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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • We have a 2004 Nissan Quest that has had the same vibration problem for awhile. We assumed poor tire balance. Last Wednesday, we took the van in to the dealer for scheduled tire rotation and got the tires balanced. Vibration didn't go away. Called dealer and they actually mentioned "warped rotors," which at the time sounded like b.s. I guess it's not!

    Do I understand you to say they fixed your problem under the Quest's warranty and you didn't have to pay anything? The TSB you mention is listed as '04/'05 Titan and Armada brake judder, but all Nissan dealerships will apply this to Quests as well? Your dealer seemed to be well aware of the problem, but I don't want them to try to pass this off as something peculiar with just my van. I want to be armed with as much documentation as possible when I take the van back to the dealership Monday morning, so anything further you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
  • wman123wman123 Posts: 1
    There are two service bulletins that deal with exhaust vibration problems. I had the same sound at 2000 rpm on my 2004 SE and it was a broken bracket that holds the exhaust to the engine. The bulletin has good pictures showing good detail which bracket it is and where it is located. Its not too hard to crawl up under and see the crack. Bulletin #05021 shown at this link -

    The other vibration problem deals with a clearance issue with the rubber bushings and the frame of the exhaust system brackets. If the clearance is too small then the rubber bushing rubs against the bracket frame causing vibrations. They also have parts for adding a mass damper to reduce the vibration even further. Bulletin #04096 shown at this link -

    The sad thing is I had to print these out and show them to the service department before they would believe that there was a problem.

    I had both these performed. The noise was instantly fixed and the vibration was improved, but not fixed. I still felt the unusually high amount of vibration through the gas pedal and the floorboard around 2000-3000 rpm and they ended up replacing the entire exhaust system (under warranty of course). It helped a little, but there is still some vibration that I think is more than normal. It may be something I have to live with.

