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Infiniti QX56



  • founderfounder Posts: 48
    I can't tell you how much i love the QX56. i think it has a lot of features that most here would agree could make it the top in its class, but the refinement issues will prevent this truck from rising to the top. I want an SUV, and i've considered the Navigator, but that truck is is over priced and it doesn't retain its resale value good. The GM offerings like the denali and escalade are have good engines, but cheap fit and finish, and other problems. My freind has the Escalade pick up, which is the ESV i think, and the quality on that truck is mediocre. The moon roof leaked, the truck rattles, water in the tail lights as someone mentioned already i think, i just wouldn't get it, and the Range rover is a lot more then i want to spend and doesn't have enough room I want, and the LX 470 suffers from the same issues as far and room and power goes. I guess i'm going to settle for a car.
  • rmd3003rmd3003 Posts: 9
    Week ago I traded this car. I think I'm still entitled to post here a little warning to potential users. My 2004 QX56 with 14 thousand miles was traded without doubt.

    Let me tell you what to expect.

    What's bad:

    Headliner vibrates, moves up and down (DVD's almost impossible to watch)

    Brakes are horrible (replaced twice). When I noticed that third brake job is coming I decided to trade it (I feel really bad for potential buyer).

    Gas milege 13MPG (it's expected)

    Uses Premium gas only to get extra 5-10 horsepower. What kind of idiot at Nissan decided to use premium gas for 6000 lb. SUV)

    Rattles and shakes going over rough roads.

    Steering wheel shakes and moves left/right going over bad roads. Use both hands only.

    Navigation periodically locks.

    Window Up/Down modules were replaced.

    Sunroof leeking (fixed sort of).

    Very load roar under hard acceleration (infiniti says it's sporty????)

    Noise from transfer case when using anything but 2WD mode. Now I understand why on test driver dealer asked to keep car in 2WD mode. Try AUTO or 4WD and you notice much more noise coming into cabine.

    On chrome wheels I see rust coming thru.

    Third row not split.

    Resale value is horrible.

    Paint had some particles (not smooth).

    Cheap quality is everywhere (except wood and leather).

    Basically this is Nissan Armada with chrome wheels, standard navigation, leather and four pieces of wood (doors and console).

    What's good:
    Good value.

    Excellent powertrain

    Lot's of second row room

    Backup camera

    Good service

    Good warranty (you will need it for sure)

    The sad part is that I've had only Nissan/Infinitis since 1995. Three Maxima's, FX45 and QX56.

    First four were excellent, quality vehicles - maybe becuse they were built in Japan.

    I traded FX(year old) because I needed more room. But QX56........ well, buy it and you will know.

    Just do me a favor, before you buy QX, go and drive Toyota Sequoia, or LandCruiser.

    Infiniti lost loyal customer because of this vehicle - I think it says a lot.

    Good luck to all of you and enjoy whatever you decide to buy.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I feel compelled to give to other side of the QX56 story.

    I have literally had my Feb.04 built over the rivers and through the woods, along with some beach 4-wheeling for miles. I also use it to tow a 6000lb boat from time to time. I don't have the luxury of another kick around vehicle, so I drive this thing everyday and sometimes all day. I too have had some very minor rattles that were fixed whenever it was time to change the oil (G35x was always the loaner for the repair) and when the QX came back, it was as if nothing was ever wrong to begin with. I just started to feel the brake jutter a couple of weeks ago. It goes in for the 11,500 this Monday and my dealer said they will take care of it then.

    No desire to trade this one! But, I would be sick if I had the problems others have had writing in this forum.

    Good luck!
  • soniaasoniaa Posts: 1
    After two months of wanting to buy a Nissan Murano I test drove the QX56 on a whim and fell in love with it. But what's with all the brake problems mentioned on this site? After reading all the comments here I'm reconsidering. Does anyone have any info on what's new with the '06? Has the brake issue been resolved, and will it ever come with the intelligent key like the FX? Any references would be appreciated. I know someone with an '03 G35 and he couldn't be happier. He's always had the best service from Infiniti here in Miami so I'm really excited about possibly getting the QX56. If anyone has info on the '06 QX56 please fill me in.
  • founderfounder Posts: 48
    I'm not sure of the changes, but i would recommend you steer clear of the QX until all the bugs have been worked up. it's a nice car, but just to many mechanical issues. I think nissan will work out the kinks, and expect some minor changes, but not until 07.
  • misheemishee Posts: 4
    Hi .. I wanted to ask you about the airbag light. I've had my QX56 for 9 months and along with all of the other little quirks "backup sensors replaced, brake rotors sanded once, I noticed the airbag light blinking constantly. I took it in, they had it for 2 days, and then advised me the part was on backorder to fix that light...something to do with the seat belt part? Did you ever get yours fixed? And what did they tell you about it. I've been waiting now for 3 weeks for the "supposed backordered part".

