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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    I was wondering what is the lowest amount known paid under invoice to any dealer on a Legacy Limited. I paid about $600 under invoice a couple years ago, but after I signed a deal I had another dealer offer to sell me the same car for $900 under invoice which made me feel I left $300 on the table. I told them they had their chance and they were too late but what is the best price ( in % or $ ) anyone has ever seen on a Legacy? Thanks
  • peggyhpeggyh Posts: 8
    How much did you put must have put down something. Where did you get it?
  • Hi,

    I did not put any money down all I paid was, these are approx numbers for precise see my prev post.

    1) $270 for registration/Doc/ etc
    2) $270 1st month payment

    Also there were be a $300 lease turn in fee at the end which I am told will be waived in case i get another subaru

    I bought the car from Balise Subaru in Rhode Island
  • flatsflats Posts: 44
    I haven't purchased yet (life took over). I am working with Brunswick Subaru, they seem to have the largest selection on site. But at the end of the day, whoever gives me the best deal will get my money.

    I am still learning what's new for the '12s, so I'm sure I'll be at the dealer again soon once I figure out what price I am comfortable with.
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    Went to a dealer today who offered a fair price, but not a good price on a 2012 ordered from the factory. I am going to move out of my local dealers and expand to those within 2 hour drive and see if I can get the price I am looking for on something in stock. Since I travel most of the midwest, I plan to start shopping in every city I visit until someone bites. I am not in a hurry and like you the best price will win. St Louis here I come.
  • flatsflats Posts: 44
    You very well may have better luck outside your local dealers. I just checked Truecar to get an idea of pricing. As it turns out, a couple of dealers about 2 hours away have a price approx $600 cheaper than my local dealer. Personally, I'm ok driving 2 hours to save that kind of money.
    As an alternative, I guess I could bring that lower price to my local dealer and give them the option to match. I can be very persuasive when the situation requires ;)
  • Hi,
    I am negotiating 2012 Subaru Legacy with dealers and I have price $25900 for car with MSRP $28200. How much lower can they go? thanks
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    Where do you live and are you working with multiple dealers or just one? It all depends on your local market but if you negotiate well and lots of available cars are in your market you could probably get another $300-$500 off.
  • pablolopezpablolopez Posts: 6
    edited October 2011
    I am in CT on the border with NY, and close to NJ. I deal with few dealers at once. I looked in dealers inventory and there is not many LTD's with color and options I want. On i found that dealers in NJ offers it even $600 lower than I am at the moment, but they have no similar vehicle in inventory. :/
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    I am signing a deal tomorrow. Once I have a signed deal, I will give you my numbers which will give you a better idea of the best possible number. Until then hang tight. Post again if I forget to put them up tomorrow night by 9pm.
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    Also dealers can sometimes pull a magic trick as I think my dealer is going to do for me. I searched, as you probably did, a 200mi radius and could not find the car I wanted but a local dealer was able to work some magic and get what I wanted here in 2 weeks. More tomorrow.
  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 186
    I've read some posts on this thread about how the dealers in New England (not sure how extensive geographically) are all routed through a distribution network that has a fee/surcharge that dealers outside of NE don't have. Not sure if this applies in CT.

    Good luck
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Heard the same thing for SoNE. Different invoice than the rest of SoA.
  • Did you finalize the deal?
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    Yes purchased 2012 Legacy 2.5i Premium with the following options:
    CVT Transmission
    AllWeatherPackage (heated:seats,mirrors, wipers)
    HarmonKardonPremium audio (+ all the extras per brochure)
    Utility Package #2 (FogLights,RearBumperApplique,SplashGuards)
    Auto Dim Mirror,compass,w HOMELINK

    $22,681 plus TTL. According to this is $1157 under invoice and 410 under dealer cost.

    Now we all know invoice and dealer cost are not REALITY, as dealerships must make thousands on every new car, however I felt this was an amazing deal and (percentage under invoice/sticker) beat the Legacy deal I received in 2010 which was my goal. I did NOT buy from the same dealer, although I gave (2010 purchase) dealer the chance to beat the 2012 deal I had by $200 or more, they said no thanks they didn't want to lose money on the car. Disappointing as they were recommended by COSTCO.

    I mainly wanted to upgrade to the 2012 because in my 2010 the XM on the windshield and reception was poor. I have 36,000 miles on it and because I drive so much I want the XM to work perfect. NOTE TO ANYONE, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE SAT RADIO ON THE WINDSHIELD.

    There was a "tiny" bit of bait and switch as I was told the car would be in first week of NOV and they would add the fog lights and splash guards locally however in the end they just ordered from the factory in INDIANA and should be here by CHRISTmas, as I was in no hurry. The dealer I bought from had the best price anyway which is what I was shopping. I challenged multiple dealers to beat it by at least $200 and every single one said you better sign that deal because it is awesome. Next best deal was $23,087 just below dealer cost AND it was not the previous dealer I bought from. I spoke with, emailed, faxed all dealers in NE OHIO, plus some in MI and PA.

    Dealership I was working with was running short of their normal volume in October by about 20% which is unusual consideing in OH AWD sales pick up in the fall. My Sales Guy was awesome and really worked hard to make it happen for me, which I appreciated. NO BS or games with the Sales or Finance Managers, just a straight solid price.

    My guess is once the snow hits here their sales will take off, however I hear they are getting a lot of consumers shopping the NEW toyota camry as well so maybe that helped that the new Camrys arrived the same time as the 2012 Legacys. either way I am happy.

    Let me know if you have further questions. You can do the math ratios and see what kind of deal is possible, but you gotta work at it. Total shopping time took about 2 weeks, Negotiations about 4 business days. Good luck to you.
  • Did you buy from the brunswick subaru skoman? I also may be interested in a 2012 subaru legacy. I am currently leasing a 2009 and have to trade it in soon. This is good information.
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    I bought from Ganley Westside SUBARU in N Olmstead.
  • I am interested in a base model 2012 Legacy CVT. MSRP=21745, Invoice (w dest)= 20594. I would expect to get options at invoice. Should I settle for invoice price, or how much below invoice is reasonable? One post had the dealer selling below cost, but would anyone do that and lose money. So what would be a reasonable good deal on this model?
  • flatsflats Posts: 44
    Congrats on the new Subaru skokman!! The Legacy is a very nice vehicle. The only thing that annoyed me was the OEM tires. According to Tirerack, the OEM's are horrible in the snow. Ironic, for a Subaru. :confuse: But as the snow starts flying, just pay attention to the performance of the OEM tires.

    Oh, and I picked up my new car this weekend too. It wasn't a Subaru, but I did get it from Ganley.
  • I found out that dealers buy below invoice (3% below?) so you should be able to buy at invoice (they still have to pay commission for salesman) maybe few hundred below. However sokoman's price is great, unrealistic to reach in NE where I am
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