    Hope this helps.
  • squestsquest Posts: 25
    Thank you very much for your message. The articles that you posted explains a lot of the problems have that reoccur. I appreciate your research!
  • billy8billy8 Posts: 11
    Yes my dealer, Morries Nissan, Brooklyn Park, MN knew all about the problem with the rotors on the new Quest.Its the same problem the Titan and Armada have. The dealer resurfaced the rotors on warranty in one hour for free. They used the Pro-Cut hub mounted on vehicle brake lathe. This is the only machine that will do the job correctly almost 100% of the time. You must make sure your dealer has this machine to do this job. Also go to the web sites in my previous post #1427 and print out this info and take it to your dealer. They may try to say the rotors are only covered fo 12 months/12,000 miles. I would then call Nissan customer support.My vans symptoms started at 3000 miles. I felt a vibration in the steering wheel when braking. The faster land speed the faster the vibration when braking. I could also feel the vibration in the steering wheel when going faster than 55MPH and not braking. I thought this was strange, not just a warped rotor. My vehicle is fine now. I hope this helps.
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    As I am reading about dealers machining rotors to fix the vibration problem, to me this is a short term band aid fix. Obviously, when the vehicle was brand new, it didn't have this problem, which means the rotors are good. So after a short time of ownership, the rotors gets heated and cooled repeatedly and eventually warps. The rotor is basically a big mass of a heat sink (to dissipate heat). The dealer's solution is to machine it which is to take more mass out of the rotor. But now you think, whatever the reason it was in the beginning that caused the rotors to warp still have not been fixed. Now your rotors are thinner which means it's a smaller heatsink and more prone to warping. After several more times of machining, your dealer will tell you it can't be machined anymore, and will need replacement. Then your next brake job will be very expensive. I can only guess that a Nissan rotor is around $100 - $150 each. Nissan needs to step up to the plate and fix this problem once and for all.
  • billy8billy8 Posts: 11
    For more info. on this problem go to on the left side of the page see ownership, click on diagnose, select model,Quest, See Suspension,ABS,Brakes,Tires. Click on Brake Noise/Judder/Pedal Feel/Diagnose and Repair TSB. This Tsb will explain the problem according to Nissan, too much run out on installation of rotors. I have had my rotors resurfaced with this PRO-CUT machine. They seem fine now. If you go to the PRO-CUT website you will see that this machine is specified by most all the auto makers. It seems this is not just a Nissan problem. If my rotors cause vibration in the future I will know this was just a bandaid fix. I sure hope not. Time will tell. I will keep the forum informed of developments.
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    I went to the dealer Saturday and worked with the Service manager on my Quest SL A/C not cooling enough. He brought out a analog thermometer and the dash measured the outside temperature as being 88F, then with the A/C switched on to fan speed 4, the lowest reading we got from the vent was 61F. Now 61F seem cold, but typically a good working A/C would have vent temerature of 40-45F. By the time this cold air blows into the cabin, it would rise by 20 degrees which will cool the cabin to about 70F. We sat and looked at the reading for 10-15min and it stayed at 61F. I told him it doesn't cool the vehicle enough to be comfortable, but he disagrees saying R134 only cools 20degree below ambient temperature. The service manager even challenged my knowledge of A/C which really piss me off. No, I am not a mechanic, but at the same time, I have owned 4 other vehicles which had sufficient cooling. I am going to wait a few weeks and take it in to have the techs check the R134 level.
  • I know this sounds obvious, but I have to ask due to my experience with my 2004 Quest. When you turn on your A/C, is it recirculating cabin air or pulling fresh (hot) air from outside? One of the quirks I noticed with mine, it always defaults to pulling fresh air from outside, and in this summer's heat, it NEVER gets the cabin cool enough. As soon as I switch over to recirculation, it cools down immediately.
  • Thanks for all your help and research on this topic. I took my '04 Quest into the dealer at 7:30 this morning. The fellow who wrote up the problem again mentioned the brakes as the probable cause, but the guy who actually worked on the van said it was feathering in the tires due to them being out of balance and suggested replacing all four tires. He didn't say anything about the brakes. We've had the tires rotated without fail every 7500 miles, but just had them balanced once, last week. Van has 40000 miles; tire wear appears even and normal to my eye.

    Here's my dilemma: Would they NOT mention the rotors as a solution so they wouldn't have to perform warranty service? Since I'll be out of warranty in another 20,000 miles, they might think I'll need pad replacement around that time anyway, so I could then return as a paying customer for a complete brake job. Make money on tires now, make money on brakes later. Sounds like a car dealer to me.

