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Infiniti QX56



  • Badinfinity, we all thought you were long gone. Everyone here knows that you will say anything here to trash the QX56, and that is your sole agenda here. The rumor was that the brakes failed on your Escalade and you went off a cliff :) The FACTS that I related from other owners I spoke to and know were not hearsay. Is that your latest tactic, to claim that anytime anyone has a good experience with a QX56 it's hearsay? :-) I was in the market for a full size SUV, and I was relating the responses (both good and not so good) on the answers that I received when I asked people about their trucks. Granted my sample size was small, but if you read what I was told by other QX56 owners as well as take the time to read all the posts here you realize that most owners are reasonably happy with their QX's, although I will grant you they are not bulletproof...I don't think anyone ever claimed they were. But when I started asking Escalade owners about the experiences, they were uniformly negative. I'm not saying there are not happy Escalade owners (no doubt there are), but with the first hand experience I saw, there's no way I would take the risk of buying one. I've now had my '08 QX56 for 5 months/ 8k miles, and I've never even been back to the dealer problems whatsoever. I will grant you that the Escalade costs more and is quieter, but how can you claim that it handles better? Have you not read any professional reviews one each truck? The other person asked why would anyone buy one, and suggested the Suburban as an alternative. In my case, based on past experiences with GM products (and moreso, the attitude of GM employees who try to run away and hide when they can't repair a vehicle) it's very unlikely I would buy another GM product. And when I started asking owners about their experiences with the Escalade, the writing was on the wall. And I think the tow ratings are some indication of just how sturdy the respective trucks are. Other than a 3/4 ton Suburban, no other GM SUV appeared to be up to my needs for heavy duty towing.
  • Did I miss something or are you all comparing an Escalade to the QX. GM big iron,
    TahoeSuburbanYukonEscalade is old technology and doesn't even belong in the same neighborhood as the QX. Face it, Japanese autos are taking the big three to the cleaners right now and it's going to get worse. My QX is currently getting 15 mpg. No way a GM suv is getting any better than this. As far as cabin noise goes read the Caddy wind noise forums. I have owned many large GM vehicles in the past. They do not compare. Sloppy handling, terrible trannys, sickening trade value, poor service. I have two business associates with QXs that have been problem free as well. This is a great suv. Get over it. You are one of the few.
  • akbossakboss Posts: 10
    I think Mr.Badinifinty and I have something in common for our dislike of this vehicle, but let me pursue this a little further so as not to just be ignorant in my position. If you have a lot of money, you want to haul something heavy, and you want to do it in luxury, this vehicle is one of very few that can achieve this. Up until now, the "big iron" from GM was the big gun in this area, and for this writer is still the best (where's the QX56 hybrid! ha ha). Please, if you haven't ridden in a loaded '08 Suburban LT, don't say its not luxurious. But seriously, writers are boasting about 15mpg and 'good handling', this hurts my brain. Back to the part where you can get a Chev Suburban and still have enough left over for an Audi - you can haul all you want in this tried-and-true Chevy (my father-in-law's work 'burban, an '05, has done 155K miles in 2 yrs with only alternator replaced on warranty). Then if you want to understand what handling is, try on your new Audi. Honestly, no offense to QX56 owners...just think before you renew your next mortgage..I mean, lease, on a new Q. Oh, and I don't work for Chevy. I'm actually a Ford man! But lets not go there...
  • Eagle, in an attempt to not be as one sided as our friend Badinfinity, I must ask you what you mean by "old technology", and also what's neccesarily wrong with old technology? You do have to give GM some credit...their build quality has improved markedly over the last 5 years. Have you actually driven one of their new SUV's. The driving experience really has noticably improved, although the QX is still the better handling vehicle. And although I'm very happy with my QX, I can't say the build quality matches the Hondas and Toyotas I've owned in the past...just trying to be fair and present both sides.
  • Akboss, have you driven a QX? It's certainly not a sports car, but it's amazingly agile for something it's size. I've let about 10 friends drive mine, and they've all made the same comment. You mentioned you are a Ford man...there is a lot to like about the new Expeditions (sorry, I think the new Navigator is butt ugly, but that's subjective and my wife disagrees), and the handling is on a par with the QX...but when I drove it back to back with the QX, the QX has noticeably more low end torque, which is right where you need it in this type of vehicle. Actually when you compare the negotiated price of a QX to other luxury SUV's, it's reasonably priced. If you want to compare a Suburban, the more comparable vehicle is the Armada. Sure, the interior of a loaded Suburban is nice, but the interiors of the QX, Navigator, Denali, and Escalade are much more luxurious.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    You're not really comparing the handling of jumbo SUVs to an Audi (what model?)?
    Talk about apples and watermelons....

