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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 2.5 X Premium, Auto, All-Weather Package, Utility Package (aero cross bars, wheel arch moldings, rear bumper cover and splash guards), Auto Dimming compass mirror with Homelink, All Weather floor mats--


    I figure this to be approx. $60 over invoice. Seems like a decent internet quote. Any advice on where to go from here? Is this a quote I should take to other dealers? I'm going to need a really good purchase price to get to the kind of lease payment I need.

    Thanks much, appreciate all the great feedback and info here.
  • I placed an order for the X-limited at bill kolb subaru. When the car came in, I brought a check for the full amount. However, I was told that I can't pick up the car till the following week (the car was sitting on the lot with my name on it). I was told that they don't have the time to have a salesperson show me around the car.

    I informed them that I paid for the car in full and should be able to pick it up when I want it. They informed me that unless I came by that specific day at a specific time they would not give me the car because they will not have a salesperson to help me. They want their sales people to concentrate as much time on selling the car and spend as little time as possible actually getting the car to the customer.

    When I came back to get the car, the sales person handed me the keys and said "all you need to know is in the instruction manual" and then asked me if there is anything I needed to now. I asked him about filling the car with gas and he said "oh yea, make sure that the cap clicks when you close it".

    That was it!!!! I will never buy from them again! :mad:
  • red927red927 Posts: 118
    When I picked up my wife's new Subaru Legacy last month, I noticed that the window sticker had a listing for a "Full Tank of Gas". When I pointed it out to the staff, they gave me cash to fill it up!
  • At least I got the full gas tank. But then again, they had over 10 days to fill up the car because they did not want to release it to me unless I came by during a very specific and small window of time.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats to capitano, pokeyone, golfnff, and KingAJ (you are the 3rd AJ on these forums, wow!).

    fastLayne: did you close the deal?

    If anyone is looking for a price reference, go to They have no-haggle pricing and if you can beat them, you're golden, IMHO.

    VIP is 2% under invoice, IIRC. Seems like dealers are dealing, so you may not have to go through the trouble.

    We used VIP back in May to order one, but supply was still very short back then.
  • Following your recommendation I went to, but I couldn't find options listed anywhere. Without knowing the options included on a particular vehicle I can't compare w/ other dealer quotes. Am I missing something on their website?

  • Hi, got this price from a Subaru dealer in Bayridge, Brooklyn- 20,750 $ excluding NY state taxes (1737.82) and new plates (160) and other fee of 25$. Total out the door price was 22,715.32$. dealer MSRP ~ 22,090$ and dealer invoice at 21,078$. The only thing extra in the car given by the dealer was all weather mats and a full tank of gas- no other extra attachments. Looked like the salesman/manager would have gone down by ~ 500$ more if I waited for a week to two more. Little not satisfied with the deal - felt that I should have not rushed in to the deal- anyways guys- please let me know how this deal was-- ur comments awaited !!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If you select several vehicles to compare, or click on any one, then you'll see more details.

    Also, you can look at the least and most expensive for one particular model, to get a real-world price range.
  • sjtashsjtash Posts: 27
    I live on Long Island, NY and am looking for the best deal on the 2.5XT Limited.

    Anyone buy one recently, where, how was your experience and what should I look to pay? I was estimating $28,500.

    Any thoughts?
  • Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience about purchasing a certified preowned 2009 Forester Premium from a dealer that had previously been used as a loaner car when customers dropped off their cars for repair. It has low miles and is certified so it has an extended powertrain warranty of 6 years, 100K miles. My concern is that it had several drivers who might not be concerned about the long term condition of the car.

    Approximately how much less should I expect to pay for this car versus a comparably equipped new 09 Forester?

    I'd appreciate any insight.

  • I was hoping some knowledgeable people here might give some advice on a purchase price. I've scanned through many of the threads but didn't find this discussion until this morning.. In two days my wife and I will be off to a few dealers to buy a new "Forester X Premium". Some of the things mentioned here in this forum make me feel clueless. For example....VIP pricing,, (which I'm about to check) etc. I realy feel that I have little time now to really get up to speed. plan has been to use my Costco membership. They have a no haggle price agreement with certain dealers. I thought to go to one dealership...bargain as hard as possible...then go and see the other dealer to see what the Costco price would be. I purchased the Consumer Reports pricing guide and know the start point for negotiation according to their price report. I haven't seen the Costco pricing but think it is supposed to be at invoice.

    SO.... I'm not sure what we should expect to pay...but we are in Central Texas and want the following.....

    2009 Forester X Premium - Auto - Popular Equipment Group 1 A-B (cargo tray, splash guards, rear bumper cover). We also want rear cargo cover, rubber floor mats and ipod interface.

    The way I figure it....all this should invoice out right at or near... $22,477 + $695 destination = $23,172

    Does this sound correct? Will the dealer let us order this exact configuration in the color we want? Should we expect to be able to negotiate to this price or should we plan on paying closer to $24,000? And....if we long should we expect to wait? Of course TT&L is gonna add on too. I wonder if the Costco price will indeed come in at invoice. If so...that seems pretty reasonable.

    I have one more question...I want my wife to have the best night visibility possible. I'm most concerned about lighting up country roads at night to illuminate deer. I'm thinking the fog lights may or may not be appropriate for this purpose. Are they? If so...I could add them on too....but they are invoiced at $291. I'm a bit uneasy with the idea of trying to use aftermarket fog lamps because the fit and finish might not be as nice.

