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What about the '04 F250?

bama_swampfoxbama_swampfox Posts: 2
edited March 6 in Ford
All the talk is about the new '04 F150 but what
about the '04 F250? Ford has released pictures of the Harley/F250 but the only difference I can
tell is paint and wheels. Does anyone have info on what the changes will be for the '04 F250? I
want to buy one with the 6.0 diesel and am trying
to decide whether to wait or, make a deal now on
an '03. Any help appreciated!


  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Most of the changes for '04, are mostly cosmetic. However, 6.0 Diesel is coming out with an emissions upgrade that is suppose to address some driveablity issues with that engine - think it won't occur until 12/03 or thereabouts - in the meantime all diesels are basically unchanged from '03. Upgrades include new EGR Cooler, a "Wavy" HP Oil rail, modified rocker arm carriers, revised intake manifold, and a redesigned turbo charger. They're also offering an upgraded AIC (Automatic idle controller) in the diesel.
      Gassers get a heated PCV valve to reduce freezing, and heavier alternators. Lariats get a wireless door lock keypad. The rear doors on Crew Cabs open 6 degrees wider. Crew Cabs also get folding rear seats for improved rear storage. Front ends get a bigger blocker beam to prevent truck from riding over Hondas and Toyotas ;-)
       Sounds like Diesels will be improved and may be worth waiting for. Yet I was at dealership last week and they had a slew of Superdutys on the lot, so I am sure they've got a good incentive to deal. It's up to you.
  • palkowski: you really must have an inside track to have these details. I'm going to wait until the '04 is announced and see what deals are out there but, more likely I'll wait and order one exactly like I want - I only want to do this once. Thanks again!
  • Great info, but this is a duplicate discussion. If you click on my link to the 2004 Ford F-150 discussion, that's where you'll find others talking about this upcoming pickup. Thanks!

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  • and thanks to wpalkowski for pointing out my re-direct error. Since there doesn't seem to be an active discussion on the F250, I'll leave this one open. However, there's no major redesign planned for '04, so I'll change the title of the discussion to Ford F-250 in a couple of days. Thanks!

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  • hdwind7hdwind7 Posts: 2
    I'm about to purchase an '03 6.0. However I see quite a few used units around the country with low to high miles available. When reading all the complaint postings, I wonder if I should wait for the '04. Does anyone have any insight on why there are so many used 03's on the market already?
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    First off, let me tell you that I do not have a 6.0 and am no expert by any means. With that said, I'd hazard a guess that it is due to the many problems associated with the first year 6.0. The vast majority of problems seem to be with the engine, however I don't believe it was the engine. Navistar(International) builds the Powerstroke for Ford. I think the problems lie in Ford's programming. We saw a lot of that in '99 and '00 with the then new Superduties and Ford's programming. Computer reflashes with better programming solved a lot of problems. Will that be the case with the 6.0's? I don't know, but probably will.

    If budget is no problem, I'd wait. However, if you are like me and budget is a BIG problem, then look at an '02 7.3. Lots of bugs were worked out of the 7.3 by that time. I'm seeing '01 and '02's in the low 20's around here. I don't know the mileage on these units though.
  • hdwind7hdwind7 Posts: 2
    Thanks Jim. I see you have an F350. What,in fact are some of the differences between the models? In effect, what makes the 3/4 ton v. 1 ton. Such as load bearing and drive train elements.
  • rodw5rodw5 Posts: 3
    I,m in the same boat,and running out of time trying to decide on the 03 with the rebate or 04 model. I recently test drove two 03,s and 04 models,and significant pressure had to be applied to the accelerator the get the 03 going. This was not the case with the 04 model.Is this normal. Didn,t know jack about diesel until I found this site. Learned a lot in the last 30min. Thanks to everyone for the very helpful info.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    hdwind7: The differences between a 3/4 and 1 ton? If you are talking about the 1 ton dually, then obvious differences. If you are talking about the single rear wheel version of the 1 ton, well then that is another story. I am a member of another forum where this exact topic has been discussed many times. No one has really been able to point to the exact differences. I can tell you the Gross Vehicle Weight Recommendation of the F-250 is 8,800 lbs where the F-350 SRW is 9,900 lbs, with the F-350 DRW coming in at 11,200 lbs. Honestly, I don't know the difference either. But then again I'm not an engineer nor am I a metalurgist. There has got to be some difference somewhere to warrant the difference in GVWR's.

    rodw5: I haven't test driven a 6.0 yet. I've been afraid to as that is how I eventually ended up with my '99. I'd say the difference is in the programming and/or Ford may have altered the TPS on the accelerator to give it a little more "umph" off the line. A fellow in my office suite has an '03 6.0 and he has commented my 7.3 seems stronger just off idle than his. I also have noticed his "sounds" as if it is operating at a higher rpm than mine.
  • cpo3cpo3 Posts: 6
    I just got off the phone with the dealer I'm going to use located in Texas, and he urged me to wait until the end of September or the first part of October to put my order in for ether the F-250 or 350 because that way he assured me that I would be getting the updated 6.0 engine.
  • Does anyone have observed fuel economy for a Ford F250 with the 5.4 engine?
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    What's configuration of truck. 2x4, 4x4, Reg Cab, Super Cab, Crew Cab, Short Bed Long Bed?
    3.73:1, or 4:10:1 axle ratio?

      Reg Cab, Short Bed, 2x4, w/ 3.73 will get several mpgs better than Crew Cab, Long Bed 4x4, w/ 4:10 rear end.

    I have a V10, so I recuse myself from estimates, but just wanted to help narrow it down.
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