    Thanks alot,
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    There was some chatter on the "" website about mis-adjusted or over/under sensitive switches located on the underside on the passenger seat. I don't think that they are adjustable, so it needs to be replaced.
    Quote from the QX-56 Shop Manual:
    "Occupant Classification System Precaution -
    Replace control unit and passenger front seat cushion as an assembly."
    You may be waiting for a front passenger seat. Good Luck!
    Let us know how you do.
  • gondogondo Posts: 5
    J.D. Power's Initial Ratings give the 2005 qx56s the lowest score for Mechanical Quality, Body and Interior Quality, and Overall Quality. So for all who think that buying a 2005 is safe because the first year glitches have been worked out you better think again. Will the 2006s be any good? I would stay away. infiniti claims that after 5 times in the shop that my qx56 performs better than new and they still haven't solved any of the problems (brakes, rattles, squeaks, vibrations, and electrical). Why would 2006 models be any good if they don't know how to fix 2004s and produce good 2005s? It is nice to have polite dealer service, free loaner cars, and a washed car at pickup but when the car isn't fixed because infiniti won't / can't solve the problems being an infiniti owner is embarrassing.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    "With an eye to giving showrooms the look of a "first-class hotel" or high-end retail shop, Infiniti's 177 U.S. dealers are undertaking a massive renovation designed to appeal to fussy luxury buyers and support the global launch of the Japanese brand."

    Infiniti Spruces Up its Dealerships After 15 Years (Inside Line)

    Maybe some of that money will trickle over to engineering and QC....

    Steve, Host

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  • kenrkenr Posts: 9
    I have posted some very positive comments in the past. In general, we really like the vehicle. However, at around 6000 miles, the vibrations with braking started just as previously described by other forum participants. Also, our fuel gauge was faulty. The service guys at our local Infiniti dealer told us that a new brake rotor was coming in the summer for all the QX56's. I know there has been some skepticism in this forum, but I hope they are telling the truth. They did a temporary fix to the rotors (?shaved/grinded?) and now it is working fine. I have to say I am extremely pleased with the service and attitude at our Infiniti dealer.
  • linkybolinkybo Posts: 10
    I've got 16k miles on my '04 QX56 and the rotors/pads have been replaced three times and "ground" once. The grinding seems to only last about a month were the new parts have more of a 3 or 4 month time span before the vibrations begin again. My dealer tells me that THIS TIME, Infiniti has a fix. Not bigger or thicker parts but these parts are supposedly made of a different material. Any believers out there?
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I owned a 1990 Mercury Villager to which I personally did a complete four wheel brake job. Unfortunately, I used the cheaper imported from China rotors. They warped within a couple of thousand miles. I trued them up and they lasted a couple of more thousand and warped again. I replaced them with good old American high priced parts and end of problem. So, yes it is possible that inferior steel rotors will warp.
  • I cant believe nissan still has the problem with the car shaking on breaking from 40mph. My pathfinder used to do that all the time(i now have the Lexus LX470). It was so annoying. I also had many rattles in my pathfinder. Wow, and i was considering the qx56 as my next car. I am in no way in the mood for these same nissan(infinity) problems.
  • dream84dream84 Posts: 3
    Ok, where do I start??? I was really excited when my fiance and I went into the Infiniti dealership, and our salesperson worked out a wonderful "deal" for us! We drove off a week later with 2 new cars: a QX56 and a G35. No problems with the G, but wait until I start with the QX56. The night we picked it up we never noticed the problems with it because it was so dark out. :mad:

    Here goes:
    1) the sunroof shade was ripped across the middle
    2) the wood grain trim on the passenger door was MISSING
    3) the mud flaps were cracked
    4) the middle row seat warmer buttons were missing
    5) there was only half a tank of gas in the truck
    6) there were "make $5000 a week flyers in the truck (NO JOKE)
    AND FINALLY 7) the SUV squeeked!!! :lemon:

    Ok so my point still continues"
    We picked up the QX56 in February of this year 2005 and it has been back to the service department 14 times since then. We were told that there is nothing wrong with this truck, that all these problems are normal, and that if we wanted we had the option of calling our service department whenever we have a problem with the brakes (shaking and rattling) and that they would pick the truck up at our home.

    By the way, the reason for the shaking and rattling is that they are using cheaper, SMALLER rotors, so that Infiniti can sell more of their defective vehicles to the public, hoping that no one will speak up about it. We have had the brakes repaired 4 times! :cry:

    Also, our center console (you know, the one that holds the dvd player)completely detached itself from the inside roof of the truck and was hanging by a piece of plastic. Thank God no one was in the truck!!!!

