddly, the van tracked pretty straight on the highway, both before and after the alignment.

    Good luck.

  • mgrinomgrino Posts: 1
    I have my 04 Nissan Quest for more than 6 months now and on the third month since I bought it I also noticed a vibrating noise coming from underneath the vehicle. It starts at around 2000 rpm you'll notice it everytime you accelerate. It sounds like the heat shield is vibrating. I took it to the dealer for 3 times and they keep telling me its all gone after they fix it, but everytime I drive it its still there. They even told me that the next time I bring it in, theyll have to replace the exhaust system and charge me for it. I think the vehicle is still in warranty, but I dont know why.And one thin I notice too is that a portion of my exhaust pipe is flatened. Should'nt that obstruct exhaust flow and hinder the vehicle's performance? Could anybody check their exhaust pipes if a portion is flattened and let me know coz to me it dosnt make sense. Marc.
  • army4usarmy4us Posts: 7
    I turned in my quest for good yesterday...... Nissan, only after a year of fighting with them, have bought it back under the :lemon: law. I am glad to be rid of it, and only hope that my next vehicle will not be any problems, I am not sure any can be as bad as the quest was! If you have enough problems with your 04 quest as I did, don't give up if you really want it gone. Good luck to everyone who has and are still having problems.
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