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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    IMO silver does the best job of hiding dirt with white a close 2nd. Neither color is going to exactly stand out in a crowd but then they won't attract unwanted attention from law enforcement officials when your foot gets a little heavy on the FXT's gas pedal :-)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I have a white Miata, and I would not recommend that color. It stains too easily, a simple leaf falling on the car when it's wet causes a tea stain.

    Pollen looks yellow.

    The only time it's good is when there is snow/salt on the road, and even then only the first day.

    Go for silver if you want low maintenance.

  • Thank you both very much for your inputs. I am definately swayed toward silver now. And it honestly makes my purchase easier, because there are two silver ones within 100 miles of my town. Only one problem with both of them, neither one has an armrest extension. Does anyone know if that is something that can be ordered and installed at the dealers?

  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    You can install it in less than 5 minutes with a screw driver and two screws that come with it. Trust me if I can do it anyone can... Good Luck... Matt
  • Can you share with us the price request you used in your fax attack for the XS LL Bean Forester? Was it for an automatic or manual?
  • I am shopping for the same car in the NYC/ Long Island Area. The best price I found was 25,588, plus tax, minus the 1300 rebate and add various fees.

    I am told that this would work only until Feb 28th.

    I wonder if the March Rebates will be better?

    ANYONE have any Ideas at all?
  • I am shopping for the same car in the NYC/ Long Island Area. The best price I found was 25,588, plus tax, minus the 1300 rebate and add various fees.

    I am told that this would work only until Feb 28th.

    I wonder if the March Rebates will be better?

    ANYONE have any Ideas at all?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Don't use the refresh button, it creates duplicate posts. Instead, click on "Recent Msgs".

    I find that price a bit high. Try Van Bortel Subaru, they're in NY and offer no-haggle prices, likely lower than that. Then see if your dealer can match or beat it.

  • dcabdcab Posts: 101
    Van Bortel seems high these days. Our two local dealerships beat Van Bortel in their ads. We bought our 97 Outback from Van Bortel but stayed local our 03 Forester. Fitzgerald's is showing much lower prices on their website.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    yes, they are way too expensive. even the 1st quote given by boston local dealers are 1,000 cheaper than vanbortel
  • rxman01rxman01 Posts: 4
    Lesson learned on the duplicate post thing. Sorry to all...

    Well, I found Van Bortel and they are 8-10 hours away from me. I have learned New York is a very large state, and they are clear across the state from Long Island. A

    Actually, you can't get too much further from me and still be in NY State. But it is good to have them as a reference point. Perhaps I can call them, they may give a quote on the phone.

    Anyway, thank you for the info...

    Here is a problem, all ideas/ comments from all you Subies requested...

    I have a down payment on the above (overpriced) LL Bean Forester.

    What is the legality/ feasibility of backing out of the deal? I have several thousand dollar check written on Saturday, I dated it Mon 2/28, the day the promotion was over...

    Is it too late to renegotiate the price?

    By the way, is the promotion renewed for March?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • rxman01rxman01 Posts: 4
    Well, Subies, the rebate IS renewed for March and I got a good deal on a Red LL Bean. I take delivery on Monday.

    I was wondering about options and aftermarket stuff...

    Anyone have ideas on whether or not the Rear Bumper Cover is a worthwhile add-on? and is it worth the dealer price or should I buy one afterward and install myself?

    ditto on the Brush Guard and Rear Differential Protector?

    I see them at good prices at 1st subaru and I wonder if they are good deals or too much hassle for the bebnefits gained?


  • skratskrat Posts: 2
    I got my L.L. Bean 05 last week and absolutely love it! I traded in my 96 Mits Eclipse RS after driving it for 8 years. I ended up driving out to Clearwater (Fitz Auto Mall) to get my Subie since there were only 2 Beans to choose from in all of Orlando, and neither was the color I wanted (woodland green). Fitz had the best price and there was no haggling and no pressure. My husband said it's the easiest car purchase he's ever seen. I highly recommend Fitz Mall. I also recommend getting an appraisal on your trade at Carmax first. Fitz offered me more than Carmax sight-unseen since I had gotten an appraisal from Carmax. I also recommend trying to get financing through a credit union. They had the best interest rate and were flexible with payment options. Sometimes if you pay your monthly payment every two weeks instead of monthly you can knock down the original loan term by a few months along with the monthly payment.

    In a nutshell I paid $24,024 rebate included, excluding tax, tag, title. That price included the following extras:
    wheel locks
    cargo tray
    custom tailpipe cover
    auto dim mirror/homelink
    Popular equip. group 3a (armrest extension,rear net)

    Total MSRP was $27,660, destination included.

    I have driven in the rain several times with my Bean and it handles great! I have also used the seatwarmers which is a nice treat for the morning commute. I haven't missed my stick-shift since driving the Bean. This is my first, brand new car! No regrets :)

    I'm getting the windows tinted today and picking up a rear bumper cover.
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    I couldn't do without the bumper cover as it protects the bumper from my dog's claws when he jumps in and out (not necessarily as effective with all dogs). It also protects the bumper when loading heavy/bulky objects (think Home Depot runs).

    IMO the "brush guard" is purely cosmetic and looks silly but then I think that everytime I see a brush guard on any SUV in an urban/sububan setting.

    The rear diffy protector might come in handy if you'll be going any futher off-road than where a gravel road will take you.

    If you include the optional equipment as part of the total vehicle price, you can usually get invoice price on most options and if so, that will be your best deal.

  • dognutdognut Posts: 8
    Planning on waiting for the updated 06 this summer. Stopped by a dealer Sun. and saw a 05 LLBean on the lot. Decided to give it a ride. MSRP is $27,000. No extras added. Manager wants to unload and will sell it to me for $22,450. What to do, what to do?????????? Isn't this deal to good to pass up? Or should I wait for what I would really love--a new 06? How much more do you think this would end up costing me? When do you think they will appear on the lots?
    Thanks for your opinions.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Usually a new model year will cost about $1500 extra for a while, definitely past the time the current year models are gone.

    Go for the bargain, the changes seem minor.

  • cusafrcusafr Posts: 184
    The Subaru web site shows that LL Bean vehicles have a Starting Price more than $32K. How is this one $27K and seling for $22.5K?

    I would love to buy one for under $25K.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    $32k must be an Outback LL Bean, that's an H6 engine and a different vehicle entirely. They sell for close to $30k.

    $27k is probably the MSRP for the Forester LL Bean, loaded up. Subtract rebates and go to invoice-level prices and you might get to $22.5k I guess.

  • Dewey Griffin Subaru in Bellingham, WA gave me this quote:

    $20,231.15 (including rebate) for a manual tranny 2005 Forester X pretty much loaded: premium speakers, tweeters, subwoofer/amplifier, cd changer, differential protector, armrest extension, crossbars, side cargo nets, tow hitch, all-weather mats, and cargo tray.

    I feel like this is a good quote, provided they treat me right on my trade. Am I correct?
  • cusafrcusafr Posts: 184
    My bad. Should read the title of the thread.
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