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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • vger105vger105 Posts: 57
    Quite a coincidence; when we took delivery of our '04 Quest SE, it wouldn't start due to a dead battery. I wonder how common this is among Quest owners.
  • Take a look at If not, then surf up to and browse for the applicable TSB.

    I could swear that Edmunds used to provide the full text of the TSB on their site, but now they only provide summaries of the of the TSBs. See

    Good Luck,

    Quest 04 Quality.
  • 13500 miles on my 04 SE. Had the brake issues. The dealer did the rotor work on all four (charged me for front only, their mistake). Seems to have fixed the problem. Nissan Customer service said I was beyond the 12,000 mile brake warranty therefore it was not covered. Fought the issue but they would not budge. I find it very strange that this happened on a relatively new vehicle especially with the Titan/Armada brake issues. I will be curious to see if it happens again.
  • We have an 04 Quest and had the rotors turned at around 12K already. Buddy at work has a Titan and they told him that Nissan is aware, but won't admit, that the rotors are too small for vehicles. They cannot dissipate the heat sufficiently so they eventually warp. Might want to see if they will discuss this, they probably won't.
  • This happened twice so far. Car was driven for a few hours, stopped for lunch, got back in, started no problems, put in DRIVE, but the car would not move. Tach was showing RPM rising, going up to approx 3000-3500 RPM but car would not move forward. Put car in REVERSE, no problem. Car moved as it should. Put car back in DRIVE, again, RPM rise but no movement.
    First time it happened wife shut car down, called me. She then restarted car and it worked fine. Brought to dealer, usual story, dealer said no faults found. They could not find any fault codes in computer nor any issues when driving.
    Issue happened again yesterday. Stopped car and had dealer tow it to their shop. Same story, they can not find anything wrong.
    Suggestions, ideas?!?
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Is your 04 Quest an S, SL, or SE?
  • SL. Its been at the Nissan dealer for 2 days now, they say they still can not duplicate problem. No codes in system either.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    You might want them to take a look at TSB #04144. Here is the link:
  • Thank for your help. The situation described in the Nissan SB looks excactly like my issue. I called the dealer this morning, they still had not found anything and he said that he was going to call the Nissan tech line today!! I asked him why did it take 5 days for him to call the engineers?!? He could not answer the question. I then laid the SB you mentioned on him and asked him why doos it take us as the customer/consumer to find the answers? He said that he was not familiar with that web site ( and if I could please fax him a copy of NISSAN'S SB!!!!! Pending the call back form him this afternoon, we might be heading to court on this one. Wife is an attorney and she is plenty mad. She has had a rental since Wed night that, per the dealer, if they can not find a problem the whole issue will not be covered under warranty. Hence they might try to pin the labor and rental charges against us.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162
    I could be wrong, but to my knowledge the buyback equation, on the mileage side, is not the current mileage - but rather the mileage from when the problem started to occur

    Refund for Purchased Vehicles
    In the case of a vehicle refund, the refund is calculated by taking the full purchase price of the vehicle, and then subtracting a "reasonable allowance for vehicle use." In addition, the refund can include the money you spent for:
    Sales tax, license and registration fees, finance charges, and any additional costs such as these. Options or modifications added by the manufacturer or its authorized dealer within 30 days after delivery date

    Trade-in value
    By "reasonable allowance for vehicle use," this means the purchase price times the mileage (odometer reading when first brought to the dealer or manufacturer for repair of the defect) divided by 100,000 miles.

