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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just drove home a new 2.5i Limited and love it. Here's the car:

    Legacy 2.5i Limited
    Automatic Transmission
    VDC Package
    Auto Dimming Mirror/Compass
    Center Armrest Extension
    Wheel Locks
    Splash Guards
    All Weather Mats
    PZEV Emissions

    I'm located in Delaware. Paid $22,100 before tax and fees.

    The dealer was great. This buying experience was so much better than my previous car purchase which was painful. I settled on the Legacy after driving the Accord (ok but blah) and the Altima (hated it).
  • Congrats! That's a great price. There was no way a Long Island dealer was going that low for me. Out here, the cost of doing business is probably a good deal higher than in Delaware. Plus, you're near Fitzgerald Automall and some other dealers, which offer rock-bottom prices on these cars even without negotiating. Anyway, I'm sure you'll agree that the Limited is a great value. Good luck with yours.
  • Thanks. Funny you mention Fitz, I had a printout from their website on hand at the dealer. It took awhile but they came around and we had a deal. I went to the dealer thinking it very unlikely that I would buy that day. I was in no hurry. But I fell in love with the car and the price was right.
  • thanks jeff. I ended up with a diamond gray one, I just cant see myself with beige interior...

    and wow reading these other trends where people get a 2.5i ltd for 23,100... i'm envious!! but then again, we Canadians have no bargaining power since dealerships know we would pay much more across the border. Congrats to all on their new legacys!
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    The diamond gray's classy. I think it's been one of Subaru's most well-received colors. Dark enough to have much of the visual impact black does, but without the worries of showing swirls and every speck of dust. Nice choice. :)
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    Just caught wind of the Legacy and am impressed with amount packaged for the price. Can anybody report if prices paid in Feb have come down any for a 2.5i Limited? Any comments regarding recent people who purchased are welcome as well...any buyers remorse?
  • I bought a Diamond Gray 2.5i Limited in January at North Coast Subaru in Glen Cove. The only accessories were the armrest extension and the mirror/compass. If I recall, the MSRP was something like $25,403. I got the car for $22,900 -- including $1,000 cash back -- and was paid $8500 for my trade (about $500 more than people said it was worth on the "Real World Trade-in Values" forum on Edmunds). I got within $100 of that at Hassett in Wantagh (nice salespeople there), but in the end, I wanted a dealership that was much closer to my home. If you live on the North Shore, I highly recommend North Coast. It's not a fancy place, but they know your name when you walk in and they treat you like a Lexus dealer would. They did bargain hard and I was bouncing between the salesman and the owner over the phone for a couple days before we finally came together on a price. Last summer, we bought an Outback from them and have been pleased with that as well.

    I wanted a reasonably priced daily driver with all the amenities and great gas mileage. The Limited fits the bill. It's a pretty good driver. Highway mileage has been around 25.8, but in the normal stop and go winter driving here on Long Island, it's been closer to 21. I'm pretty impressed with the paint quality. It's almost as good as the paint job on my Porsche. People complain about the power, but 170hp is plenty for all kinds of LI driving and you can use the sport mode on the automatic if you need a little extra push. At my dealer, the first oil change is free and after that, it's only $32. The service manager greets you with a handshake and a smile instead of the usual grunts I've gotten at the premium dealerships.

    Dislikes? The front end is a little floaty in the wind around 65 and I might do some minor suspension mods to try and change that. The exhaust sound is kind of wimpy. The rear seating may be a little tight for some. In the cold, I notice a little buzz in the passenger side of the dash. Some of the upholstery around the rear center armrest could be sewn a little better. I'd prefer a four-year, 50K warranty. Beyond that, it's a great car. I wanted regular gas, good mileage, AWD, leather and other luxuries, a low price and a car I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in. I also wasn't looking for another SUV like I traded. I did a lot of homework and this was the only vehicle that fit the bill. Plus, if you want to go green, you get the PZEV engine here in NY, which is as clean as some hybrids.

    I had e-mailed most of the other LI dealers on pricing and they came back with figures in the mid-$23K range without any further negotiating. If price is a real concern, you could always go some distance off the Island to, say, Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Maryland, where you can pick one up and drive it back for about $1,000 under what I paid.

    Hope this helps. It's a great value for the money.
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    Thanks for the detailed feedback

    "I wanted regular gas, good mileage, AWD, leather and other luxuries, a low price and a car I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in"

    Pretty much my motto as well....trying decide how important the AWD as I like the Altima SL as well...very tough choice as they both ride very nice. One are your heated tester was not that hot and did not really feel on my lower back. Kind of important to me as it helps my back on longer drives...Altima was perfect in amount and location of the heat.
  • The heated seats are fine, but they do take a little longer to get warm than most other cars I've had. The heat covers nearly all of the bottom cushion and goes at least halfway up the backrest. If you took a very brief test drive and the car was cold, you may not have gotten the full effect.

