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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • damon72damon72 Posts: 4
    Hey everyone, been reading for a while but finally joined up as we are close to purchasing a Forester. I just got an offer on a 2.5X Forester with an MSRP of $22840. The sales manager has offered it for $21, 048.00 before tax/title and before $2000 rebate. So really:

    $19,048 plus tax/title. Does that sound fair? I see that they are cheaper at Fitz, but then again it is 3000 miles from me!

    Oh, and it's an AT. Thanks!
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,367
    Looks like $339 below invoice less the $2k rebate. Not bad, although invoice less rebate has been pretty common every spring since '06 (even lower here in the PNW). While I'd love to think that they should be a bit lower since the '09 is hitting dealers now, it may not be reality for most of the country. If its the color and trim you want, and its local, then hey, go enjoy your new car...
  • damon72damon72 Posts: 4
    Yea she is saying it is $550 below, which is strange and not right by my calculation either. I am in California, so maybe that is why.

    Seems like a good deal but was hoping to get it below $19000 incl rebate. I wonder if she will budge a little...
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,367
    Ah, i didn't know where you were from. Its true that Cal-spec invoice is higher at $21978, so she may be right, though I would think that California is a slower Subaru market. FWIW, I am getting pricing and rebate details from the Joe Spitz site, which is usually quite accurate. Check it out.
  • damon72damon72 Posts: 4
    Cool, thanks. Appreciate your advice, it looks like a good deal as-is, but I will see what I can do by asking other dealers if they could beat it. Thanks!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Go ahead and make the offer. They'd be crazy to lose the sale over $48.
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Go ahead and make the offer. They'd be crazy to lose the sale over $48.

    Conversely, you'd be crazy to pass up a great deal like that over a lousy $48 ;)

  • damon72damon72 Posts: 4
    Just like a car dealer, when I got down there my car had been "transfered" to another dealer. They knew I was coming, and just a few hours earlier the car was still there. It took us almost 2 hours to get there. So what did they have instead? Two Foresters with some $600 worth of options I did not want in the first place. After being told they would meet the old price on one of these, sure enough they added the options on to the price. I got up and walked out. After some arguing, I offered to pay them half of the options price to take the car. Never again will I step foot in that dealer, but the deal was still good:

    $21,300 out the door, including tax, title, destination, etc - I financed $19000 @ 5.69%.

    MSRP for the car was $23,500

    Thanks for your advice guys!
  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Sounds like the other dealer gave them a better offer (usually a trade for a more in-demand model). Stinks that they didn't let you know ahead of time although it does sound like you made out pretty well in the end :)

    Feel free to post over in the Subaru Forester topic and let us know how you like your new ride or if you have any questions.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Did you leave a deposit?

    I wonder why they didn't think you would come. Or perhaps someone else offered more money, like Frank suggested.
  • danbeaudanbeau Posts: 11
    Topaz Gold...I'm on my way with cash in hand :-)
  • yixia75yixia75 Posts: 3
    MSRP: 28834
    Invoice: 26853 (including the destination fee)
    Rebate: 1000 +0% APR

    Tax: 9.2% in Washington state

    We got the 24888(total vehicle price) + tax + 50 (doc)+200(licence)= 27520

    Not sure if it is a good deal or not.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Wow, great price!

    I'm tempted but we really want an 09, even if we have to pay more.
  • Hi! My husband and I are thinking about buying a 2007 Subaru Forester X. It has 12,758 miles on it and the dealership is located in davenport iowa. The price listed is 18,811. I am going to see the dealer today without my husband and I'm wondering if 17,000 would be too low of an offer. What do you all think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think that's more than fair.

    The asking price is too close to what people pay for a brand new one.

    Don't offer a penny more.
  • leo2633leo2633 Posts: 589
    Check out post # 1747 above...$18287 plus tax for a new 2008 Forester X. You should be able to do much better on the used '07.

    Good luck!

  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    $17k is nuts. Seriously...You can buy a new one for about a $1000 more. Don't even THINK about it. Sometimes new is the way to go.
  • kavoomkavoom Posts: 181

    My girlfriend paid 19K even for hers NEW 18 months ago...

    Tell them nice try.
  • Hi All,

    I am a California resident. I am looking to purchase a 2009 Subaru Forester 2.5XT Limited w/VDC in Obsidian Black.

    I am partial to the navigation. If it has it great, if not, no biggie.

    I've been emailing a few dealers. Its amazing, they quote the edmunds TMV pricing to a T. Below are the offers I have on the table. I'd like to get this forum's advice on whether these wouuld be a good deal.

    Also, I realize there is a stop sale order on the 2.5T. The dealer has confirmed the VINs of the models are not impacted.

    Option #1
    2009 Subaru Forester Limited 2.5XT Obsidian black w/VDC

    MSRP: $29,759.00
    INVOICE: $27,635.00
    DEALER OFFER: $26,985.00 plus tax and license
    MY COUNTER-OFFER (PENDING): $25,500.00

    Option #2
    2009 Subaru Forester Limited 2.5XT Obsidian black w/VDC & Navigation

    MSRP $31,135.00
    INVOICE $29,009.00
    DEALER OFFER: $28,795.00 plus tax & license
    MY COUNTER-OFFER (PENDING): $27,500.00

    Both Dealers initially set out offers below invoice right off the bat. I set my counter-offers reasonably (IMO). Appreciate any feedback/advice.


  • I received this offer today....

    2009 Subaru Forester 2.5X LL Bean
    Port installed options:
    Splash guards, auto-dimming mirror/compass with Home Link, all weather mats, rear bumper cover and cargo cover.

    Manufactuer Suggested Retail Price: $ 27,570.00

    Factory Invoice Price: $ 25,688.00
    Your On-Line Price: 25,360.00
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