    By the way, that is what this junk is made of......PLASTIC!!! If I wanted anything plastic I would have bought some Tupperware!!! :P

    And they (Infiniti) think that the general public that buys/leases their vehicles are stupid. Because if they didn't think this, they wouldn't try to make excuses like "that's normal" or "we'll pick it up at your house" or "Recall? Why would there be a recall?" or whatever excuse they can come up with.

    I have tried speaking with our salesman, the owner of the dealership, headquarters, but apparently they are defective too!!!!

    PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE INFINITI PRODUCTS! Or better yet instead of me telling you what to do...make an educated decision and research a vehicle before you get suckered like the rest of us. GOOD LUCK!
  • misheemishee Posts: 4
    Has anyone had the brake fix kit installed yet? I had mine done yesterday on my 2004 QX56. I picked the vehicle up today and it drove as if it had something holding the tires back (like driving with your brakes on). I took it back this afternoon and they advised me, after spending 30 minutes with it, that the new brake pads are a softer pad and sits closer to the rotor and within a week or so, the pads should wear down and I shouldn't have that feeling in it anymore. Does that sound right? Fortunately, the dealer and service manager are always very willing to make things right for me.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    That sounds dangerous IMHO. It is almost the same as saying drive with the emergency brakes engaged and it will be ok once it wears down...?? That sounds ridiculous. Sounds like they are incompetent with a smile. I would be careful with brakes sticking and overheating and failing. I let some things slide with the "nice" service people but a safety issue, like your brakes, needs immediate attention.

    Think of driving of driving in mountainous roads. Downhill braking too frequently and the brakes overheat and lose their stopping power. That is the reason for lower transmission gears so the engine acts like a brake and drag on your forward and backward motion so you don't overuse the brakes.

    I am thinking about whether to purchase a Navigator or QX56. I am definitely leaning to the Navigator although I am a Nissan fanatic. Currently driving a 2001 Pathfinder with no problems.

    Thank you to you all who post your QX56 issues and resolution. Please keep it up because the Nissan fanatic in me is still hoping the issues are resolved before I have no choice but to purchase the Navigator.
  • Well after going to the dealer about 4-5 times i was getting mad a little defeated and upset so i told them straight up that i was going to give them one more chance and if they didnt get the car fixed correctly i will exercise my lemon law rights and contact customer service. So i finally got the Qx back and i was totally blown away, they had done a terrific job no squeaks or rattles the car was dead silent everything was operating as it should and i felt really good knowing that that was how the car is supposed to be all the time now that Infiniti has worked the kinks out of my car i'm enjoying it again. If your going for the Navigator well dont, if you think the Qx has problems you'll probably crap your pants when you see the Navi forum and how bad the car is and the build quality and customer service and how everything quits early in the cars life.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190

    Thanks for update on your problems.

    What year is your QX and where is your dealership that fixed your problems?

    What were all of your problems? You did not mention the frequent and seemingly unfixable problematic brakes on the QX even though Infiniti promised fixes since June 2004. You did mention the squeaks and rattles but what was causing them?

    Most importantly, what did they do to solve the problem for good? Can you be as detailed as possible?

    You are giving me hope for the QX as I am hessitant about the Navigator. Also, I read the Navigator forum and problems are not as numerous as the QX56. Not to say that there will not be but I am in a position of choosing the lesser of two evils. The Navigator being the lesser for now b/c of all the QX56 recurring unfixable complaints.

    Thanks in advance.
  • dream84dream84 Posts: 3
    How in the world did you get to trade your qx in? Who? What? Where? When? HELP!!!
  • Hi everyone. I have had my car earlier than most people. I was the first recipient of the QX here in Saddle River NJ and since then I have been enjoying the car tremendously. The brakes have not had any problems, even since day one. During the scedualed car check-ups they have replaced the brakes in fear that i may complain in future events but I am yet to complain about the car. Also no terrible wind noise in the car, no leakage, and no electronical problems. While reading some of these entries I feel that the people posting them are out to get Infiniti for some odd reason, but i have no reason to report ANY problems about the car. It is a godsend and everyone that rides in it loves it. I have convinced three friends to buy/lease the car along with my wife and they also have not been complaining about the wonderful machine. I am scedualed to pick up my third QX56 for my 17 year old son next weekend. Safe and dependable, this should be a great first car. He is very excited, already knowing how mmy wife and i lobe the car so. Also, the car has been brought to Vermont for numerous offroading adventures in the four foot deep snow, mud and dirt. Even there no rattles to report. Amazing and ironic that one car could have so little problems but yet all the others have many. Hard to believe, huh? :confuse: Well I will leave you with this; I love, LOVE, my Infiniti QX56 and look forward to many more years with it. :D
    PS..- I have 29,000 miles on the car. This model infiniti is NOT a :lemon:
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