    If you don't need AWD, there are a lot of good choices (although I'd still put the Legacy high on the list because of value and safety). I wanted it because our public agencies seem to put less and less effort into the proper plowing and sanding of our roads on the North Shore. I guess we're still not paying enough taxes here on LI. ;)
  • I think the heated seat is fine. I feel it before the fan turns on for the heat from the vent. And I quickly need to turn it down and then off because my butt gets too hot otherwise. (I think the button for them feels cheap though.)
  • "In the cold, I notice a little buzz in the passenger side of the dash."

    Hey, i notice that as well, but i thought it was due to radio signals or what not

    anyone else have this problem?
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    Do you feel any heat on your lower back or is it all on your butt?
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    I'm considering purchasing or leasing an Outback XT for my wife after a test drive today. Had been considering a spendier crossover such as a Nissan Murano but the Subaru seems to offer pretty good value.

    Subaru appears to be running lease/finance promotions as well as cash back through the end of February. We probably wouldn't be in the market until May. Can I expect similar deals at that time of year based on past history from Subaru? I believe that's around the time that the 2009 models will be out.

    What's a reasonable price to expect to pay over invoice? I'm in the Colorado area and dealers here tend to be a little bit stingy when it comes to discounting popular SUVs that aren't from the big 3.


  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Not sure about predicting special financing offers, but if past history holds up, the rebates will be no worse than they are now, possibly better. I'd expect to pay below invoice, rather than over. Invoice minus rebates is a good target... many folks do even better (up to an additional approx $1500 off, depending on whatever incentives Subaru's giving the dealer at the time). I, too, live in an area where Subarus are extremely popular, and getting the low pricing is not difficult. E-mailing different dealers' internet sales dept is generally a good way to go.

    Perhaps someone else here has a recommendation for a CO dealer that gave them a good deal. Anyone?
  • My experience in South Florida today on purchasing an 08 Outback 2.5i was this: In Miami:
    $22,000 for a white 2.5i w/mirror and compass plus tax and tag and no other dealer "fees". This includes the $1000 rebate. Northern cities are giving 1250 on the rebate for the 2.5i and midwest (Ohio) is giving the full 1500. Invoice including destination charge is 23,864 according to the TMV report. West coast of Florida dealers would only go 22800 plus tax and tag.

    So I got it for about 1800 below invoice but other cities should be able to do even better with higher rebates.
  • Couldn't agree with you more. I took delivery of my '08 Legacy Limitied 2.5i a week ago. I was compeletly impressed with the quality and value of the package. I added the rear wing, Sirius and the auto dimming mirror, Black/Black...looks great. Definately not ashamed to be seen in it. Last week's storm was a blast to drive in. I will leave the Armada in the garage next time it snows. Got my at Donaldson's Subaru in Sayville, NY (Long Island). Great folks to deal with and Lloyd was THE most knowledgeable car sales consultant I have ever dealt with. Says a lot, as I have been in the auto industry more than twenty years, thirteen with a manufacturer.

    Time will tell about durability and reliability, but the Legacy feels so much more solid than the Altima, Camry or Accord. You do give up some room and no Bluetooth, but the car just has a great feel. More of a driver's car than any of them in my opinion.

    I do wish for more power, but could not justify the $4,000 for a GT, given its my daily driver to work.

    Unfortunately, Subaru is one of those brands that does not get a look by most consumers, particularly compared Honda, Toyota or Nissan. I have not been this pleasantly surprised by a new car in years. I am actually enjoying the ride to work! Hope you enjoy yours for many miles.
  • I'm not positive but I think it's on the back too.
  • The heat goes at least halfway up the back. I've almost always had a thick jacket on, so I'm not exactly sure how far up, but it's fine for me.

    As far as rebates, I've been researching since last summer, given that we've bought two new Subarus since August. I've never seen Subaru without a rebate. If you really want rockbottom pricing and aren't too far away, Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Maryland has very low pricing. I think there's another low-priced dealer in the area, called something like Farrish. I don't know anything about the quality of their sales or service, but I have seen some good postings about Fitzgerald. I could have knocked off another $1,000 -- even with all travel costs -- if I had bought from Fitzmall, but I wanted the convenience of a local dealer.

    I drove my wife's Outback in the snow on Friday and it reminded me just how solid and stable these cars are. I'm sure they're even better with winter tires. The all-season Bridgestones are somewhat of a compromise, as others have posted on various Subaru forums.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    Another question Subaru gurus. When does Subie typically introduce new models? I remember reading that the 2008 model Legacy/Outback started showing up at dealerships around the May timeframe. Is it expected that the 2009 models will show up around the same time this year?

    Any information on minor changes to the 2009 that would make it worth waiting for?

  • I believe the Legacy will get a major redesign for the 2010 model year. My salesman confirmed that when he said they change every 5 years. I'm guessing they'll be introduced about a year from now. That was the pattern for the revised '09 Forester, which, I believe, is just being introduced about now.
    If there are any facelifts to the '09 Legacy, they'll probably be minor. You can also go to and ask the site's host, Joe Spitz, what he's heard.
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