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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No worries, a few years from now you won't remember how much you paid, but hopefully you picked a vehicle you will still enjoy plenty.
  • Palefire,

    Getting an amazing deal (vs. a good deal or decent deal) is dependent on several factors, not all of which we can control. Subaru just had a banner month for sales (especially on Foresters) and timing can really make a difference. If they are doing well, they can afford to turn down offers from customers that would have taken in leaner times. Subarus are flying out the door in my area (New England) and they just aren’t doing the same deals as they were a couple months ago, so you will necessarily pay a bit more, but that doesn’t mean you got a bad deal.

    Enjoy your Forester and remember that you probably did more homework on pricing than 90% of buyers out there… so I am sure you did better than most!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If he found the color and model he wanted, that may have been good luck. Supply is ridiculously short right now.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,282
    I bet that is for certain. I noticed at the local lot here in Fairbanks that they are down to about eight cars, and five of them are manuals. They still have not sold the car I tried to buy from them a month ago. Too bad for them! :P

    I leave tomorrow morning to pick up my car in Seattle. :shades:
  • I posted a "cold feet" message on this board a couple of weeks ago, and got a lot of encouragement to take the plunge. I did, and now own a 2010 Forester LTD.

    I AM VERY HAPPY! I was worried I would regret not stepping up to Turbo, but I am not finding that too big a deal, it is a perky drive. Sitting in the car is a joy. I love the clearance, the ride... in short, as I said, very happy.

    Except for the stereo. I previously drove a 1998 audi A4 with a Bose sound system. Not that it was the greatest thing, but the Subaru's sound system in pathetic. I thought the 'six speaker' upgrade that comes with the Limited would be cool. But it sounds like mud.

    So my question is, if I wanted to upgrade the sound system, how does one go about it?

    I know there are stores that install these crazy woofers in the trunk and whatnot. but where does one get a quality stereo and what should one get, and what should one think about paying?

    This is probably ridiculously obvious. But I simply have never done it before.

  • BIG congratulations on your new 2010 Forester LTD! Mine should be arriving in the next week or two... exciting! I visited the dealership yesterday and saw NO Foresters... no wonder they aren't doing great deals up here... there are none in stock. Oh well... we'll see what financing offers they have next month and we'll hope for a low APR.

    I'll be curious to hear what others say about the stereo. My Acura RSX was pretty decent but the road noise drowned out the stereo... the Forester is definitely quieter so a nice stereo would be great.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,282
    Well, maybe I am just too used to the stereos in old, crappy cars, but I think the sound system is very nice. The bass fades off with road noise at speed, but the mid and high ranges are clear and crisp. I would think the six-speaker would help even more, along with the compact under-seat subwoofer. But, if it sounds like "mud" without the subwoofer, I doubt that would help the situation.
  • I am being a prima donna and will get over it. Mostly I can't believe how nice the car is. It feels so solid and smooth.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I have thought about swapping out the head unit for one with built-in GPS, though, specifically I'd like to get one of these Kenwoods with Garmin GPS built-in:


    I'm more of a gadget geek than an audiophile. I want a GPS and maybe a backup cam more than improved sound.

    Nice thing is the opening is Double-DIN, about the most standard size you will find. Just about anything will fit.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Out of curiosity, I looked up pricing:

    $950 gets you a 6.3" screen with a free backup cam and install gear
    $1000 adds Bluetooth
    $1500 gets a 7" screen

    All from Crutchfield.
  • Kenwood DNX6140 with Garmin Nav system, Bluetooth capable, Sat Radio etc.
    6.1 inch screen all for $755.49 at
    You want something with a knob, you need to turn something down, you reach over and turn the knob down, with touch screen are you really going to turn down the audio quickly? LINK


    For rear camera Kenwood CCD-2000 Rear-View Camera $199.

    Sat Radio receiver and cables, add $80">link title
    iPod Adapter and Video $30
    Steering Wheel volume control Jack $40
    Cable Connector for all the wiring $10
    Total: $755+$160= $815

    That's cheaper than $1500 for something with .6 more screen size.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's the one Crutchfield lists for $1000, but their price includes the backup cam and a harness+instructions, so pretty close, really.

    Not sure how easy the install would be. I put a Dual radio in a 1993 Miata and their instructions were quite good, so I nailed it on the first try. I did have to crimp some wires together, though. Plus I definitely needed the harness they provided.

    So $755.49 + $199 for no instructions and no harness? I'd lean towards Cruthfield, given I have experience with them.

    That screen is 6.1", the bigger one is 6.9". I have buttons on the steering wheel to adjust volume (though come to think of it, that probably would require another adaptor and another $100 or so).
  • k2chadk2chad Posts: 18
    MSRP $30517
    Invoice $28310
    Accepted offer of $27955
    Took the 3.9% financing. Not a bad deal at all on a brand new XT limited. Car is fast too. Overall very easy buying experience.
  • jtc1jtc1 Posts: 3
    Just picked up a 2.5X Limited AWP, Racks, ect ect.
    A pretty solid package and got out the door taxes and all for 25900. I feel fairly confident that I got a good deal. what does any one else think?
  • an amazing deal. With taxes I paid 30 for the same package.

    May I ask, out of morbid curiosity, what they were asking and how much they came down?
  • jtc1jtc1 Posts: 3
    hey thanks for the response. The sticker price (suggested retail) 27,677.00. I did some research found what the invoice price for the dealer would be and dealt with several dealers on line. I sent an email to 4 dealers offering 25K out the door with $2000 trade in for my wifes 99 beetle with 72K miles on it.
    A dealer came back with the color and package i wanted for 25911.61 Out the Door
    I picked it up yesterday.
  • 25911.61... plus the beetle? Was it that number, and then they took off two more grand? Or was it that number after the gave you 200 grand for the Beetle.

    Your method is the one I will use next time I buy a new car, whenever that is.

    For now, even though I might have done a bit better, I am consoled by the fact that I like the car very much.
  • jtc1jtc1 Posts: 3
    sorry it did read a bit confusing.
    The dealer gave me the price of 25000 plus fees and tax. minus the 2K for the beetle brought it to 23K, 25911.61 out the door taxes fees included.
    I love the car! excited to have a Subie again.
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    It sounded great at first. Would have been $27,911.60 withouth the Beetle. I would say it is an okay deal. You are back OVER MSRP without your trade-in.
  • evadooevadoo Posts: 40
    AT LAST... our 2010 Forester 2.5X Limited (PZEV) arrived and it is gorgeous! We got it in Sage Green and added the auto-start option, splash guards, hood protector, rear bumper cover, and all-weather mats. It sure looks nice all dressed up in the options and the leather seats and the most comfortable I have sat in. We tested one with cloth so this is the first time we have tried out the leather and it is SO nice. We had a fabulous, low-key, no-surprises sales experience from Exeter Subaru in NH. They were professional in every way and certainly earn their A+ rating from the BBB!
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