    On a separate note...I think we will upgrade the stereo after purchase...probably keep the base stereo...add an amp and new speakers..maybe a sub....not sure...but think this is probably the best route. Throwing this info out in case someone wants to tell me it's a mistake to wait! :)

    I'm sorry if this post is a bit long and lazy. Buying the Forester has come on fast. We are down one vehicle and have family coming for the holidays and want to make this happen. Any recommendations for price or any other tips are welcome.

    Finally, anyone care to warn us about some of the little add-ons that the dealer might try to slip in to increase their bottome line? (I can tell you that we already have financing in place and are not trading in a vehicle.) This will be a straight price negotiation. I just don't want to miss anything or sign off on any "fees" that are unnecessary. Title fees, courier fees, etc. etc...are they all legit?

    If you got this far you're a trooper....I've asked a bundle of questions! Your help will truly be appreciated. Thanks! :D
  • I am currently doing the same thing. I think that the price you got is high. I am looking for the same model and package and a dealer in NE PA. offered a price of $340, with the tax built-in $0 down, first month free, includes 15k miles/year and 36 mo. lease. :)
  • sgloonsgloon Posts: 303
    I bought from Heuberger - instate. That $17.20 is the CO rate.

    Also, be sure to check the date of purchase with your insurance company, Subaru, etc. I found they put down on some paper work that I nevr saw, that they sent to the state, that I bought the car 2 weeks before I even saw it. This could affect your length of warranty (if something happens in that 2 week period), insurance cost for the year, etc, if you don't rectify it.

    Subaru corrected the date after I sent them copies of my sales receipt.

    I only just found out the insurance company has overcharged me due to this same error, even though I told them the date it was delivered when I requested the insurance. So I have to ask them for more money back.

    The DMV would have had the same issue, except the dates were within the same month, so it didn't affect what I had to actually pay, (my fees were significantly more than the $50 mentioned here), You pay for the full month no matter what day you register it on, in my county that is.
  • sgloonsgloon Posts: 303
    I'm not up to speed on current prices, but I got a similar configuration for about $21k about 6 months ago. I've found location matters on pricing, so if you are in say NYC, your price might be good. With the economy the way it is...I would like to suggest you have a lot of negotiating room. Just don't walk in feeling like you "have" to make a deal. Good luck.

    Re: fog lights They are, if designed correctly not too bright as a really bright light just reflect off all the water vapor in the air. Think about what happens when you turn on your high beams in the fog.

    The lights on the Forester are a bit short (especially the low beams) so you are right to be concerned. Will you be using the high beams when looking for deer? ;)
  • Thank you for the reply. Most likely you will be reading this after I am out the door and in the process. I'm inclined to go with the fog wife doesn't seem to care....but if the lights are a bit short perhaps they will fill in well? The 21K price tage is very interesting. It looks like Fitzmall has a semi-similar Premium listed at 22,700 internet price. I also remember an internet special at one dealer of 21,500 back in Oct....but that was when Subaru was offering a rebate. Based on CR pricing I can't see us doing better than right around 22,500 + destination charge and TT&L. Perhaps I'm a lamb going to slaughter on this if it's actually possible to get it for less? Oh well...gonna do our best to find out.
  • Okay...we got the Subaru Forester Premium Package with Puddle Lights, auto dimming rear-view mirror/compass., splash guards, all weather mats, rear bumper protector, cargo tray, rear cargo cover and ipod interface for $22,995 + TT&L. We didn't care about the puddle lights or mirror...but they were already on board. The rear cargo cover was already on board. They added the rest via dealer install. I think this is a very good price...yes? If not...lie to me! We wanted a good deal while being fair to the dealer.
  • Despite the many bad reviews of Schaumburg Subaru I went to check out the 2009 Forester. My experience was fine as Schaumburg Subaru, sales and financing people were very reasonable, at least the ones I dealt with. Maybe people only post reviews of bad experiences. Anyway I ended up with:

    Premium + AWP
    Auto Dim Mirror
    Puddle Lights
    All weather mats
    Popular package 1A

    Price seemed reasonable at $22,451, well below the invoice price of$23,609 (and MSRP of 25,492). Doc ($150), and plate transfer ($80) were standard for Chicago area. Taxes (7.25%) brought the total to $24,504.
  • I'd say you did very well! We just got the same vehicle (see post just before your last one) for $24,673. We paid $171 the day before here in Texas...and our tax rate is lower at 6.25%....tags are $77. Not only this....but we did not get the AWP! BUT...we did get the cargo cover and ipod interface. It's an awesome vehicle...we were all grins taking turns bringing it home!
  • Hi there,

    Just put a deposit down on this in No. Calif:

    X Limited w/ no nav
    Dim Mirror w/ Compass, Luggage Cover, Splash Guard Kit
    $25760 base price ($700 off of TMV, $200 over invoice)
    .00175 MF
    $676 drive away (DMW and first payment)
    $16500 residual
    36 mo/ 12,000 mi.

    $377/mo payments with tax

    Pretty happy with this deal. would love some feedback!
  • milzomilzo Posts: 8
    Just put a deposit down on an 09 Limited here are the details.

    White Exterior/ Grey Interior
    Auto dimming mirror with compass
    Splash guards
    Rear luggage cover
    Wheel locks
    Vertical cargo net
    Trailer hitch
    Ipod tray
    Rear bumper cover
    All Weather mats

    $27,699 out the door that is about $600 under invoice :P
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