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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • value911value911 Posts: 15

    1. Wife is primary driver, and she does not brake that hard. Rotors already going bad at 300 miles from the time I posted. Unbelievalble.

    2. I leave it on recirc. mode all the time, because without it, van is like sanua.
    Can't use normal air vent setting - too stuffy as you note.

    3. I rotate every 7,500 or less and have had two wheel alignments.

    Good luck with your van.
  • value911value911 Posts: 15

    You need to call 1-800-Nissan1 and open up a complaint. No way in the world they should be charging you for the rotors.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    BTW for those of you who don't like power doors, if you shut them off at console in the overhead, you can close them manually (which is faster) and the kids can't hit the button. You can still open and close the doors from the Key fob by power.
  • I don't think Louisville, KY is that far off of sea level that this should make a 5 psi difference.

    Anyway, if I fill cold to 35 psi, the TPMS reads 30. One slightly cold day and the alarm goes off. Doesn't reset the light until gauges read 33, so I have to put 38 psi in the tires (which I do all the time to avoid alarms). I guess it is probably not a big deal to have 38-40 psi in these tires all the time, but not sure if it is optimal.

  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    I searched this forum for my issue and didn't see anything, so I apologize in advance if this is a repeat question.

    My wife and I rented a Quest for 3 months after our Sienna got squished between 2 trucks. :cry: Anyway, we noticed numerous scratches around each door handle. We never use the key to open the door, and they don't look like the scratches that low-lifes make on purpose. They're not jagged like paint cracks either. Just straight, about 4-inch long scratches around the door handles.

    Anyway, I'm concerned about the rental company charging me for the scratches and want to know if your Quests have similar problems. Ours was navy blue. If you take the time to respond, please tell me your car's color - maybe it's a dark paint thing. I'm really confused by it!! :surprise:
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Based on your last two posts, it sounds like the sensors are not calibrated properly. I'm assumin you have the OEM tires.

    The next time you take it in for an oil change, I would ask the service manager about this.
  • mwokesmwokes Posts: 10
    Have been following this forum for awhile and felt lucky that I have had no problems with the transmission. Foolish boy!! Had the "lack of power" issue for the second time on Sunday. Called the dealership first thing on Monday, was told if it was drivable to bring it in. Of course it had no issue on the way to the dealership, and now the dealership can'r recreate the problem, so I was told to come pick it up. I printed out the TSB #04144 and left it on the front seat of the van when I dropped it off. I questioned the service advisors how was I supposed to get the van to them when it is havint the problem? I can't drive it there, because it won't go more than 4 mph and at that point I am a trtaffic hazzard. I can't turn it off, and I can't let it run until Nissan comes out to look at it, because they don't come out to look at vehicles-you have to bring it to them. Was told buy the advisor to call the 800 number, because the consumer has more power than the dealers. Called this morning, and the consumer affairs rep that I talked to really couldn't help me, because he didn't know what the TSB was- that is for the technicians, as I was told. My question is this, if Nissan knows there is a problem occurring with these vehicles, and someone comes in with the exact problem that they are aware of, why don't they fix it? I'm not fighting over this because I have nothing better to do with my time. I have printed off the other forum letters in regards to this problem and how the issue was resolved, but I think that Niossan needs to admit its problems and fix them. If we as owners were treated well and the problems resolved, I'm sure we would speak much mor highly of the vehicle and the dealers. Any other opinions on this???
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    Sorry to hear your experience. It is too bad that your dealer is not willing to work with you on this. And that stupid Nissan consumer affairs phone service is completely useless. I don't even know why Nissan pay money to maintain that department. They do absolutely nothing, they have no idea about Nissan cars, or any knowledge of their TSB. Anyways back to your issue, my wife had the problem with the car driving slow and feeling it's driving in 3rd gear problem. We took it in to our dealer 2 weeks ago, and they went ahead to replace the A/T control module as per the TSB (the work order did not say they duplicated the problem). My dealer has been pretty good so far as long as you tell them the problem, and there is a TSB, they will do the work (basically they take the word of the customer). Last year, I had the radio problem with intermittent no audio problem, and when I took it in, they immediately agreed to order a new radio for me. I remember reading a post several pages back with another person having the same problem as yours. That person had to complain and change service advisor before they were willing to perform the TSB. Guess you can always try another dealer.
  • samtucksamtuck Posts: 2
    Just curious if you got the hitch installed and what your experience is towing with the '04 Quest. I have one as well and had the hitch dealer installed recently. The van has plenty of power to tow but we are experiencing and annoying vibration throughout the van when towing. I am towing approx. 1300 lbs.-> it is as if the hitch is causing this annoying rattle/vibration throughout the whole car. Don't know if it's just how its attached to the 'Unibody frame' or what??? How's it working for you?
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    Does it help if you turn off overdrive (button on side of shifter)? I think overdrive should be off when towing and use lower gear when driving.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404 OD when towing!


