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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Not sure what's included in 1C, or the cost of it, but it sounds like you probably came out $2300-$2400 below invoice. Nice work! :shades:

    How was your dealer experience?

    As an AT driver who's driven a manual tranny about a dozen times, I'm eager to hear how it's working out for you. I did enjoy shifting manually, but find AT more practical for me.
  • fxterfxter Posts: 17
    Thanks Jeff.

    1C consists of (Aspen White)splash guards, cargo tray, and rear bumper cover.

    I love the internet.
    I requested quotes via I did most of the negotiations by email.

    When I visited the dealer, I spent about an hour at dealer#1. He wouldn't reduce even a couple of hundred bucks. He says .. "take it or leave it". Then, I called the dealer#2 to find out if he could give me a better deal. I gave my word that, if he is willing to sell the car at my asking price, I will buy the car on the very sameday.

    He agreed and I bought my forester.

    I love the car. I still have to get used to the manual tranny. Couple of times I shifted from 2nd to 1st(instead of 3rd) and over-revved the engine :( . I hope that didn't damage anything inside the car.

    While driving in streets with lots of stop-lights and traffic, it is a pain to drive a car with Manual-tranny.
    I think(and hope), this pain will disappear once I master the art of shifting...

    I still stall the car every now and then.. ;) otherwise, it is indeed fun to drive the car with MT. No Lag whatsoever.
  • leo2633leo2633 Posts: 589
    Congrats, and good luck with your new Forester. Before you know it, the shifting will become second nature. Then, driving an automatic will be a pain, because you'll be going to step on the non-existant clutch! Take this from someone who has been driving stick shifts for 35 years.

    Also, the white is nice...believe it or not, it doesn't show dirt as much as darker colors and it stays cool in the summer. Only problem is when waxing it; it's hard to see the white wax on the white paint!

    2001 white Forester S 5 speed with 140K miles
  • dirtbagdirtbag Posts: 57
    quote: "I still stall the car every now and then.. "

    If this is happening frequently, the hill-holder may need adjusting. Mine was too tight and it took me a while to realize that's why I was stalling the car; like trying to start out with the parking brake engaged. It was a one-hour free repair at the dealer.
  • fxterfxter Posts: 17
    Thank you Len.

    I enjoy shifting the gears... getting better at it everyday.
    Every now and then, I over-rev the engine.

    My previous car was black in color(accord). I feel the difference already. My white-car does feel cooler.
  • fxterfxter Posts: 17
    thanks for the suggestion dirtbag. It doesn't happen too frequently. May be it is just me.

    Anyway, I am going to try out the hill-holder function this weekend to sense whether it is the culprit. If it indeed is the reason, I will take it to the dealer for the adjustement you mentioned. thanks.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    thanks for the suggestion dirtbag.

    Hey, is that any way to talk to someone who offered you help? :P

    Nice nickname, by the way, dirtbag.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Made me hit the "delete" button for a brief second when I thought he was violating our policy on member conduct - no namecalling :)

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  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    hee hee. :) The daily trials of the ever-vigilant host.
  • fxterfxter Posts: 17
    Oops! my bad... didn't occur to me at all.
  • ozman62ozman62 Posts: 229
    Ha, ha. That's Mr. Dirtbag to you....
  • diveguydiveguy Posts: 2
    I've been testing the waters on a new 06 Forrester 2.5x via the internet and this has been my best quote to-date:

    2.5x equipped with the all weather floor mats, rear cargo net, cargo tray and rear bumper cover (1C). The List Price on the vehicle is $23,455. Invoice cost on it appears to be $21,953. Discounted price before the rebate is $21,153.

    Sale Price $21,153 (before rebate)
    Processing 225
    Taxes 1,106, Tags 153
    Total before rebate: $22,637
    Rebate: 2,000

    Total out the door: $20,637.

    I would have thought with the 07's now on the lot that prices would drop more and that there would be some dealer incentives to move the 06's. Doing a quick new inventory search in the area shows that most dealers have up to 20+ Forresters on the lot. I'd really like the 2.5x premium but the rebate is paltry compared to the base 2.5x putting an out-the-door price on the premium at $23,5k or so. That's a $3k premium on the premium especially since I believe the invoice on the premium package is like $2k to the dealer.

