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Any early problems with the RX-8?



  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    Also, the rotors are loosely held onto the studs, which means they can rotate a little bit.
  • Mazda represents everything that is wrong with big business and they bully consumers. Daimler Chrysler once reimbursed me for a brake job I had done months before a brake rotor recall was inacted. Mazda would have done nothing. Their main tactic is to ignore you. My buy back paper work has been mailed. For you information, the grease on the seat was noted, I had no idea the tires were over-inflated, and the dealership handed me the DVD case for the Navi System right before I pulled out of the dealership. The local dealer that worked on my car did not get proper technical assistance from Mazda NA or U.S. Radio, the makers of the Navi System. I give the dealership that tried to fix my car high marks for customer service. The dealership I bought from gets a zero..... One last thing, Mazda does not participate in The Better Business Bureau's Autoline Arbitration Program. Wonder Why???
  • I feel your frustration. I had to call Mazda and was on hold for about a half an hour or more. If you scroll back around early September posts, you can see that I wasn't too happy about Mazda. The worst thing is that damn zoom zoom music you are forced to listen to while on hold.
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