  • samtucksamtuck Posts: 2
    Nope- even with the OD off we still experience the vibration.
  • Good for you. I think the AT Control module is the final fix.
    Update of my van: Dealer finally called the Tech service line (Nissan engineers) after having the car for 5 days. The tech line recommended that they drop the transmission pan. When the dealer dropped the pan, they said that they found and "excessive" amount of metal. The van has approx 15K miles on it, there should not be anything in there but very fine metal. He said that there were small pieces of metal and shavings. He ordered a new transmission and I finally got it back after 10 days at the dealership. When I talked to him about the initial problem, he tried to reassure me that the metal in the pan was the issue and still refused to change the A/T Control Module. We will just wait and see if this was the fix or not. We had the Extended Warranty, so we did not pay anything for the rental car -they had no loaners at the time we brought the car in. If we would have just sat down and accepted their initial answer, nothing would have been done.
  • To: Billy8
    If you have had the rotors replaced 7 times and the tires gone by 7,200, it would appear that you are driving the van like a Ferrari. Easy on the undersized rotors and less stress on the tires will help. On mild days keep the dual control temp as low as possible, fan fairly high, and system on vent and that will stop hot air from coming out at bottom of console. As for towing, I tow 2,500 pounds with factory installed hitch system and have zero problems. I have 20,000 miles on my 04 Quest. Original brake rotors, original tires with good tread, and average 21 MPG overall with 80 to 90% town driving. I rotate tires each 6,000 miles and change synthetic oil each 6,000 miles. Biggest problem still doors not always closing and rattles from sliding doors, rear hatch, and 3rd row seat.
  • Cannot imagine why no OD when towing except possibly when descending steep grades requiring additional engine braking. Also possibly under some conditions the transmission will hunt for the right gear, but I've had this happen when not towing. With the '93 Villager usually used the Power switch to raise the shift points. Our current 2004 3.5S is by far the best towing vehicle I've owned. The extra 90 HP over the Villager is greatly appreciated. I assume current engine management computers are fully capable of deciding what gear to be in. And at highway speeds and automatic transmission lockup there should not be any transmission problem.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    It's an overdrive gear---it puts a lot of stress and heat on the transmission and loads the engine---which is why your transmission's saying "I don't want to be in OD".

    I guess if you are towing in OD and it never downshifts, or rarely, then you have the power and the differential ratio to safely tow in OD

    ---but if you are downshifting a lot and/or you have economy gearing in the differential, I think it's asking for trouble.

    So okay, I'll qualify my statement---towing in OD depends on what you are towing, the level of the road, headwinds, etc.


  • Hi

    Assuming the engine RPMs go up (i.e. Engine is revving up but transmission will not move beyond lower gear), I would suggest u ask Nissan dealer to check the RPM Sensor. Looks like RPM Sensor is not sending the transmission the correct signal.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the good wishes. The service manager attempted to get authorization to change the AT control module but was denied. He called me and told me that they would still go ahead and change the part, but he was "sticking his neck out for me" to do this. Should I feel lucky, or is this what the dealer should have done from the beginning?? This van has a horrible record of going to the dealer and was almost a lemon law case, so I assumed(you know what happens when you assume) they might be willing to just fix the problem to keep me happy. Hopefully this will fix my problem because I love the vehicle, and once this is done I can move on to getting all four of my rotors resurfaced so I stop nice and smooth again.
  • I've looked carefully at the 2005 S model Quests and I'm ready to buy one. You can ge them around here (Kansas City) for invoice, then deduct the $2000 dealer cash.


    Seems like we had to run the air conditioning (front & rear) at maximum while we were test driving (90 degrees here gets hotter). What are your experiences with cooling? (other than leakage/malfunctioning).

    What kind of City gas mileage are you getting?

    Here's what we found - Are dealers selling below invoice? (before cash back)
    S Model
    DVD player
    Seat Package
    Splash guards
    Sticker is $27,640
    Invoice is $25000 (+ or - a couple hundred)
    Dealer cash is -$2000


  • pierpier Posts: 79
    The AT control module was faulty on mine too at 30K miles. The service manager replaced mine without a problem - no hassle. Perhaps its because the quality issues with my Quest has turned me from mild mannered and polite to a total SOB.

    I lease a 04 Quest 3.5S. Over a period of 2 years the vehicle has gone back to the dealer for 20 times (6 of them were combined with regular services) resulting in over 24 days at the dealer. This vehicle has generated over 47 warranty-related repairs. The tires lasted only 30K and required new brake pads at 27K miles. Considering I have 2 years left and the current average rate of warranty incidents, the car is projected to return to the dealer another 14 times (excluding scheduled maintenance). After having repeatedly approached Nissan to buy back the vehicle in return for a lease on a new vehicle, I was informed by Nissan Consumer Affairs that they did not consider my case serious enough for buyback. Considering Nissan is committed to improving its 11th position out of 14 auto manufacturers in the J.D. Power and Associates initial-quality survey, this attitude towards quality is hardly encouraging.

    The AT control module was faulty on mine too at 30K miles. The service manager replaced mine without a problem - no hassle.

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