    So, deal or no deal? Wait until the end of month (July) or end-of-month (August). I'm only in a hurry for the right price and can afford to wait. Can I do better on the premium package?


  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    I think it's pretty good... you might be able to eke out a couple hundred more off the price. If there are plenty of Xs in the color you like, you could wait 'til the end of July. Wait 'til the end of August and the price probably won't drop any more, but the inventory will be much smaller.
  • webdivawebdiva Posts: 1
    Hello All,
    Could use some help - I've never owned or bought a new car and am interested in a Forester (my best buddy comes from a "Forester Family - (3 in her family...)
    Been closely monitoring the forum to see the type of prices people are getting for the '06 models. Am from the tri-state area so there are numerous dealers around me.

    Dealer 1
    2.5 X Prem with package 1 (rear bumper cover, cargo tray, splash guards), all weather mats, rear spoiler, custom tailpipe, package 4 (autodim mirror/security sensor)
    Sticker: $26607

    TMV Invoice = 23968 + 625 Destination = 24593
    CR Invoice = 23220 + 625 Destination = 23845

    Dealer 1 offered to sell for 23000 (not including tax & tags) - and I think he WAS including the $1000 discount (finance rate of 7.4 - :cry: )

    Dealer 2
    2.5 X Prem with package 1 (rear bumper cover, cargo tray, splash guards), all weather mats, package 4 (autodim mirror/security sensor), 2 side cargo nets, & wheel locks
    Sticker: $26274

    TMV Invoice = 23754 + 625 Destination = 24379
    CR Invoice = 23006 + 625 Destination = 23631

    Dealer 2 offered to sell for 24379 (not including tax & tags) - with 3.9% financing.

    I just don't feel like I'm getting much of a "deal" from either of these dealers and am willing to shop around... Am I being unrealistic?

    One other "cosmetic" question -- for those of you that have the beige interior - how does it hold up in terms of dirt??? Common sense leads me think that the gray interior is better? And has anyone ever had trouble with "leakage" or malfunction with the moonroof?

    Thanks in advance,
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    $21k for a Premium? That's not a typo? The price sounds excellent. I thought they were a grand or so higher.

  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    My wife has tan interior with roof, the roof is awesome and no leaks, although I'm not a huge fan of the intermediate stopping point (have to push twice to have it go all the way). The tan interior takes some getting used to. All weather floor mats may be a good investment, but if you get them clean them often, otherwise sludge builds up in the treads.
  • fxterfxter Posts: 17
    Thank you. Yes It is $21K+tax+license ;).

    This is the first time ever, I didn't feel that the dealer robbed me after the car purchase!

    When I told my wife this, her answer was:
    What you mean, the dealer didn't rob you... You robbed them :D.

    The salesperson told me that, they are losing money on this car. The only reason for them to sell at this price was just to move the car. I didn't complain :).

    While going over some of the papers, I found that the car's age (days in stock) listed as 237 days (or 257 days). They did a very sloppy detailing job before selling it to me.

    I wonder, would there be any problem in buying a car that was in stock unused for such a long time?

    The car had about 40miles on it. Is it normal?
    My last car(accord) had less than 10 miles on it at the time of purchase.

    Also, it seems that the car was assembled in Vancouver, Canada. I was under the impression that all Foresters are made and assembled in Japan.

    They tried to sell me an extended warranty, I thankfully declined all their offers. Did I do the right thing?

  • diveguydiveguy Posts: 2

    >> Yes It is $21K+tax+license <<

    Where are you located? I want the same DEAL!

  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Yes, a most excelent deal!

    No, no problem at all being in stock for so long, however unless they occasionally charged the battery, its life might have been shortened by a few months out of the several years it should last.

    Also, I would have the oil changed imediately, as it has been sitting in the pan for a year.

    As for the extended warranty, I prefer Warranty Direct link title because they offer one that works in tandem with the longer Subaru power train warranty. Check out the Power Wrap + one, and make sure you take the emission coverage. ;)

    I have no idea how long you usually keep your cars, so as to if it is worth it or not, up to you. Studies have shown it adds value if when selling it, you have one.

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I agree about changing the oil, but otherwise it should be fine. 40 miles are probably from test drives. I bought an Escort with 70+ miles and it lasted for over 100k miles until it was totalled in a wreck.


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