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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • Good news for you: we had exactly the same situation with our 2004 Quest SE.; random hard starting which could not be duplicated by the dealer. Sunday it refused to start at all, and it had to be towed to the dealer.
    Today I received a call from the service department; the fuel pump and a related module had to be replaced.
    Somwhere I had read that Nissan was having problems with the fuel pumps on the 2004 Quests, but I can't quite recall where I read that.
    Anyway, our Quest will be ready tomorrow and I should have more detailed info if it would be helpful to you.
  • My 04 Quest SL had experienced starting problem in the first year. My wife and I have experienced it on seperate occasions. I would put the key in, turn to start and hold to crank (waiting for it to start but it doesn't). You can hear the starter turning but no combustion. The second time is always the charm and works. This happened about 5 times in the first year but has not happened since.
  • I have had my 04 Quest SL for over a year and a half and have been pretty satisfied so far with it. Right now though we are unable to play a CD because we can't get the previous CD to eject (it makes a reasonably loud clicking noise when eject is hit). Has anyone else ran into this issue? We do not have the 6 CD changer, just the single.
  • FYI -
    I haven't had any problems, and don't see where/how others would. Anyone here see a problem with this? I'm just wondering 'what' is happening. - Mark


    In another newly upgraded investigation, NHTSA is trying to determine whether there is a safety defect in the release lever for the second-row seat in 2004 Nissan Quest minivans. More than 65,000 of the vehicles are in service.

    NHTSA says it and Nissan have reports of 11 injuries to people's hands after using the lever. The agency says Nissan has changed the handle's design twice during production.

    The current handle is larger than previous ones. It has a cup-shaped design, into which fingers fit. Nissan North America Inc. says no injuries have been reported from the latest version of the handle.
  • I have an '05 Quest SL with the Skyview Package, that we are very satisfied with, so far? We did not buy the factory DVD as the $2500 price tag seemed a little out of line. I have looked at on-line sites to purchase the equipment separately and it adds up to around $1000 depending on what you want to do. Has anyone installed these themselves? If so, is the van prewired for the screens? Can anyone recommend specific parts? and has anyone had this done by, say Tweeter or the likes? Any information would be greatly appreciated, as this will probably be #1 on our's and our son's Christmas list.
  • In the Niisan Quest 04+ forum, post # 1827, I discuss some headrest dvd options that I think are worth considering.

    Good Luck
  • I know this is probably a dumb question, but here goes. When you pull up the tire pressure monitor on the information screen, which tires corrolate with the numbers on the screen? Is the first number the left front, then left rear, right front, right rear? I guess it could be any combination. I looked in the owners manuel but I can't find the answer-I probably overlooked it. Any help would be appreciated.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    systematically let air out of your tires on one side of the vehicle and check the display.
  • It was the fuel pump. The module was for the passenger-side mirror, which folds in upon starting the car.
    We have 37,500 miles on our '04 Quest and everything was covered under the extended warranty.
    I believe someone posted about a TSB for the fuel pump problem.
  • I think the order they are displayed corresponds to the transmitter in the wheel (and would therefore change when the tires are rotated). Having gotten two flats already, the order appears to me to have changed. (I could just be losing my mind though -- my wife has definitely not ruled that out).
  • When it comes from the factory, the order is FD-FP-RP-RD.
    F: Front
    R: Rear
    D: Driver side
    P: Passenger side

    I saw it somewhere...
  • Hi about the DVD. I made a little cabnet that fits between the front seats. Inside the cabnet is dvd,etc plus a dvd player.($200). PUT THE dvd PLAYER ON TOP OF THE CABNET AND THERE YOU WATCH IT. It also has a table that folds out. the table is big enough to hold a laptop, or to play cards on. Pretty cool all for about $50 in wood. $250 for the $1500 they requested for the dvd player installed I could have bought 7 DVD players, or three laptops or a bunch of stuff. The DVD player can be removed to take on a plane trip, or to watch in the house. Big improvement and save bocoBucks
  • The Audiovox portable DVD player (7" wide-screen), that we bought a few years ago for $349, is now selling for $99 at PC Richards (here on Long Island, NY).
    I assume the price is similar elsewhere.
    Best Buy, also in the NYC area, has a cool setup for suspending a DVD player between the front seats for the second row passengers, along with a plug-in inverter. That cost us $80 two years ago.
    The setup works like a charm for our 21 month-old.
    $99 + $80= 179.
  • I had the same question and actually found the answer in the manual---they're random.
  • Sorry if this is in this discussion somewhere and I couldn't find it. I have a 15 month old 2004 Quest. I have started getting flat tire warnings after it runs for a bit and takes a reading. The pressure read out says one of the tires reads "00". Then, sometimes quite a while later, it it shuts off the warning and the indicator says 33-35 psi. I stop and shut off the car and when I use it again, it starts all over again. As soon as it gets a reading it thinks there is 00 psi in the tire. Since this has repeated multiple times without putting any air in the tire, I doubt that it is a leak.

    Anybody else experience this? Is there anything that can interfere with the tire presseure sensors?
  • My guess is one of your tire pressure monitor sensor is defective. You should have your dealer look at it and fix it under warranty.
  • Have anyone see sludge at the tip of their oil dipstick? We do on our 2004 Quest. We are at 35k mi. and we change the oil every 3750 mi.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    never seen sludge on the dipstick. I would have your mechanic check it out next time. Your Quest is under warranty until 60k miles.
  • Is anyone else having transmission problems? I have had intermittent trouble getting power when going up hill or getting onto the highway. It feels like I am in neutral, and I have to step all the way down on the gas to finally get up to speed. If I try to go uphill from a standing position, the transmission locks up. I have to put it in reverse to get a running start to get up the hill. The problem only happens occassionally, though, and, of course, never when I take it to the dealer. Any thoughts?
  • I have a convertible top that leaked. I think the car was stored with wet carpets and mold has grown on the leather seats and may be in the carpets. I have cleaned the visible mold and treated the leather with leather conditioner but the mold returns. Is there a method of cleaning the mold or do I have to replace the carpets and leather seats?
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