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2013 and earlier-Subaru Impreza and Impreza WRX STI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • How much are you folks getting a 2013 Impreza Hatchback Sport on a 42 month lease ?
  • jmol50jmol50 Posts: 1
    We paid 500 under invoice including all weather mats, aero cross bars, side sills, auto dim mirror w compass, cargo tray, cargo net, and rear bumper thing... $20,518 plus tax title and doc fee. We shopped around the DC metro area looking for Sport w MT - didn't want to do factory order so we took whatever color / options were around. Got lucky with white. Just bought it Friday and we love it!
  • elcoyoteloselcoyotelos Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    Anybody else got a good deal for 2013 wrx's?
    Wonderin :confuse: g where did you get yours for $900 under invoice karpediem. Or if anyone else got a good deal under invoice would really like to know. Im looking to purchase and buy not lease. Thank you
  • Msrp $26416
    Price $23345 + ttl

    I decided to purchase a 2012 so I could get the green/silver exterior color that was discontinued for 2013.

    I will pick it up tomorrow after work.

    There seem to be plenty of Imprezas in Texas, both 2013 and leftover 2012 models. Last month dealer websites were advertising 10% off msrp. Up to 12% this month.

    I am worried about the mpg reports :surprise: , but I hope that driving gently will return good fuel economy and maybe fewer speeding tickets. :) :)
  • elg77elg77 Posts: 5
    I got my 2013 sedan Limited for 21,500 with a sticker price of over $24,000. my $21,500 was the FINAL amout that i paid and it included taxes, fees, auto car starter and simonize. HOWEVER, they only gave me $500 under sticker and had to seriously inflate the value of my trade-in to get it at a total price i was ok with. in the end they gave me more than 2X what other dealers were saying my trade-in was worth! :)

    p.s. go at the end of the month.
  • edmunds604edmunds604 Posts: 8
    edited October 2012
    Can you break down what you paid?

    This is what I paid...

    $19000 for 2013 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Base with CVT Automatic
    $189 - Doc fee
    $292 - Title & Reg fee
    $1695.84 - NY Tax
    $108 - Cargo Cover
    $21284.84 out the door
  • I don't get how is your sticker price $24,000 but you said they only gave you $500 under sticker...but your total is $21500....your math does not add up at all.
  • elg77elg77 Posts: 5
    sorry, the $21,500 was with my trade-in.

    for a 2013 sedan Limited (leather seats, all weather package, blue tooth, moonroof, etc.)

    sticker: 24,396
    simonize: 399
    auto car starter: 399
    taxes, fees, etc.: 1869
    total: 27, 063

    i told them what i wanted my final price to be and after nearly 2 hours of negotiating they gave me $500 off sticker and $5,100 for my trade-in. other dealers were offering me b/w $2,000 and $2,500 for my trade-in.

    does that make sense?
  • Does anyone have any experience going through an auto broker? Looking to get my first Impreza soon. Either a 2012 or a 2013. Is there a disadvantage to using a broker?
  • What broker?

    Just walk into your Subaru dealership and deal with them.

    By the way the latest price I got for an impreza was....

    2013 Subaru Impreza 2.0i CVT

    $18,732.00 Selling Price (Including Internet Coupon)
    $1,311.24 NJ Sales Tax 7%
    $7.50 NJ Tire Tax
    $302.00 Estimated MV Fees Title & 4-Yr Reg
    $7.70 NJ Online Reg Fee
    $189.00 Documentary Fee
    $20,549.44 Total "Out the Door" Price
  • Just bought 2013 Impreza Sport Premium hatch, Auto CVT, w/ "Popular package" (homelink, cargo net, rear tray, rear seat back protector, etc)

    I really wanted the 17" wheels for some reason but no leather, otherwise I would have gone with the Sport Limited, cause a Sport Premium is next to impossible to find around here.

    Base price including destination was 21,500ish.
    Out the door with tax, title and fees was 22,500ish.

    I felt I could have negotiated the car down another $500 AT LEAST or had something else thrown, but I needed a car ASAP and I had (still have) a cold, and I wanted the apparently rare Sport Premium with a cloth black interior. I honestly was about to pay the price advertised but wanted to knock of a few hundred for my ego's sake.
  • boogzboogz Posts: 5
    You were right about the $500. I got almost the exact car excerpt for the rear seat back protectors for $22k out the door. Also had the dealer throw 3 years of service.

    I tried to get the aero cross bar set too but they wouldn't budge. I leased my car but am quickly falling in love with it. Although the pickup and stock radio leave much to be desired.

    Would anyone confirm if I were to install a sun if that voids any warranties?
  • Ha at least I wasn't far off the mark. Though my time, patience, And the rarity of that color more than made up for the extra 500.
  • Just picked up my factory order 2013 Impreza Sport Limited - Satin White

    Base price: $21362 ($1200 below invoice)
    Autodim Mirror/Compass/Homelink: Included
    All Weather Mats: $46 (invoice)
    Rear bumper applique: $59 (invoice)
    Doc fee: $161.39
    Tax: $1570
    New title/plates: $219

    Total OTD: $23417.39
  • ChuckyWang,
    I am also in the market for 2013 Impreza Sport Limited .Can you please share Dealership information.BTW i am in N.Virginia and looking same kind of car also waiting for CIVIC 2013 design. :surprise:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • I just purchased a 2013 Impreza Sport Premium in Crystal Black Silica with the Ivory interior. I originally wanted the Dark Grey Metallic but did not want to wait 8-12 weeks to order one. I must say that the black exterior looks SHARP!

    I opted for the CVT, rear roof spoiler, and popular package #1 (Homelink/Auto Dim Mirror, All-weather mats, cargo tray, rear seatback protectors, and rear bumper applique)

    The MSRP was $23,395

    Sales price: $22,980 ($415 off MSRP).
    License, Title , & Reg. Fees: $110
    WA Sales Tax: $1705.38 (which is less than 8.6%...oh well, not my problem!)
    Document Fee: $150

    Total: $24,945.38
    Trade-in: $3150

    Total OTD: $21,795.38

    Could I have bought it for less? Maybe. At the end though, I feel good and now have a brand new car sitting in my driveway! I love it!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, nice ride!
  • Hey all -

    I'm looking to buy a sport limited which are in very short supply in my area, and I just found out my company has the VIP program. Seems like people are getting at least *some* discount off invoice, but I'm wondering if that's just the posts I've happened read.

    Anyone have a feel for whether it's worth trying to negotiate people down, or just pull the trigger on invoice and get what's available now so I don't have to wait 4 months?

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