    It pays to complain early and often. If the problem started at mileage 100. You getter a much better buyback then when it is reported at 10,000
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I have an 04 SL purchased in May of 04. I didn't have your, NOT ACCELERATING PROBLEM, but I did have the problem described in the TSB. Turn car on, put into drive, sluggish acceleration ( like it is in 3rd gear), turn car off, turn car back on and problem is gone. Your situation sounds like a extreme case of the same problem. I too had a difficult time getting my dealer to fix the problem.
    The problem existed from the time we bought the car. Dealer could not duplicate the problem and at the time there was not a TSB on it. My service rep explained that the Quest, being a new model, has problems that they don't know how to fix, yet, but they are working on. She even had the most experienced tech work on my van and he replaced something which he thought might be the problem. It, unfortunately didn't work. She said she'd keep her I out for any new information on this problem. She even called me once to let me know that she found some information that acknowledged that Nissan was aware of the problem and was working on a fix. The information stated that they didn't think it was a problem with the transmission, but rather some kind of programing problem. So I was patient. In December of 05 she called to let me know that a TSB had just been released on the problem. Unfortunately she was leaving the dealership and I was assigned to a new Service Advisor.
    Armed with the TSB in hand I went to get my van fixed. I explained the problem to my new service advisor, gave him the TSB and explained this sounds like my problem. Get a call back " we can't duplicate the problem. Until we do we won't fix the van." I explained that you can't duplicate the problem because you never know when it is going to happen. 5 years could go buy and the warranty could expire without you ever duplicating the problem, even though I am experiencing the problem. Nissan says this is a problem with the 04 4 speed transmissions, I'm telling you I'm experiencing this problem, so it should be fixed. I,m not here wasting my precious time just to get a new A/T CONTROL MODULE for the heck of it. I don't even know what it is, but Nissan says my van needs it to fix this problem. I asked to speak to the Manager when I went to pick up my car. He sided with the Service Advisor and said I could call Nissan customer support. They sided with the dealership. So, I went in on last time to say either you fix it or I take my business to another dealer. I did change Service Advisors. When I explained the situation to my new service advisor, she gave me no resistance. She got the part ordered, called me when it came in and I got the problem fixed. It has been 3 months and everything seems to be working fine.
    I don't know if Service Advisors weld that much power, but changing mine was all it took to get my problem resolved. I can't believe that your dealer is as stupid as they are sounding. They have access to more info than we do.
    Good luck. Don't give-up
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    eyeblind - Very well done and very well said. It's unfortunate that many service advisors don't know how to treat customer's right. Most of them are not even very knowledgeble about cars, all that's require of them is to be a good salesmen to sell job and make money for the service department. This is why lot of Quest owner's are unhappy with Nissan. The fact is all new cars (doesn't matter which manufacturer) have problems, but the key to making the car ownership experience a good one is for the dealer to solve the problem promptly and to do it without aggrevating the customer. My Quest radio had the no sound problem last year, and without even having to duplicate the problem to them, my dealer agreed to change it out immediately. I walked away happy knowing I will be taken care of. Nissan needs to have all dealers provide outstanding services to customer if they want to have more customers.

    One more thing, if you ever get that Nissan survey in the mail after your warranty service work. This is your way of telling Nissan how the dealer is doing. This is very important to the dealers rating and to the individual service advisors rating.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I'm not sure how UNknowledgeable the service advisor are. I think this is part of their training. It sounds like all the service advisors say the same thing..."I never heard of that porblem" or "We never had that problem show up here". Play dumb until you complain enough. A service advisor not aware of their own companies TSBs???? Not aware of your own company provided website??? Please!!!!!!!

    Nissan if you are reading this board, you need to educate your service advisers or your "Drive to One million" will fall short.
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    Thanks, didn't even know about this one. I will check it out.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
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    thank you



  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    Understand. For those wondering what the post was about, there is a new TSB that came out for the Quest with A/C not cold problem. The Hi/Low A/C line may have rubbed on the front stabilizer bar and caused a hole. You can find the TSB at Nissanhelp.

    TSB# is 05071
    Component: AIR CONDITION:
  • bmisbmis Posts: 14
    Wow...I had this EXACT repair done on my 04 SE a couple of weeks ago. Took the dlrshp 4 tries to FIND this leak, and after (probably) needlessly making 3 'other fixes', they discovered this one and fixed it.

    AC is working MUCH better now, even in this super-hot summer! :shades:
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I have an '04 with the dual screen DVD system. Out of all my backed up DVDs only a couple will play in the Quest system. I've tried +R, -R, different brands, and even different burner software and settings. I can't seem to find a combination that works. Any suggestions from the folks here that have had some success with this?

    Thanks :)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403

    (originally #1466 posted by dtownfb)

    I hope this may help those with AC issues. I read this Bulletin on the website:


  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Thank you for restoring the post.
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