    Considering the tire mileage, I'm going to replace the front tires and have the alignment checked, but not at the dealership. If the alignment is OK and the vibration continues, I'll take the thing to another Nissan dealer across town and get a second opinion.
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    The recirc will surely cool the cabin further, but you shouldn't need to use it after the car has been driven for 1/2 hour or more. Once the cabin is cooled, the regular A/C (without recirc) should have no problem keeping the cabin cool. I don't live in Texas or Phoenix where temperature is 100+. That day it was only 88F outside. Also if you use recirc mode all the time, after couple years, your A/C will have that stinky moldy smell. I am going to investigate further and will try to find the exact spec Nissan has for the Quest.
  • Well, then, we would be in the same boat, as my Quest's A/C doesn't get the cabin cool if it is mixing with outside air. I always have to use it in recirc mode. Outside temps above 90F this summer.
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    How much tread you still have on your tires? If it's a tire problem (according to your dealer 'Nissan'), then take it to a Goodyear dealer have them prorate the tires when you get the replacement. Like you said, you rotate them to schedule, so you are not at fault for neglecting these tires. If Goodyear dealer say it's not the tire, then you tell your Nissan dealer to talk to them and let them battle it out. Don't let them push you back and forth on this. Demand a proper fix for your vehicle and if new tires don't fix the problem, tell the dealer to put in writing that they will pay you back for the new tires. Why should they pay, because they are the one that misdiagnosed the problem in the first place. I might sound bit harsh with this approach but if you don't stand firm on this, you will pay $$$$$$ at the end.
  • billy8billy8 Posts: 11
    Any brake or tire shop can put a device on your rotors to check for high spots or run out that would cause vibration in the steering wheel. It sounds like your dealer may not have purchased the Nissan mandated Pro-Cut rotor lathe yet. Ask them if they have this machine. If you are going to buy tires have that shop check your rotors first, I bet they are the problem.I bet at 40k miles the dealer does not think Nissan will pay to resurface your rotors. At least they could have checked them.Good luck.
  • I have a problem and was wondering if any one else has experienced this problem. I drove my vehicle on Saturday all day and parked in my garage, when I went to start it the following morning it would not start. The gauges were bright and everything worked just not enough power to turn over. I jump started it and drove it for most of the day and I parked it washed it and when I went to move it, the same thing happend. I figured let me jump start it and just drive if over to my local dealer and leave it there. I checked the battery fluid level and everything was ok. This battery is only about 8 months old. It was replaced before I took delivery of the vehicle. So I doubt if it is a dead battery that is causing this problem. Something else is going on.
  • crooncroon Posts: 1
    Here's my saga...Got the tires rotated for the second time (16k on 04 SL). First time it was because steering wheel shook. Second time, didn't shake until outside shop rotated tires. Took to Nissan. They turned the rotors and said my front tires were out of round (oval instead of circular - Goodyear Eagles LS2). Said they couldn't do anything, tires should be under warranty, no expense. Finally found a shop to replace the tires - they prorated them and I had to pay over $100. Well, took a long family trip and all the way, the steering wheel shook and vibrated (regardless of stopping or on highway - more at higher speeds). This cannot be just a rotor problem or tire problem - steering column? Anybody got an idea? I'm taking it in a couple of days from now. As far as I'm concerned, they should pay for the two tires since they missed it the first time.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Try measuring the AC with the vehicle moving. The compressor works better when the vehicle is moving. I just came back from a 10 day vacation where temperatures were routinely in the mid to upper 80's and reached 100 on one occasion and did not have an issue with the AC. My kids actually complained about it being too cold. Total time in the van: over 45 hours

    Last year I also complained about the AC until I started using the recirc mode more often. The Recirc mode works well then after some time I switch to outside air to "warm" the vehicle up and to get some fresh air. I did notice the outside air setting was fine after using the recirc mode. Either way, absolutely no complaints with the AC in the 10 days.

    You have to remember that there is a lot of space to cool down plus there are a lot of windows. And if you have the rear vent sgoing, you may have to keep the AC at ahigher level then normal. I kept my fan setting on 2.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Checked mine. Yes, a portion of it is flattened.
  • I have an 04 3.5S. Last week my son went to close the passenger side sliding door & the entire window shattered and actually blew a 6 inch hole out of the center of the piece of glass.

    I talked with the dealer today & the glass is back in, however they are now saying that the door itself does not sit properly in the door jamb & that if we were to take the van as is it will happen again at some point. Basically, the glass it hitting/very close to the frame & thus causing undue stress on the glass.

    Has anyone run into a situation such as this?


  • What is the TSB # for the 3rd row seat rattle? I think this is the problem I have.
  • ord62ord62 Posts: 26
    I had a buyback and it advantageous if you have lower accumulated miles. If you are moving to a 2005 which sells at a lot cheaper now with sales going on you may not need to shell out any more. Maybe the dealer is selling the 2005 to you at MSRP wherein you can get it at 4K to 8K lower than MSRP.

    It should be the Price Paid (including taxes and destination) minus mileage used. There is a formula Nissan uses for mileage computation. Check with BBB's formula based on your mileage (deduction = # miles x price / 100,000).

    A buyback would let you transition to a different make of Van which doesn't need to be another Quest.
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