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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • We had this happen on our '04 once. Eventually, the gauge caught up and went to full, but it took more than one day. Has not happened again however, and I blamed it on a sticky float. I dont know if this is all that the gauge uses similar to older vehicles, but it has not occurred other than that one time.
  • My 2004 Quest has less than 22,000 miles and from mile 17 I have had problems with the back roof window leaking water (replaced twice and is still leaking), severe vibration in the steering wheel and insisted that the rotor be changed - dealer stated they were and yet the car still vibrated. I had the wheels pulled and proved the rotor hadn't been scraped or replaced. The same went on with the side panel doors. While the dealership had my car, they damaged the bumper and back passenger panel and had to replace them and repaint. From there, during touch up painting they got paint all over the windshield, mirror, roof and a few other areas. This took 4 trips to correct. They then broke the roof sliding top and while correcting that, they got some sort of glue all over the interior top resulting in my visors being stuck to the top and discoloration (as if bleached) of the rest. They had to replace the entire interior section. My vibrating steering wheel problem is horrible and yet the dealership says they can't duplicate the problem. I have even taken the service manager on a ride showing the vibration and yet, the situation has gotten worse and no correction yet. My sliding door on the drivers side won't open when you touch the handle. The tires constantly loose air and from day one there was a nail in one tire (the dealership had construction going on) and yet they couldn't find the nail. After four trips and complaints, I stood with the repair people while I had them put it up on the lift and finally, you could see the nail. They pulled it out, said they repaired it and not even 10 miles down the road, my tire started going flat and of course they were closed then so I had to have it repaired at a tire shop and made them show me the repair when they took the tire off. You wouldn't believe it but the dealership never even sealed the interior of the tire. The dealership did refund this money. The dealership in the last year has had my Quest for 118 days (they did provide me a shop car). Unfortunately, my woe hasn't ended. I was in constant contact with the Regional Dealership Managers and told them I wanted my vehicle bought back - as I can tell from just finding this site, Nissan would have to buy back all of ours. Perhaps we need to get a Class Action legal action going? I would like to know if everyone finally had all the recalls (sliding doors) or whatever repaired and what was the tire issue recall as I couldn't find that. Thanks for your ear.
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    I appreciate your input but believe me its the brakes (rotors) that are giving us grief. I aware of the steering wheel issue (I dont have that issue) but this is definately the brakes. :lemon:
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Anyone buy aftermarket wheels for a Quest?
    Do the 200-2003 wheels fit? Or Altima or other Nissan wheels?
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    same here. It happened once when I drove it almost to empty. I filled it up but the gauge didn't seem to move at first. Then it started moving up very slowly (over a day or two). It's been working fine since and never occurred again. (Current mileage ~ 14K).
  • Same here! The guage would stay in low position after fillup, but after a day or so it read full. Happened for about 3 weeeks then went away.
  • I see that a number of us have had the non-brake rotor/pad related vibration/harmonic/booming at low RPM. My dealer has replaced a cracked mount on the catylitic converter, but the noise became louder. I have read on about clearances of the rubber exhaust hangers and their metal brackets. Has anyone completely solved the problem?
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162
    If your dealer had the car for that many days and problems have not been corrected why have you not started a lemon law suit? There is not a stae in the union that would rule in favor of Nissan?

    You only need a class action if you are looking to make a lawyer rich for minor issues.
  • dtownfb asked: "BTW what is the name of the deealership?"

    Athens Nissan (Athens, Georgia)

  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162

    Nissan Customer Service
  • Lemon Laws don't work. In the state of Florida, Manufacture wins 80% of cases filed with the BBB. It's a joke. I'm personally suing Nissan.
  • Nissan has even screwed us with the tires. Nobody has the size tires that fit on the van. has the OEM tires but they are terrible tires and I don't want to pay what they're asking for them. Do any of you have any idea what alternative sizes may fit?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,662
    Love my van...hate Nissan service.

    When I had a flat a month or so after getting the van (05 SE), it cost about $170; think it was Goodyear. :cry:
  • Looking at I see many that have changed to 235/60/16. I don't know enough about tires to know how that will effect the lemon.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I'm in the process of changing tires and the accepted size is 235/60/16. I've talked to a few tire shops. Each warned against using 215/70/16 since it is a narrowere tire than the OEM. It could make the van handle differently and it could raise a red flag during inspection.

    The 235/60/16 may cause your speedpometer to read a bit fast and it will have a slightly lowe rprofile than the OEM. But handling will remain the same and ther is a good selection of tires. I woudl stay away from the SUV tires.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 162
    Got my tires from Nissan at a better rate then Goodyear wanted. Tires were in-stock. Maybe the problem is the people you go to for service.
  • ajb5ajb5 Posts: 3
    Does any one know where I can purchase another set of wireless headphones other than from the dealer. I have a 2004 Quest :)
  • I'm going with the 235/60/16. Seems like that's what most are doing to get away from the tires the lemon came with. Not only is the tire an odd size, It's a terrible tire. Zero traction in even the lightest snow, and they wear down way too fast. Thanks Nissan for making the worst van possible. :lemon:
  • jimb14jimb14 Posts: 2
    What exactly did the dealer do? I have had the van back numerous times and they replaced the dovetails on both sliders but still have rattles.
  • I got a set at Best Buy for about $30, try any electronics store. Most infrared headphones are compatible with the DVD systems.
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