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Infiniti QX56



  • scygigscygig Posts: 3
    Hi everyone, My son is wanting to purchase a 2004 or 5 QX and I would like to know what problems or concerns you owners have had. I have read that Consumer Reports rates the QX as a bad buy and I am concerned of buying someone else's problems. I would rather he get a FX but his heart is set on the QX56.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    The only major issue with the 2004-05 models are the brakes. Make sure that the upgraded brakes were installed before purchasing one of those.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    My wife drove the QX56 2007 which was on the lot at the dealer, and tried the 2008.
    The upgrades to the 2008 and the drive was much better on the 2008 model. With gas prices the big SUVs are not moving as well. Your son may be able to get a good deal on a 2008. We have a 2008 and it is a pleasure to drive.
  • benbobenbo Posts: 13
    Prior to and after my purchase of a 2008 QX56 I read quite number of reviews on the Q56. It seems as though references are made to problems suffered in previous years models but then reference improvements made to the 2008 model. Yet the vehicle receives poor reviews from some consumer magazines. I read one today where the Q was given a "1" out of a possible "10" for fuel economy. It showed combine city/highway of 12.5 MPG. When I looked at the competition , Caddy, Lincoln,M/B, Audi , I see approximately the same MPG give or take 2 miles and those vehicles receive either a 5 or 6 rating. The Q is given praise for having an array of extras for less money than the competition but it does not seem to effect the ratings. I have just turned 2100 miles and I am getting combined mileage of 13.5 to 14.5 . Also comparison is made quite often to the Armada and being able to buy as good a vehicle in the Armada for less money.
    So far my only demerit so to speak is engine noise in the cabin. The more I drive it the less I seem to notice it. Is it me or does the Q get knocked around a bit in the ratings?
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    I agree entirely that the QX is underappreciated by the automotive press and the general public. That does not bother me though. I like driving something that flies under the radar and does not attract the attention that a Escalade does.

    I would not consider a 04/05 QX. I think that the interior is quite unremarkable for the luxury SUV that it is and the general build quality/reliability is not consistent with the price. We would not have considered the QX w/out the changes/improvements that the 08 brought. The only option I'd like to have had would have been cooled seats. Some of the neat toys on the new EX/FX would have been cool too.

    Just to give another perspective to engine noise....I don't really notice it unless you get on the gas a good bit. At cruise, I'm surprised at how quiet this "brick" is.
  • Just getting into the blog. I am currently leasing an 06 QX56 which expires Sept 08. Just saw the 09 that Infiniti posted recently. I want another QX56 and am trying to decide for a better deal on an 08 or wait for the 09. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 380
    Where did Infiniti post information about the '09 model? I'm interested too.
  • and click QX and it will display a QX that looks like the 08 but it list as 2009. I also received a mail out that showed 2009. I wrote to the website and the reply was possibable release in July.
  • Are you a current QX owner?

    My findings form this blog indicate the 09 will be very close to the 08 and that the 2010 is likelly have major changes and could be produced at a different location than Canton, Ms
  • founderfounder Posts: 48
    I read that there will be no changes for 09 and that they will be out in the summer. Also the QX and the Armada is supposed to get a total redesign for 2010 if they are continued. The Armada i read will likly be continued. Although Nissan has not confirmed officially that the QX will continue on. It's been said that the QX will go in a new direction and no longer be on the same platform or a luxary version of the Armada. Nissan wants to go in a different direction with the QX. It'll be interesting to see what it becomes if it will no longer be based off the Armada if it does continue on.
  • 6infs6infs Posts: 6
    Your right the 2004 has big brake problems, insist on the upgrade and don't back down. Other than that, it was a great car it got 15 mpg for all 4 years (regular unleaded). the 2008 is amazing! The electronic upgrades are wonderful, the larger tires really make a difference. I'm getting 12 ish mpg and today it hurts
  • vanbentonvanbenton Posts: 2
    I traded my 2005 QX56 in on a 2008. I have not had any challenges with it. I now have 9500 miles and it is running good. I am getting about 14 MPG in the city/highway and 16.5 MPG highway only. I like the new electronics and the changes with the rims/tires and the chrome on the roof racks makes it look better also.
  • rebulrebul Posts: 1
    I purchased the 2008 QX56 in early December for $52,000 bottom line. The only extra I got was the dvd entertainment package. I forgot I also got the cargo mats and all the rubber mats for the car too. I thought it was a good deal and 2.9% financing.
  • 6infs6infs Posts: 6
    I just picked up my 2nd Q, I had a 2004. I spent a lot of time thinking about the warranty because of the number of miles that I put on in a year.
    A couple things to consider.
    1) My 2004 never cost me a dime more than normal scheduled maint. Tires, oil, fluids and other things. Nothing else. It was the best
    2) Consumer reports just did a write up on them, and they really don't like them. Take a minute go to the library and read the article, the talked about things I never considered.

    Also, this Q is our 6th Infiniti, and I have never really had a large out of pocket expense. Quality is really far above what I would expect.
  • itunisitunis Posts: 2
    Recently, I decided to sell my 2002 Yukon XL and upgrade to a more luxurious full size SUV. My wife and I tried out pretty much every competitor, and we were shocked at how great a difference there was between them and the QX. I set out thinking I'd get the Escalade, and that I only would try the others to be a responsible buyer.
    As it turns out, the Navigator was woefully underpowered and had a "retro" interior that wasn't too great, the Q7 and G-Class were a bit small, and the Escalade, along with a disappointing interior, had pricey extras that came standard on the QX.
    When we got around to buying the QX56, we planned to buy a used 2008 with a few thousand miles. With gas prices sky high, we were able to find a 4WD QX with the DVD player and front sonar/adaptive cruise control-fully loaded- for just 40,000 dollars. That's about the same as we paid for our Yukon- I consider it one of the bargains of the century. :D
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Congrats! I'm assuming that you got a used '08 for 40K.

    We had much the same assessment about the QX's competitors. I wanted (and still do) to love the Escalade but the lack of some features, the terribly designed 3rd row (not folding into the floor), and the high price told us otherwise. Interestingly, I thought going into the process that we would end up with the QX and I ended up being correct. I was super stoked to see the new '08 (the first one that arrived in Raleigh) had significantly improved most of the problem areas on the QX. The only reason that I don't absolutely love the QX is the "unique...only a mother could love" front end/headlights.

    5K and we love our QX though...very functional and well thought out.
  • Have you heard of their new self healing paint? For real! Check it out! (The heat from the sun, takes the gel of the paint and fills in the scratches! )
  • I have a 2005 QX56 83k miles on it. Has anyone else had the following problem:
    While driving along at around 50-60 mph the car will suddenly lose power or turn off. The 4wd drive indicator the check engine soon and brake indicator all blink rapidly.
    I then glide to the side of the road put car in park and restart the car as if nothing happened.

    It has happened 3x, after the first time I brought it in, but nothing showed on the diagnostic. It happened again 2x yesterday along with a hiccup at speed. I want to say it has something to do with the transmission, but that's a guess. all indicators and gauges are normal except when it loses power.

    Has this happened to anybody else and what is wrong. Thanks.
  • has anyone experience annoying rattles of the dvd screen when driving? I have a 2008 QX and the rattling is very distracting...I literally have to wedge a rag behind the screen to soften the sound.
  • my 2008 QX 56 has paint peeling off the hood. is this covered by warranty?
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