    I'll also dispute that the Suburban even rivals the luxury in the QX. Have you sat in the '08 QX? My wife and I looked at practically everything in the class from Tahoe to Mercedes GL. While the Tahoe is very nice and a big improvement over the crap that GM put out before, there is no comparison to the QX. We even thought that the QX had more luxury toys than the Escalade. The Escalade has a beautiful exterior design, but lacked many of the toys that the QX has (HDD Nav, Bluetooth, keyless start, HDD stereo system, etc.). The Caddy does have cooled seats, but otherwise I can't think of one thing that the Caddy has but not the QX.

    The Caddy is noticeably louder than the QX. Personally, I loved the throaty exhaust of the Caddy, but it would likely get tiresome over the long haul. Additionally, we looked at several Escalades at different dealers and most had fit/finish issues that we did not notice on the multiple QX's that we looked at. Finally, the Escalade/Tahoe/Denali/Suburban still have the live rear axle and no fold flat 3rd row. Talk about old technology!

    We really wanted to like the Escalade, but the QX easily won out, not even considering the price difference. Other folks may have different priorities than us, but the finalist v. the QX was actually the brand new Sequoia.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I agree with you completely on the Navigator....not attractive. The interior reminds me of an old Ford LTD....not exactly what I think of when I think of luxury. I did not even bother to take my wife to see the Navigator since it was so unattrative.

    Finally....why do you let so many people drive your QX? :)
    Mine is only for my wife and I!!!! :shades:
  • Where are GM hybrid owners going to be in 3 or 4 years when those batteries and electronics crap out and need replacing. Good luck with that. I seriously doubt that one of their hybrids would do too much better than the 15 mpg I get in real world conditions anyway. The Suburban is not a bad vehicle and I'm sure they have improved it greatly over the 99 I had. I drove a Denali before buying the QX and it was not even close. The interior is nice but it stops there. Old technology is that nav system and that live rear axle that prevents the fold away rear seats. Please understand I don't haul or use the Q for anything utilitarian. It is my wife's car used only for travel or out to dinner or to kid's ball games. I use my Tundra for hauling and my E55 for fun. No offense but I don't have a mortgage and have never had use for a Ford.
  • Even though the Qx has 100 hp less than the Escalade, rattles and vibrates like a 40 yr. old VW and has a cheezy interior, the WORST feature is it's inability to stop. After 4 sets of warped rotors in 20,000 miles, and ABS FAILURE and VEHICLE SKID CONTROL that took control of the vehicle for no reason at all, Infinity offered to buy it back. You obviously haven't driven a new Escalade (probably don't want to pay the extra $15k), but there is no comparison. Look at the Edmonds reports and consumer reports on this piece of crap. Then check the book value on a 12 month old QX. Glad you like it. Hope the brakes are there when you need them. :lemon: :lemon:
  • I would never put someone that I cared about in a QX56. Buy some life insurance.
  • You can not think of ONE thing the Caddy has that the Q does not??

    Ummmm.... let's see???

