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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • blin279blin279 Posts: 21
    Congrats, dmvball7,
    2012 Legacy Premium for $21,200!!! You did it great!
    I couldn't find any Legacy Premium near Cleveland, OH in August. All gone. A few Limited's were available. Moonfoof is a cool option but I'm fine not having it. Waiting for snow to test AWD! Enjoy!
  • I just bought a 2013 Legacy Limited w/moonroof/nav/eyesight and a few misc items. MSRP 31408 and my price was 28400.
  • Thanks, the 2012 came w/the all weather package option 2 and a spoiler. The salesman were great, no hassle, no pressure...Balise in Warwick, RI was a great place-definetly a place to refer!!!
  • Sounds like you guys negotiated a great deal! Just spoke with my mother...she wanted me to ask you if you feel like it's a "hard/rough" ride? She tells me she feels every bump in the road.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Hmm, make sure she airs down the tires. They often come pumped up to prevent flat-spotting.

    Legacy is one of the better riding cars in the class.
  • Its rough if you are used to a softer ride. I do feel more of the road then the I30 I had.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Maybe the previous car owned was a Lexus or Toyota? Those are softer.
  • Hi,

    I was hoping to get some advice on whether or not the price I'm paying is a good deal for a 2013 base model Subaru Legacy, automatic. I've been trying to do my research online but it can get a bit confusing, especially when the last dealer I talked to told me that the numbers I'm getting off Edmunds and KBB are incorrect. I’m in VA where the sales tax is 3% and I've been able to get an out the door quote for 21,500 on the e model. I wanted it for 21,300 but was unsuccessful at getting them to budge on the price over the phone. Don't know if I'm being unreasonable or not but I'm ready to buy so 21,500 sounds good to me right now. Any thoughts for a newbie car buyer?

  • timadamstimadams Posts: 294
    I know it goes against the rock-bottom thrill of the hunt bargain mentality, but you're only talking $200. If the dealer is located close to you, I wouldn't worry about the last $200, though the comment about Edmunds and KBB does cause some concern. A good dealer would simply state they can't go lower than $X, without disparaging whatever resource you've used.

    You'll have to use your judgement about the dealership. Is it the closest to you, and the one you would use for warranty work? If so, I wouldn't worry about the $200. Now if you have to pass two other Subie dealers to get to this one, then I would wonder why you can't get a similar deal at your local store.
  • Thanks, timadams. I wasn't getting good customer service from this dealership, I had to leave messages on 2 separate occasions to get the sales guy to call me back initially and then he left me hanging for a week but swore up and down he emailed me quotes even though I told him to call me and gave him my work and cell phone number. Never saw those emails by the way... Kind of put me in an argumentative mood.

    There is another Subaru dealership 10 miles down the road that will match this quote so I will probaby go with them. They have a pretty good rep, or at least the sales dept does.

    Thanks again!
  • Hello Edumnds Community - I've been in the market for a new legacy for awhile. I'd ideally like a moonroof/nav but my wallet says otherwise. I've received an out the door quote for a base model, automatic, plus weathermats for $20,500 out the door. Is that a good deal? :shades:
  • That sounds like an awesome deal to me being that I just paid 1000 more for the same car without the weather mats! You're being offered below dealer invoice (20,889) and that's with taxes included? Where may I ask are you getting this deal?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Buy it before the dealer comes to their senses.
  • Rybecka - I just got home from the dealership and got the price of $20,500 out the door. The only options I got was automatic and the all weather floormats. It was from Brown's Subaru in Manassas, VA. Highly recommend those folks, they're super nice and it was a rather smooth transaction. :D
  • Well congrats, that's really a great deal! I probably woudn't have purchased from them since they're kind of out of my way and I want to get my car serviced closer to home, but it's nice to know others are getting great deals out there.

    I had to get my car traded in from another lot since I was a bit picky on color and they ended up getting me a PVEZ model so I'm not going to complain too much on the price I paid.

    Enjoy your new car!
  • I have a VIP voucher and the dealership I selected initially to buy from I feel is being dishonest. The internet sales guy told me on the phone that the invoice price for a limited model after my VIP discount is $25800. $24400 is the invoice price I see all the websites posting. Also other local dealerships have the limited model + moon roof going for $25,075+fees. I get the feeling the sales guy is lying to me if my discounted price is more expensive than another dealerships car with moonroof is.

    What does everyone think? It seems that buying one without a vip discount would be cheaper.
  • timadamstimadams Posts: 294
    Ask to see a copy of the invoice, or at least a copy of the car specs showing the trim level and all options. Three thoughts come to mind:
    1. There are options on the car you don't know about.
    2. The invoice prices you see elsewhere do not include vehicle delivery costs (dealerships pay manufacturers for delivery costs, which are included on most online invoice summaries). But vehicle delivery does not cost $1,400, so this isn't the entire difference.
    3. Your dealer is not being truthful about invoice.
  • No offense to Edmunds and KBB, which provide a lot of good information to car buyers, but my experience is that their numbers for actual new car prices are higher than they need to be. used to have the best prices, but I read not long ago that they, too, were under pressure from auto dealers not to provide consumers with rock-bottom pricing. If I were looking for a Subaru right now, I would still look at and then go to two dealer sites: and Bill Kolb Subaru, both of which, I believe, still publish their bottom prices without a customer having to ask. And, of course, I would still come here to see what other folks were paying.

    Once you have these numbers, you'll have a pretty good idea of what you'll pay. Then, you have to factor in customer service, convenient location of the dealer, number of competing dealers in the area, etc. When I bought my Legacy back in '08, I got what I felt was an absolute rock bottom price and then was willing to add up to a couple hundred because the dealer is just two miles away and the service there on both my Subies has been simply outstanding. I have more than made that money back in dealer freebies and just the convenience of the whole arrangement.
  • Just so buyers know, the "documentation fee" that dealers charge from $200-$300 is bogus. They might as well list it on the sales invoice as "pure profit." When I was negotiating a price on a car for my niece, the sales person had the gall to tell us that he couldn't remove the $239 charge because it was pre-printed on the invoice. He intimated that it was some sort of government-required fee. We decided to leave the showroom and continue our looking. A little later in the day, I got a call on my cell from the salesman saying that he was really interested in selling us the car. I told him we'd come back in a few minutes if the fee disappeared. Otherwise, I said, we would be heading down to a competing dealer selling another brand. He eliminated the fee to get the sale.

    Also, as evidenced by some recent posts, the fee enters the transaction fairly late in the game, when sales people know that customers have had enough and are too tired to argue over it. I say they should argue.
  • Yea just went to a dealership yesterday and they quotes me a price which was not exactly what the other one quoted me. Also they had two limited models with moonroof that were cheaper. Yea Cheaper even though I have a VIP voucher. I asked the guy how is it cheaper? They must be losing money on those two? Anyways I'm very hesitant to buy now. also when I told the guy it's on your website for $25,075 limited w/moonroof he told me it was a price error but he'd have to sell it to me at that price. So it was cheaper to buy a limited /moonroof on sale than using their VIP voucher which is 2% below invoice. I'm holding off until I figure out the exact costs.
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