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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    There is a TSB for the rear window rattle. Take a look on It's pretty recent.
  • Hi, I was hoping to find information or any other '04 Quest owners with the same/similar issue.
    We have had our Quest since Nov. 03, first new model release. Lately, it has been in for service more often than I would think should be necessary, for seemingly minor issues, but it also seems that these issues continue to re-occur after service.
    My biggest concern is the recent issue with the brakes. we had the van in on July 20, 2005 reporting that the steering wheel 'shook' alot whenever braking, amongst other concerns: Automatic Sliding door would/would not close properly with sensors, Rear Sensor not working, etc. The dealer told us that the 'shaking' was a designed warning, indicating that the brakes needed to be replaced. They replaced the front brake pads, resurfaced front brake rotors, & lubricated the slide pins.
    Afterwards, the car did not shake at all & rode smoothly. They also recommended replacing the rear brakes in approx. 3000 miles. We had the rear brakes replaced on September 20, 2005, in the same fashion--pads, rotors, lubrication.
    Within a few weeks, however, the van started 'shaking' again whenever braking, & the dealer indicates we should bring it back in, saying the rotors may need to be replaced.
    After hearing this, I wondered what the normal time frame should be to replace the rotors, since it's only been 4 months since they resurfaced the front brakes & 1 month since the rear brakes were done. When I found this forum, it seems like this question may have been addressed previously, but I could use some advice before I shell out more $$$ to have them replace anything. :confuse:

    Thanks for any feedback!
  • Here is the e-mail text I recieved back from them: (Hope Ok to post here) ;)

    Dear Mr. ,

    Thank you for contacting Nissan North America, Inc. /Infiniti and allowing us the opportunity to be of assistance.

    In regards to issue that was stated in your email. At this time we have no documentation that can be provided because there is an automated distribution to our customers and you should be receiving your documentation shortly.

    BASIC WARRANTY 04/08/09 60,000
    OUTER TRIM CORROSION 04/08/05 12,500
    ADJUSTMENTS 04/08/05 12,500
    POWERTRAIN 04/08/09 60,000
    EMISSION DEFECTS 04/08/07 36,000
    EMISSION DEFECTS (CALIF 1ST LIST) 04/08/07 50,000
    EMISSIONS PERFORMANCE 04/08/06 24,000

    If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me.


    Coleman Stephens
    Consumer Affairs Specialist
    Nissan North America, Inc
  • Reply:
    #2, Yes, we too have noticed that the tire pressure sensors are very sensitive to temperature changes. Seems that the tires loose about 5lbs of pressure between 50 and 30 degrees. That's enough to set off the alarm. However, I do like the fact that the tire pressure sensors are relatively 'real time'. If you leave the van running while putting air in the tires, you can fill them to the exact recommendation. I just left the wife in the van and she told me how much to put in, etc. Interesting note, a lot of manufacturers do not use actual pressure sensors, but, instead rely on the ABS modules to determine pressure based on the revolutions, etc. That's why some vehicles with tire pressure indicators have to be driven before it will work.

    Can't comment on your other issues, as we haven't experienced them.

    I just posted a message about the extended warranty issue, for only the 2004 models, I understand.

    In regards to the vibrations, etc., interesting that the Toyota Sienna forum is discussion the same issue.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    For those discussing different tires to put on their Quest I noticed something when I was at the dealer today. I stopped by the dealership to buy some touch-up paint. As I walked by the 04 Quest that the dealership uses to shuttle customers around I glanced at the tires. They weren't the OEM Goodyear LS2's. They put on a brand called Remington? I looked at the size. They were 225/60/R16's.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I don't where to start. BAsed on what you described, I don't think your dealer was completely honest with you. The shaking you were experiencing was not the warning sign that you need new pads. It was the brake rotors warping. This is a common problem with the Quest (and many other vehicles). Many of us have been to the dealer to have the rotors re-surfaced within the first 15k-20k miles. It sounds to me that they should have just resurfaced the rotors but instead "convinced" you to buy a pair of brake pads. The shaking started again because the rotors warped again. Since this happened so soon after the original brake repair, my guess is the rotors should have just been replaced the first time. And were probably too thin to resurface.

    I can't say for sure if you needed new brake pads but the reason they gave you does not fit the symptoms of bad brake pads. I do think you need to change your rotors now. Personally I would be hesistant to go back to this dealer. Again this is just based on what you described in your post. I don't believe he/she is being honest with you and may be using your naivete against you. Unfortunately, there is no way now to tell if you needed new brake pads or not. If you have another dealer in town (probalby not likely), I would go to them.