    Oh, I know B R A K E S?
  • That was funny! The part about going off a cliff. Actually I drive a Mercedes S550 which is o.k. I bought the Escalade for my girlfriend because we have a baby and I wanted something safe. My sole purpose is to WARN THE PUBLIC HOW DANGEROUS THESE VEHICLES ARE AND MAYBE SAVE A LIFE not to sell Escalades THESE BRAKE PROBLEMS ARE VERY REAL. When I first started this Nissan (& Infinity) were trying to ignore these problems. These brake failures are well documented with the Dept. of Highway Safety. There have been recalls, buybacks and lawsuits. I really don't care what you drive, as long as you know what your risks are. Do some research, there are many many web pages of these problems. :lemon:
  • That's not true you forgot the Caddy also has overhead storage for Tupac's greatest hits cd and additional bins for gold crunk teeth. Yeaaaaah!
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189 I know why my heels were all torn up after my QX test drive...having to stop Fred Flintstone style :P

    The question has been asked, but have you even looked at the new '08 QX. There is no doubt that the '04/05's had some issues, but even Consumer Reports notes their dramatic improvement.

    Personally, I love that the new GM SUVs come with an internal can't control when the fire starts, but can get it for those nice romantic getaways with your lady ;)
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Do me a favor...check and look at their depreciation rating for the Escalade and compare it to the QX. Look at the cost per mile. Actually, you may not want to look b/c your argument will be gone.

    As an aside, I clearly describe that we test drove the Escalade several times....and we're still choosing the QX...and no it is not the 15K (actually more like 3-4K) since the Escalade is going for several grand below invoice while the QX is well above invoice.
  • akbossakboss Posts: 10
    I'd like to point out something about this comment in specific by eagle34:

    "Where are GM hybrid owners going to be in 3 or 4 years when those batteries and electronics crap out and need replacing."

    I am personally in great support of the next stage of automotive development, for many reasons. In the interim period between the QX56 (which needs all of its towing ability to bring along an oil refinery) and 'emissions-free green energy', we have hybrids. While the technology isn't perfect, it is better than what we have. Speaking of 'old technology' in bashing the GM SUV's, consider that ALL vehicles not using a hybrid system are building on a motor that has been relatively unchanged since the late 1800's. Hybrid batteries are getting better, Toyota has had no significant battery system replacements in its Prius sedan, released to Japan in 1997. That's 10 years ago and its still purring! No moving parts? How is that unreliable! I'll send a post card when you're at the mechanics or the gas station.

    I would be interested to hear what some others think about hybrid technology, in support or otherwise...would you buy a hybrid QX if it existed?
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    We would strongly consider purchasing a hybrid QX. I would obviously do the math and see what kind of premium we're paying for the hybrid and try to figure out how long it would take to earn back that premium. Likely we'd pay a little extra premium to make the statement of going hybrid, but not much over a grand or 1500.

    Also, I would NEVER buy a hybrid QX if they put all those nasty decals over the vehicle that GM is doing. I hate to bash GM, but even when they do something admirable, they whore it up to the point where it looks just like a two dollar prostitute. Very disappointing....
  • I know I have bashed the GM products but actually have driven GM trucks from 85 to 07. Great trucks besides a couple of trannys and alternators. I usually get 100000 miles out them and trade up. I buy vehicles for specific purposes. I would never tow with an suv because I've always had trucks so my suv uses have always been travel and comfort. Wouldn't care if QX tow capacity was 500lb. I personally would not buy a large hybrid vehicle from GM. I would buy a small Toyota or Honda hybrid because I feel they have more development and real world time in this department. Why buy a Tahoe hybrid to get 20mpg when a 4runner or mdx will get you 19 or 20mpg without the added expense or growing pains of new technology. I still remember the old GM converted 6.2 conventional to diesel engine woes and the earlier cadillac V-8-6-4 deativated engines and have to think maybe this too is a band aid approach to better fuel economy with their hybrids. I do feel the automotive world is on the brink of some great strides in alternative energy sources but don't think GM will be the leader.
  • akbossakboss Posts: 10
    loved the posting about the hybrid badging and totally agree. Enormous stickers and logos all over the truck are awful, and GM is the worst for this...the only thing telling you a Toyota is a hybrid is their little 'synergy drive' icon.
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Apparently the decals on the Escalade Hybrid are optional...mildly ironic to me since that is very much a "in your face" vehicle. Don't get me wrong...I love the styling of the Escalade. We seriously considered it but the lack of fold flat 3rd row was a fatal flaw. I'd have probably gotten 20's instead of 22's to tone it down some but we loved the exterior style.
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