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2013 and earlier-Subaru Impreza and Impreza WRX STI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    No longer offering automatic tranny? That'd be pretty surprising to me. What it could hint at is introduction of the upcoming continuously variable transmission, a change to a 5-spd automatic, or simply the end of the '08 production run. Either transmission change could also debut with the '09 model year.

    I searched my dealer's usually large inventory... they've got 18 WRX sedans, but only 1 automatic out of the bunch (black, by the way). If you want to buy now, my advice is to ask your dealer quickly to do a dealer trade to get your car.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Make sure it's just a clutch first.

    Inspect for the common problem areas - wheel bearings and head gaskets.

    With 200k miles, I would probably have a mechanic do a full inspection, with compression tests for each cylinder.
  • merrycynicmerrycynic Posts: 340
    A high performance CVT is very, very interesting!
  • terpfan30terpfan30 Posts: 7
    Dealership in Scottsdale, AZ is offering $27,225 for 08 WRX w/Navigation & Satellite Radio package + the following options:

    Sport Trim (Body side molding & sport grille), Auto dimming mirror & compass, Security Shock Sensor, Subwoofer, Center Armrest Extension, & Short Throw Shifter.

    After TTL & $399 doc fee (Isn't this high for a doc fee??), OTD it would be $30,171. Is this a good deal? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Yeah, who knows where they'll implement the CVT... Impreza, WRX, Outback, maybe everything or maybe one or two models. FHI said they were stopping R&D on other types of automatic transmissions to focus on CVT, so I think they're pretty confident this technology will be their future direction. It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Subaru has always been a very conservative company. That being the case, my guess is that it will be a 2-step process. I expect to see CVTs appear first on mainstream 2.5 Subies first. Once they have proven themselves we should expect a HD version for higher-output engines. Again, just a guess on my part.

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    "Once they have proven themselves we should expect a HD version for higher-output engines."

    Yeah, typically, but how long can they wait? How long can they keep using a 4-spd auto on the turbos? Maybe they'd bring CVT into the n.a. models and bump the turbos up to the 5-spd auto. The turbos could really benefit from properly implemented CVT technology, IHMO. Could keep the RPMs in the fat part of the range when you want boost and could also really help the fuel numbers.
  • merrycynicmerrycynic Posts: 340
    Exactly. With proper sensors and chips, a CVT might be capable of improving utlimate performance, improve fuel economy and everything in between.
  • darius_darius_ Posts: 3
    I'm picking up a Subaru Impreza WRX w/ Automatic Transmission, which includes the Premium Package and the Mirror Dimmer/Compass, for $24,900. MSRP $28,287, invoice $26,622, OTD estimate $27,428. This below invoice price eats up the $1,000 dealer incentive and appears to eat into the dealer holdback. Is there any reason I should think that this isn't a good deal?

    I'm trying to decide whether the 100k mile extended warranty is worthwhile - any advice from existing WRX owners? Anyone know what the dealer cost/margin is for extended warranties? Can the manufacturer extended warranty be purchased after vehicle acquisition, and from an alternate dealer?

    I'm in Washington state.

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    The warranty can be purchased from any dealer, and can be purchased any time up until the original 3/36 warranty expires.

    Your price sounds good to me. :) What dealer?
  • darius_darius_ Posts: 3
    Thanks for the warranty information. I worked through the Internet department at Chaplin's Automotive Group in Bellevue. Ray Pomerinke was the sales manager. Joe Spitz at Carter's Subaru had an equally competitive offer, but on a lesser desired configuration.
  • terpfan30terpfan30 Posts: 7
    I just purchased an '08 WRX with the Navigation & Satellite radio package. The model included the sport grille & body side moldings, subwoofer, auto dimming mirror/compass, and short throw shifter + 3 months free satellite radio. I also managed to get them to throw in 2 free oil changes, a $20 gas card, all weather floor mats, wheel locks, and a WRX keychain for free, we settled on $27k flat, got 3.9% financing through the dealership. I think I got a pretty sweet deal, anyone care to offer an opinion?
  • terpfan30terpfan30 Posts: 7
    Is it worth it to get any extended warranties?
  • tunatamertunatamer Posts: 3
    Four Door. Includes Sport Grille and Side Molding. $26,600....In NY.
    How did I do?

    Funny, I had 2 dealers said they couldn't have the car built and this one said "No Problem". I wonder which one is giving me run around.
  • terpfan30terpfan30 Posts: 7
    I got the premium + navi & satellite radio package for just $400 more ($27k flat), also included sport grille & body side moldings plus a few other things...but I am not in NY, I'm in AZ so I dunno how much of a difference that makes but I'm sure there's a regional difference...
  • tunatamertunatamer Posts: 3
    From what I see the nav isn't available with the auto tranny for some reason. Is this so? I live on Long Island so the manual is a royal pain in traffic. Been there. No fun...
  • terpfan30terpfan30 Posts: 7
    Oh ya, I never even looked for an automatic so I'm not really familiar with what's available w/anything but the manual's, but definitely, I think where you are you have to go auto...
  • alvamalvam Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy an '08 Impreza with Premium package and the dealer gave me the following deal: "The MSRP on the vehicle is $20,303 and the dealer invoice cost is $19302 and you will receive a $2,281 discount for a final price of $18,022 plus sales tax for where you live".

    Is that a good deal comparable to others or is there more room for negotiation.

    This appears to be a good deal and the car has very good all around ratings.
  • alvamalvam Posts: 3
    Impreza with Premium Package & VDC

    How does this rate for a deal in Colorado? This is direct from the dealer.

    The MSRP on the vehicle is $20,303 and the dealer invoice cost is $19302 and you will receive a $2,281 discount for a final price of $18,022 plus sales tax for where you live
  • cycnetcycnet Posts: 15
    "2,281 discount for a final price of $18,022 " definitely is a great price. The dealer gives you the invoice price, marketing rebate ($500), full tank of gas, and the dealer hold back.
    Hope you can get it.
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