    HOw many miles do you have on your vehicle?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Thanks eyeblind!!! Time to do some research on Remington tires.
  • I Just passed 30,000 miles--30,510 to be exact. I actually went back to the dealer today to question this, & explained what I had been told previously. They took a look at the front brakes & determined that I did, indeed, need the rotors to be replaced. They did it for me at no charge, explaining that this has become an issue they are more aware of lately, & that this was covered under warranty.

    At the time, I was a little confused about the brake pads myself, wondering why a vehicle with only about 25k miles on it needed new pads, but they assured me that the pads were worn down & needed replacing, both front & back, within 3 months of each other. Since I was unclear of how often brake pads would need replacing, I didn't want to take a chance of having my wife & kids riding in a vehicle with worn out brakes, so I agreed to have them done. (Also, when the rear brakes were done, it was when I brough the vehicle in for NYS inspection; I was told that the vehicle would NOT PASS inspection with the brakes as they were.)

    Going forward, how often should I expect to need changing the pads or replacing the rotors? Since they replaced the rotors on the front brakes today, but not the rear brakes, should I have had the rear brake rotors done also?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    That was great gesture by your dealership. They did not have to replace the rotors for free at 30k miles. If your rotors are warped esp. at that mileage, the wear of the pads may be uneven and many places recommend replacing the brakes pads. You don't have to but it is recommended.

    The pads they use for the Quest seem to be top quality. At my inspection in JUne at 26k miles, I had well over half the pad life left. It depends on your driving. Up until July, we were driving many more miles on the highway. Now it is more in town driving. I think the pads will wear more. These pads should last you at least 30k miles, most likely longer.

    The rear rotors are probably fine. I highly doubt you will have to replce those rotors for quite while.
  • I had new tires installed on our '04 Quest; Yokohama AVID TRZ. I previously posted how Consumer Reports rated the tires very highly, so I won't go into all of that again.
    Someone posted a request that I comment on the tires once they were on so here goes; I really don't notice much of a difference. They seem to be quieter than the OEM tires, but I can't say "Wow, they handle so well!!" or anything like that.
    Consumer Reports gave the tires high marks for, among other things, snow traction, and that was an important consideration for us (we live in a suburb of New York City).
    If I can be of further help to anyone regarding these tires, I'd be happy to help.
  • Personally I've found ice performance to be a lot more critical than snow traction.

    One problem with any tire tests is that diffeent sizes of the same tires seem to perform differently on different vehicles. Hopefully that will prove a good combo for you.
  • They were rated highly on ice as well, but my experience has been traction on ice is severely limited regardless of make of tires or 4 wheel drive. I've seen many SUVs in the winters, whose drivers thought they were immune from the laws of physics, nosed into a snow bank.
    You're quite right about tire tests, but I wanted to maximize our chances of having safe tires on snow and ice, so I followed the ratings.
  • vger105,
    can you tell me the size of those tires you had put on?
    were they 225/60/16 or 225/65/16/
  • Is there any info. on the site about the propsed "Super Warranties"?
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    Thanks, so maybe I do have that rear window problem. I'll check it out. I forget how useful the web site can be. Everyone should check it out regularly.

    I do have a new intermittent problem with my right hand slider closing to within 4 inches, then reversing like there is an obstruction. Almost seems like the auto-reverse safety feature is too sensitive. I have a dealer appointment next week.
  • The power-sliding door is a know issue. They do have a remedy for this
  • mwokesmwokes Posts: 10
    Has anyone tried to add satellite radio to the existing in-dash radio? I know that the Quest is prewired from the factory if your VIN is after 32000 and something(sorry I don't know the exact number)and I was wondering how difficult it was to do. I found on the Nissanhelp page that the receiver used is a Clarion brand(by the part reoder number from the TSB) and was curious as to if anyone has done it. Would prefer to not have the dash mounted receiver for the sat radio, would rather it look factory. :shades:
  • Hi all, I just wanted to write an update about a problem that I have been having on my 2004 Quest. I have had alot of problems with a vibration in my steering wheel when driving 20mph and up. I had taken it to the dealer about 4 times and all they kept doing was balancing the tires, I was told that maybe the tires were bad. So I went to goodyear and they balanced them also and then replace 2 tires. Vibration still present. So I decided to take it to another dealer who I asked to please help me. They checked my van out, check road force, and balance and they did a tension adjustment on the rack. I picked up the van a day later and on the way home there was no vibration anymore. The steering is a little more tighter but the vibration is gone. What a pleasure it is to drive my Quest now. I don't think there were any memos out there, but this dealer knew what to do. WOW..
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    in floor panel behind left second row seat, occurs when stepping on floor board on 2005 Quest, is this normal? The Dealer claimed that is from fuel pump cover, and this noise is normal! ????
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